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Who is BeachBabyBob?

The man behind Beach Baby is none other than BeachBabyBob, whose real name is Robert Fox.  He had the idea for this website in 2015, but has been a “beach baby” his whole life.

Who is BeachBabyBob?

Sauble Beach is his favorite beach, located in Ontario, Canada.  Maybe that’s because he went there a lot when he was a youngster because it was less than 2 hours from his home in Cambridge Ontario, not far from Toronto Canada.  Bob and his wife Sue have been all over the world looking for great beaches.

Here are a few things you should know about him:

  • BeachBabyBob is remarkable!
  • BeachBabyBob is pure talent!
  • BeachBabyBob is one of a kind!
  • BeachBabyBob is the “godfather” of creativity!
  • BeachBabyBob is like no other!
  • BeachBabyBob has been married for over 50 years!
  • BeachBabyBob is loved by many!
  • BeachBabyBob can do no wrong!
  • BeachBabyBob has arrived!
  • BeachBabyBob is humble!

This list was made up by his wife Sue!

BeachBabyBob has been married to Sue for 51 years, and they have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  Bob is gramps to Roary Raynor of The Lionyls, Quintessa EvangelineKing Wolfie of Wolfieraps!  Here is a picture of the Bob and the crew from when they were very young.  They all loved BeachBabyBob’s storytime.

king wolfie family photos with roary raynor and quintessa evangeline and their grandpa beach baby bob

Here’s a picture of Bob getting his hair trimmed by his grandson, Zach, AKA Roary.

roaryraynor with gramps

Here’s a picture of Youtube star Wolfieraps, AKA Bob’s grandson / Zach’s brother.

BeachBabyBob id Wolfieraps' gramps

Let’s find out how BeachBabyBob keeps busy …

Dancer Extraordinaire

BeachBabyBob was born and raised in a small town in southern Ontario Canada back in the 1940’s.  At age 13, he went with his friend Linda, one Saturday afternoon in July, to a local tv station in Kitchener Ontario.  There was a very popular dance show every Saturday afternoon called Canadian Bandstand, produced and recorded on Channel 13, which presented the best teen dancers of the time.  BeachBabyBob was one of these kids.  The world fell in love with dancer Bob.  He could do The Twist, The Pony, and The Frug, like no other.

Later in life, Bob’s grandchildren taught him how to dance the SouljaBoy dance.  Let’s watch Bob in action …

Culinary Expert

BeachBabyBob grew up in a Ukranian household with lots of delicious healthy foods.  Eastern European families are big on fresh fruit and vegetables, and Bob loved to eat cabbage rolls (Golubtsi).  His mother made them almost every week during the cabbage season.  Fresh cabbage makes the world of difference, and there is one other secret ingredient you should know about. Before I mention what that is, check out this recipe …

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls (Golubtsi)

Ingredients for Golubtsi:

  • 6 cups medium grain cooked white rice (from 2 cups uncooked rice – instructions below)
  • 2 medium cabbages
  • 1 pound ground pork
  • 1 pound ground turkey
  • 2 large eggs
  • 6 medium carrots, grated (4 for meat mix)
  • 2 cups of your favorite mushroom sauce
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 1 Tbsp sour cream
  • 1 tsp Mrs. Dash, or your favorite salt-free seasoning
  • Salt


  1. Core the cabbages.
  2. Boil lots of water, and drop the cabbage (one at a time) into the boiling water).
  3. Keep turning it over as you gently remove the leaves.
  4. De-vein each leaf.
  5. Cook the rice. *Secret ingredient … Buy about 1/2 lb. of pork fat and cut it into little pieces in a frying pan. Cook it until it is liquid.  Mix with the meat and rice.
  6. Cook the meat separately and then mix with the rice.
  7. Stuff each leaf and place in a roasting pan.
  8. Cover rolls with crushed tomatoes.
  9. Bake at 325 for hours.  The slower and longer the better.
  10. Eat with sour cream.

This is Bob and Sue’s (his wife) treehouse in Bucerias, Mexico at the Ana Ruth’s hotel on the beach.

BeachBabyBob also tries his best to incorporate the 10 Healthiest Foods on the planet according to the Mayo Clinic in the U.S.A. You might want to note these foods and eat them every day.

Artistic Family

BeachBabyBob comes from a very artistic family.  We already mentioned his grandkids, but many other members of his family are very creative in different ways.  Some of them are painters and some are dancers. When Bob was little, he watched his older sister Joan paint pictures, and win art awards at the local high school.  His younger sister Sue, was the “first” hippie in his town. She was painting pictures of her dreams and making jewelry to match her tie dye dresses.  Today she is over 60, and she has an art and garden park on highway 6 close to Tobermory Ontario.  Sue calls her 50 acres … Plantation 13/13.

Bob’s son, David Charles Fox, is a singer song writer and a painter.  His son sometimes goes by the name “Young Coconut”, and runs his own music blog called Youtube Music Sucks.  Weird name.  Here is one of Young Coconut’s songs, called “Sabrina”.

BeachBabyBob also has a daughter, Amanda, who is very creative as well.  She is the mom of Roary, Wolfie, and Quintessa.  She and her husband are growing in the youtube world.  You might want to check out their channel as well.  Here’s a video where they make goat’s head soup.  Yuck!

BeachBabyBob is the “godfather” of the family, even though his wife, Sue, is the real boss.

The Many Faces of Cambridge was Bob’s biggest artistic achievement to date.

One day BeachBabyBob decided to paint portraits of 100 random people in his town.  He wanted to celebrate the talented people who surrounded him daily, so he recruited his artistic son, David, and about 10 other local artists, and they began to paint.  This project lasted about 2 years and Bob and his crew painted over 110 portraits, and gathered the stories of all these people.  The portraits were displayed in the community in various locations over those 2 years, and the project ended with a large art celebration at Cambridge City Hall.

BeachBabyBob paints for The Many Faces of Cambridge

Master Gardener

BeachBabyBob and his brother John loved to help their father with his vegetable garden when they were in their teens.  They planted potatoes, corn, beets, beans and peas.  It was a lot of work but they learned a lot from their father too.  BeachBabyBob knows what to do when potato beetles attack your potato plants.  Bob knows how to operate and maintain a rototiller.  Bob knows how to grow delicious Golden Bantum corn which, by the way, has only 8 rows on each cob.

Today, BeachBabyBob has his own vegetable garden and he loves getting down and dirty.BeachBabyBob's vegetable garden

BeachBabyBob retired from his day job of elementary school teacher at the age of 53.  He still felt young and energetic, so he decided to create beautiful gardens for all his friends.

Here are a few of Bob’s creations …

BeachBabyBob's maze garden
“The Maze”
BeachBabyBob's orchard
  “The Orchard”
BeachBabyBob's The Buddha
 “The Budha”

Fitness Freak

BeachBabyBob had a very athletic father so maybe that’s where he got his athletic prowess.  Bob didn’t become a fitness instructor until the age of 50, but he was involved in sports like baseball, hockey, badminton, golf, horse shoes, swimming, soccer, cycling, basketball, and running.

BeachBabyBob's new bike

It might be because his daughter owns a mobility centre in Ottawa Canada known as Human 2.0, or maybe it’s because Bob’s brother is a famous fastball player from the 1960’s, but BeachBabyBob teaches mobility to all ages at the Cambridge YMCA in Ontario Canada every Friday morning.  He has been doing this for over 20 years.  You might hear Bob say, “Keep moving!”


BeachBabyBob tells stories to everyone everywhere.  It doesn’t matter if he is on a tour of the pyramids in Egypt, or fishing for piranha in the Amazon jungle.  Bob knows the importance of storytelling, whether you are telling it, watching it, writing it, or hearing it.  It would even be better for your brain if you were acting it.  Bob was an elementary school teacher for over 33 years, and he told a lot of stories.  Some of them were true too.

Today, BeachBabyBob has his own youtube channel where he tells the best children’s stories ever.  He posts one new story a week and these stories are for all ages … young and old and everyone in between.

Check them out here …

World Traveler

BeachBabyBob meets Dorilla

BeachBabyBob and his wife Sue have traveled the world!  The keep a daily journal of all their adventures.  They have taken over 50,000 photos and have recorded hundreds of videos.  Bob and his wife Sue have a travel website, (click on the blue link).  It is called …

Their favourite holiday was when they lived in the Amazon Jungle in Peru for a month.

Senior Citizen

Hopefully you now know who BeachBabyBob is.  He would really appreciate it if you would follow him on youtube and subscribe, like, and comment on his stories.

Until next time … Keep moving!

BeachBabyBob as The Troll

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