The World’s Most Expensive Superyachts



Superyachts have long been recognized as a symbol of fame and fortune.

When even a basic vessel can set you back by $500,000, you know that only the mega-rich can afford to fork out for these floating frivolities.

Imagine James Bond reclining on his private yacht, champagne bucket beside him and multiple scantily-clad beauties soaking up rays on the decks.

But yachts are not just for fictional millionaires.

The high seas are the perfect playground for all manner of celebrities desperate to escape media attention and autograph-seekers.

And, if you’ve got the money to spend, why not use it to make your floating sanctuary as extravagant and luxurious as possible?

So, here are the world’s most expensive superyachts of the rich and famous in the world right now!


The largest privately owned superyacht in the world currently is the ‘Azzam’. It is owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates.

Built in 2013, it cost the President an eye-watering $600 million and is 180m long!

Powered by an innovative combination of jet engines, diesel engines and a water jet propulsion system, this yacht is not only the largest in the world, but can reach a tremendous speed of 32 knots.

Interesting fact: There are rumours that the yacht has its own deployable submarine with a missile defence system.


Millennium superyacht ‘World is Not Enough’ currently holds the title for the fastest yacht in the world.

At 42m long, this small but incredible yacht can reach 70 knots.

Cutting through the water like a knife, the light-weight aluminium structure is beautifully aerodynamic, and offers an almost silent, smooth and comfortable ride.


The most expensive yacht in the world, Eclipse, is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, one of the richest people in the world.

It took Blue Ocean Yacht Management 5 years to build, and the Eclipse set Abramovich back by $1.5 billion.

Why did it cost so much? Due to the extravagant range of fancy features the yacht offers. It has two helicopter pads, 24 cabin rooms, two swimming pools, luxury hot tubs, sauna, and even a dance floor which can be raised from the bottom of one of the swimming pools.

There are three launch boats and a mini-submarine that can descend to 50 metres (160 ft). 70 crew members operate the yacht and serve the guests on board.

Interesting fact: To avoid unwanted paparazzi attention, the Eclipse is said to employ a laser which detects the light sensors used by digital cameras. The bright beam of light targets the camera and overexposes the photo, making it useless.

This list of luxurious and extravagant yachts would not be complete without a rundown of some of the floating palaces owned by the rich and famous.

Here are some of the most stunning and impressive yachts owned today:

Eric Clapton

Yacht name: Va Bene

Length: 47.8m

Cost: $15 million

Top speed: 18 knots

Capacity: 12 guests, 13 crew

Features: Open and spacious living areas, comfortable and lush furniture and décor, rich, warm colours and even a movie lounge.

Steven Spielberg

Yacht name: Seven Seas

Length: 85.95m

Cost: $200 million

Top speed: 20 knots

Capacity: 12 guests, 23 crew

Features: Infinity pool, 15ft glass wall that can be turned into a large, outdoor cinema screen

Johnny Depp/JK Rowling

Yacht name: Vajoliroja – when owned by Johnny Depp / Amphitrite – when taken over by JK Rowling

Length: 47.55m

Cost: $19.2 million

Top speed: 13.25 knots

Capacity: 12 guests, 8 crew

Features: Steamboat-style external design, Edwardian-style interior, first class service, unrivalled luxury, plasma TV and state-of-the-art Hi-Fi system.

Nicole Kidman

Yacht name: Hokulani

Length: 45.9m

Cost: $4.5 million

Top speed: 28 knots

Capacity: 10 guests, 8 crew

Features: Aluminium hull and superstructure for speed and comfort, beautiful and distinctive champagne-coloured exterior.

Large windows for panoramic views, large sundeck and huge sunpads.

Private study, walk-in wardrobe, entertainment system and jacuzzi, luxurious swim platform and a centralized, integrated entertainment system.

David Geffen

Yacht name: Rising Sun

Length: 138.4m

Cost: $200 million

Top speed: 28 knots

Capacity: 14 guests, 45 crew.

Features: A huge range of luxuries. Swim decks, diving boards, wine cellar, cinema, built-in helipad, basketball court.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Yacht name: Galactica Star

Length: 65m

Cost: $180m

Top speed: 27 knots

Capacity: 12 guests, 13 crew

Features: Anchor Stabilizers for a smoother ride, Jacuzzi (on deck), Swimming Pool, Beach Club, Tender Garage, Swimming Platform, Air Conditioning, Helipad, Sauna


In 2011, a news story broke – the world’s most expensive and luxurious yacht ever built had sold for $4.8 billion to a Malaysian businessman.

Named the History Supreme, this was the yacht to beat all yachts. It was said to be coated from base to deck in gold and platinum, even the safety rails and the anchor!

The master bedroom was covered in a platinum plated wall encrusted with genuine meteoric stones.

To add a lavish cherry on top, there was even a T-Rex dinosaur bone interior décor. There was said to be 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum on the yacht.

Newspapers and magazines lapped up this story and it was published many times:

The Sun newspaper article

The Daily Mail newspaper article

The Metro newspaper article

Later, however, it was confirmed as a hoax.

There was a yacht named the History Supreme, but it was never built to actually sail.

It was for display purposes only, to demonstrate the prestige of the luxury designer, Stuart Hughes.

The images which were circulating online had been doctored to make the hull appear golden, and even Hughes himself confessed that there was definitely no T-Rex bone aboard!

Alarm bells should have been ringing by the facts anyway.

Containing 100,000kg of gold would mean that this one yacht has three times the amount of gold in the government vault of Malaysia!


Article written by D.M. Cain

About the author: Janis is loves to study topics involving health & wellness, and is obsessed with natural supplements and learning about what goes into them and what they do, or don’t do.  She went to university for nutrition with a minor in economics. Out of the Beach Baby Squad, she is the most likely to stay home. She also does the most of the product reviews on this site.

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