Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheels Review

As parents, we may not know the right time to buy our kids their first real dirt bike.  They can seem a little dangerous, since they are motorized, and can actually pick up a fair bit of speed, depending on the bike you choose.  So what is the right age to get your kids started?  Is it 5 years old?  Maybe 7 years old?  What does it depend on?  Well, one thing it depends on, is how comfortable they are riding a normal bike.  If they can ride a normal bike, they can ride a dirt bike.

Believe it or not, these days kids start trying out motorized dirt bikes as young as 3 years old, but in the case of younger dirt bike riders, it really helps to have a dirt bike with training wheels.  The training wheels slow the bike down a little, and also adds stability.  Yes, some dirt bikes do come with training wheels, which allows younger riders to get started safely, sooner.  

Watch this video to see a young rider riding an Apollo 70cc dirt bike, which actually comes with training wheels as part of the package.  It’s a Honda knock-off, but not a bad starter bike for kids. WARNING: Cuteness alert!

But we aren’t here today to talk about the Apollo 70cc.  Instead, we are here to talk about a really excellent universal set of kid’s dirt bike training wheels, by Hardline Products, called the Wheels-4-Tots universal training wheel system.


First off, we should mention that Hardline Products is not just some random company that produces training wheels for dirt bikes, and that’s all.  


On the contrary, Hardline Products is a premiere power sports company that sells a wide variety of products, leading the industry in various different aftermarket accessories, including products relating to motorcycles, boats, ATVs, go karts, snowmobiles, and much more.  They are a trusted company with a great reputation, and we recommend getting to know them even more by visiting their website here.

Now, back to this universal training wheel system that Hardline Products has developed.  If you are considering getting your kid a new dirt bike at a relatively early age, then this Wheels-4-Tots training wheel system by Hardline Products is perfect, because it is universal, meaning you can attach it to your Suzuki, your Yamaha, or Honda dirt bike in under 20 minutes.  

Here is a more extensive listing of bikes compatible with this training wheel system: Yamaha PW 50, Honda XR50, Honda Z50, Honda CRF 50, Kawasaki KDX 50, Suzuki JR 50, KTM Mini Adventure, Husquarna Boy50, Alpha Sport AX50, LEM LX1, Midwest’s Jincheng Lynx 50 … and more!

Allow Your Little Riders To Get An Early Start And Start Having Fun And Learning Responsibility!

If you were concerned that you have to wait a while to get your kid a dirt bike, this universal training wheel system is a great solution, in that you can start them much earlier if you want.

Unlike some of the dirt bikes that already come with training wheels attached, these training wheels are noticeably of higher quality than your usual wheels that come with the bike, weighing in at around 12 pounds.  These Wheels-4-Tots are adjustable in a variety of ways including wheel height and mounting position, and the tires are really well made, being 4 ply tires (8 inch pneumatic wheels with tube).


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Great Confidence Builder

The really great thing about these Wheels-4-Tots is that while of course they are compatible with most kids entry level dirt bikes, the best part is that they can be adjusted to suit your little rider’s skill level.  

When it comes to dirt biking, safety is a main concern, and so having some training wheels that can allow them to gain their confidence is an incredible gift to them, and allows them to slowly work up to the point where they no longer need their training wheels, and can ride on just two wheels.


Another great thing about about these universal kids dirt bike training wheels, is that they are simply much higher quality than the majority of training wheels for dirt bikes you’ll come across.

Also, if you have more than one dirt bike rider in the family, you can take the wheels off when the need arises (although that might take a few minutes).  Taking the wheels on and off might be a slight hassle, but it only really takes a few minutes, so it’s almost like having two bikes in the family instead of one.


The Bottom Line On Wheels-4-Tots

As we’ve said, this is a great solution for any youth dirt bike rider who wants to get an early jump on the action.  Thanks to Hardline Solutions, this Wheels-4-Tots training wheel system has been made durable, flexible, and easy to put on, and take off as needed.  If you have a family that loves dirt biking, now you can have your little rider join their older siblings, and they can travel around together, now that your smallest has been equipped with proper training wheels.  

Overall, we love this system and give it a solid 5 STAR rating!

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