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What Is Up? Kat Von D And Jeffree Star’s Mysterious Falling Out

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Long time friends and makeup artists/brand owners Kat Von D and Jeffree Star have been best friends since the beginning of time. They were best friends before Facebook, way back in the days when your fame was measured by your popularity on Myspace, and where makeup had not evolved to the extent that it has today. So what exactly could have torn these two apart?

jeffree star and kat von d

Who Is Kat Von D?

The 34 year old proclaimed on her website that she is a bold, unapologetic, outspoken, and poet, lover and artist who began her fame on television.

kat von d tattoo artist tv star

In 2004 Kat appeared on the hit TV show Pimp My Ride, which then scored her spot as a featured artist on the TV show Miami Ink. The viewers quickly fell in love with Kat’s care free and sophisticated edgy personality, and the beginning of her career as a high profile tattoo artist began.

After leaving Miami Ink, Kat ventured into the TV show of LA Ink, which she starred on from 2007-2011. Her fame quickly began to grow, and she was seen tattooing many starlit faces such as Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Megan Fox, Lady Gaga and Harry Styles, making Kat Von D a household name.


In 2008 the artist soon began to channel her creativity and energy towards her makeup line, which you can now find in Sephora. As expected, most of the items found in her makeup line are tattoo inspired. For example, the claims of her foundation and concealer are that they are so high coverage, that they could cover tattoos.

She wanted her consumers to not only have the liberty to be tattooed, but to also be tattoo free, and she made this possible through her line. In 2009 she put this to the test, when she completely concealed all of her tattoos in a viral video using only her concealer.

The Real Jeffree Star

jeffree star

Born Jeffree Lynn Steininger, Jeffree made his rise to fame on the website Myspace with his avant garde photographs that captured his undeniable uniqueness. His gothic and eccentric style claimed the hearts of millions, thus creating the brand Jeffree Star.

jeffree star pink wig

Jeffree claims that his love for makeup began at the tender age of 13, when he became obsessed with recreating looks that he found in magazines. Seeing that he is now 30, he says that he wishes to share his secrets, and all that he has learned, while exploring makeup with the world.

His main objective on Myspace was to promote idealisms surrounding self confidence and individuality, traits that he believed the world was lacking. He also was ranked one of the most famous unsigned artists on the website, thus, boosting his internet presence.

Venturing into the music scene in 2009, he launched his first EP titled Beauty Killer, which perfectly captured Star’s essence. His music was a raunchy combination of bubble gum pop and dance. His music, paired alongside their videos soon became mega smash hits.

In 2014, Jeffree’s fame took off when he launched his cosmetics line ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics’. At the beginning, Jeffree rivaled Kylie Jenner with his small, but effective line of liquid lipsticks, in heart stopping shades. As his business expanded, his fame quickly grew.

His liquid lipsticks, highlighters, eyeshadows and lip scrubs soon became must haves after being raved about by the hottest names in the beauty industry.

Kat Is A Vegan But That Doesn’t Mean She Doesn’t Deal With Beef

On Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, Kat Von D posted a scandalous photo from her verified Instagram with a photo of Jeffree with an ‘x’ through his face. She claimed that she wished to be disassociated with “drug abuser, racist and bully” Jeffree Star, which left millions of fans wildly confused.

jeffree and kat

She then made an explanation video that night, claiming that she did not intend on making her claims appear to be bashful. Kat stated that she did not agree with the way that Jeffree lived his life, and made his choices, and thus did not want her fans to be under the impression that she agreed with that sort of behavior. Stating that he was a different person now, than he was before, and that he had become self indulgent and fame hungry, he was no longer the same.

picture of jeffree star

Kat also made claims that she was the one who got Jeffree a meeting with the factory in which both of their makeup lines were produced, and that if it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have scored the deal.

Not only this, but she also went as far as to say that his makeup line would not be at the capacity that it was now, if it weren’t for her association with him. Going on to also say, that Jeffree had also stolen the emblem for his makeup line from an artist by the name of Bj Betts, and never paid him.


If that weren’t enough, Kat also went on to say that Jeffree had made some nasty comments towards her, when she confronted him about the stolen logo. Von D also made claims that Jeffree only used his ‘vegan claims’ for his brand as a means of making more money, seeing that he wasn’t a vegan himself, and wore non vegan brands such as M.A.C.

A hurt and confused Jeffree shot back three days later, which caused a stir on the internet due to his delayed response, which fans claimed made him appear “guilty.” Jeffree shot back saying that he was touring on the Vans Warped Tour, and did not have access to wifi.

He claimed that it hurt him to see his friend, whom he had known for ten years, attack him so aggressively, and that things were getting out of hand.

Jeffree claimed that they had grown apart within the last year, and that they had only talked a few times recently, all times about irrelevant and tame topics.

He also defended himself by saying that Kat had put him in touch with Bj, and that although the two had started working on an initial logo for the brand, once Jeffree had realized that he could not afford Bj’s work , and was now at a loss, after Kat had broken her promise to be an investor for his company.

Now that Jeffree had no money, he called off his deal with Bj. He then went on to state that although his new logo, vaguely resembles the logo that Bj had created, it was still original, and held elements of his old logo, that he had used on his clothing and merchandise many years ago.

He also went on to state that when his company expanded, he fully paid Bj for inspiring his logo, which would explain why Bj had never spoken about the incident, and why there were no legal issues. Jeffree also went on to state that Kat Von D had also told the owner of Too Faced, that Jeffree had stolen ideas from her, from their lab.

In his defense, he stated that although they shared a lab, he was unable to see anything that took place there when her cosmetics had taken over the space. Offended by the fact that Kat claimed she had invented him, he finally claimed that he had found the factory with minimal assistance from her, and that he kickstarted his brand individually.

So after all has been said and done what do you think? Are you side #KatVonD or team #Jeffree?

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