what to look for in dirt bike
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What To Look For in a Dirt Bike

If you’ve decided to fully commit yourself to the hobby of dirt biking, you’ve probably already explored our articles dealing with the top tips to remember while riding, and the physical health benefits that you can receive, as well as the equipment and gear that you should wear while riding.  

But what should you look for in a dirt bike? 

With so many different types and models out there, picking the perfect bike to use may seem like an almost overwhelming task at times.  

How fast should the bike go?  What is the perfect suspension level?  What about the chassis?  What is a chassis?  

With so many hypothetical questions that must be posed and answered like the ones that we just presented, buying a dirt bike can seem like a never-ending homework assignment.

what to look for in a dirt bike

However, you have nothing to fear, for we have decided to put forth our best effort to list all the considerations you should take into account before buying a dirt bike.

Find a bike that is tailored to your skill level.  

Certain bikes are meant to be driven by professionals, while there are other bikes that are tailored for novices.  

Ascertaining this critical difference between the two bikes is absolutely essential, if you wish to purchase a bike that suits your skill level and will best facilitate a safe and uneventful riding experience.

Finding a bike that is best suited for your height.  

This is actually a factor that makes a substantial  difference as well.  

You want to make sure that you find a bike that is tailored to your height, leg size, and arm size, so that the clutch and other facets of the bike are easy for you to operate without trouble.  

This is essential, because failure to find a bike that is suited for your body’s proportions can pose a potential hazard, as you will not be able to ride it correctly.

Find a bike that is best suited for your weight.  

Similar to the height factor, weight is crucial as well.  

You want to make sure that you find a bike that has been optimized for riders that are your weight, in order to ensure that you have a smooth and safe bike ride.


This may seem like a very obvious consideration, but it goes a bit deeper than what you may think.  It means at face value.

While it is very important for you to choose a bike that is affordable for your budget, you also want to consider the amount of money that you’ll have to spend on the bike for maintenance and repairs.  

In many ways, dirt bikes function similar to cars when it comes to the fact that more expensive bikes usually mean more expensive repairs.  

Thus, even if you can afford to buy an expensive bike, you want to make sure that you can afford to maintain it over time. 

Find the right type of bike for you.

There are several different types of bikes, so you want to ensure that you are getting the right type of dirt bike for the kind of riding that you’ll be doing most often.  

We’ll break down a few of the types of dirt bikes that are presently available on the market.

What Are The Different Types of Dirt Bike?

Track Dirt Bikes – These bikes are designed to be geared the lowest and they do not put much emphasis on top speeds.

They are usually accompanied with lower gears in order to give the rider better acceleration.

Please note that these bikes do not come with any warning lights, and there is no instrumentation on them either!

Trail Bikes – These bikes are usually geared pretty high in comparison to track dirt bikes.

This is to allow them better throttle control as you’re going around different bends and corners on your dirt bike, meaning you won’t have to hit the clutch as much when you’re going over various obstacles.

In addition, you’ll be able to go pretty fast in these bad boys as well.

They’re pretty amazing on gravel roads, and they also have the basic instruments and gauge panels, which include oil lights, coolant temperature lights and speedometers.

Please note that a good number of these bikes possess warning lights, but not all of them do!

Dual Sports Bikes – These are the third and final kind of dirt bikes out there.

They are designed to be more of an all-purpose vehicle than the other bikes discussed in this article.

Thus, their gearing is optimized for all kinds of riding.  They also have the ability to maintain good speed.

They are not particularly fast or slow in comparison to the initial two kinds of bikes that we discussed above.

As you can see, many of the features on this bike are tailored to be a ‘perfect medium’ between the two.

Based on the information above, you want to make sure that you are picking a bike that is going to be optimized for the type of riding that you want to do.  

By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure a significantly higher quality riding experience than what you would have otherwise enjoyed.


By analyzing and considering each of the factors that we listed in this article, you’ll more than likely be able to hone in on a bike that is perfect for you.  

While you may have been lost before, in terms of what direction you wanted to go when purchasing a bike, this article should have brought a significant amount of clarity to your overall search.

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