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Who is Lily May Mac and Why Is She So Darn Cute?

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Everywhere I turn I seem to be hearing one name, and that name happens to be ‘Lily May Mac.’  After hearing so many good things about this person, I decided to finally give her Instagram a look, and see what the fuss was all about.

Well folks, I found out that the fuss was all perfectly justified.  Comfortably sitting at over 3 million followers on the Lily Mac Instagram, Lily May Mac, also known as Lily Macapinlac, is a twenty two-year old Leo from Sweden, who currently is residing in Sydney, Australia.

Here’s a little video to introduce you to this up and coming icon.

Lily, in an interview entitled “More Than Just a Girl”, proved to the world that she was more than just an internet personality, and had a larger resume than just taking pleasing pictures.  In the interview, Lily stated that she spends more than 50% of her time working at a law firm.   I just can’t imagine this girl hiding out in some dark office in a law firm.  Sheesh!  Get her outside, people need to see her!

The starlet also dished out on her best memory, which she claimed was when she rode a rollercoaster for the first time, and the experience was so amazing that she wanted to cry!   She also pays homage to her love for pugs, and claims that her spirit animal is a goat.  This girl is full of surprises, hence, why I personally love her so much.

Oh, I found the video.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it!

Lily May Mac Lipstick Line

I wanted to do a spread on Lily desperately, because she truly is the definition of a girl boss.  She has big aspirations, and for only being twenty two-years old and completely self established, Lily has accomplished a lot.

One of her leading accomplishments being, releasing a range of lipsticks exclusive to Showpo – The Lily May Mac Collection.

The lipsticks are said to be curated by Lily herself, and “were created in a dreamy blend of moisturizing ingredients, and pigmented colours.”  As you can see below, this girl can rock lipstick like nobody’s biz.

Lily’s lipstick line consisted of three shades that the star believed to be her ‘most ideal lipstick shades.’

Here’s Plumping Plumb – probably my personal fav.  It’s taken from the Showpo site, so if you want to go check it out and perhaps get yourself some, you just have to click the image below.

lily mac plumping plumb

The ad for Plumping Plumb is also quite extraordinary.  Yes!!!

Up next in my list of favs of her lipstick line is Naughty Nude.  I think this is another essential color that I enjoy having in my arsenal.

naughty nude lily mac

Here’s the ad I found for Naughty Nude.   How can you not want to get this?

Lastly, here’s Raunchy Rosehip.  I love how luscious it looks!  I also love the name.  Quite clever!  I also love how this one looks on her the most.  Just super sensual and also very sophisticated.

raunchy rosehip

Plus this video makes it look even more great!

Lily looked absolutely stunning in her advertisements for her collection.  The packaging for the lipsticks also have a very mature, but elegant touch, with a slight resemblance to a balm, as opposed to the standard bullet shaped lipstick.  Many fans also claim that they were pleasantly pleased with Lily’s creation, and that the lipsticks apply evenly, and are long lasting.

One of my favourite pictures of Lily is her wearing an ensemble from Showpo in the Maldives.  I think if there’s one picture that sums her up perfectly, it’s this one.

Right now, Lily May Mac is all about the lipstick line.  If you visit her website, that’s basically all there is over there, which is understandable.  The line is fabulous.  Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if, over time, we see more interesting stuff popping up on her website – like announcements, etc.  She’s a cool girl, and I’m sure her career is going to go far beyond lipstick.  You can also check her out on Facebook here.   Oh, and she also has a YouTube channel.  That can be found right here!

One last thing.  I was digging around and found this video showing how Lily Mac applies make-up.  It is quite a long video, but if you want to see how this gorgeous girl transforms herself into the dazzling model, I’ve been raving about this whole time, watch this, and learn some of her secrets, as I did.

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