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I have decided to create this article as an explorative, but informational piece.  Recently, a close friend of mine ( Instagram : Tgomesxo ) recommended something called “Into The Gloss.”  It sounded familiar, but I wasn’t exactly sure what it was.

Instead of browsing the site alone ( I’m not entirely sure if it is a website or a magazine yet), I decided to walk my readers through my exact thoughts on it, as well as my own mini review.

Instagramer Tgomesxo states that “In The Gloss” is one of her favourite sites

On their YouTube channel, the “about section” provides a perfect summary of exactly what I’m getting myself into.  Their “about section” reads, “IntoTheGloss.com is a website dedicated to beauty, from the inside.  There you’ll find interviews from industry professionals… from editors to stylists, models to makeup artists, regarding their own routines and favorite products, along with other award-winning editorial content from team ITG.  Here on our YouTube you’ll find the video version of it, and tutorials aplenty.  Subscribe and enjoy.​”

Check out Into The Gloss on Youtube

Their “about section”seems promising so far, and the fact that they have created their own YouTube channel that serves as a neat and tidy archive for all of the videos on their site, is positive.

Currently, their subscriber count is 84,000 which is a decent number, but small in comparison to the other subscription counts for other magazines, such as Teen Vogue and Vogue.  This isn’t however, a concern for me, seeing that I believe there can be gold in the smallest of sources.

Looking at their thumbnails, I see that it is a very aesthetically pleasing site, which is always a plus for those who have an eye for all things pretty.

Another thing that I can appreciate from looking at the thumbnails, is that the site appreciates diversity on a multitude of levels.  Their videos include lesser known individuals, which I always think is a great thing.  It definitely can get tiring having to go into your subscription box and see countless videos about the same person.

“Into The Gloss” celebrates individuals of many different personalities/talents, which allows the viewers to be introduced to some new and unfamiliar names.  They also feature a multitude of POC stars which is always a plus.

Gomes states that “[ she ] looks to the website for many tips, and actually uses it a lot.”  In an exclusive interview with Gomes, the nineteen year old Instagramer claims that her favourite video by “Into The Gloss” is “Shanina Shaik’s Trick For The Perfect Nude Lip.”

The Victoria Secret model in the video shares an array of useful tips about how to achieve the perfect nude lip.  It is refreshingly different from most over staged tutorials on YouTube.

The thing I highly admire about “Into The Gloss” is how real everything feels.  It does not feel as though the guests have been scripted, and the environment of the tutorials and videos seems sincere.

After a bit of scavenging, I found that one of my favourite videos was actually produced by “Into The Gloss.”  The video is titled “Inside Gigi Hadid’s Makeup Bag“, and was released on August 11th of 2014. The reason why I was always so fond of this video was due to the realness of the production and how Gigi did not appear to be forced to say anything.  The set up was very relaxed, and it did not feel like the video was pushing me to buy anything.  It was just a very casual video of a teenage model stating her makeup routine and some of her favourite products.

The website itself is well put together, and easy to use.  Thank you Tamara for the recommendation!  “Into The Gloss” is definitely one to keep an eye out for, as I can see it becoming a go- to source for ‘all things underrated’.

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