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What Happened At Fyre Festival 2017 and Why Did It Go So Wrong?

Fyre Festival may just be the most disappointing thing that has had happened this month this far. In short – a festival was so terrible that it inspired comedic genius Seth Rogen to make a movie about it.

So what exactly happened at Fyre Festival? What possible could be so terrible that it is a news headliner for a week?

fyre festival

Well that’s simple. Just imagine a prestigious and luxurious festival down in the Bahamas… Imagine yourself sitting there and having a blast with all of your friends. That’s an intriguing and dream worthy thought, right? I think so too. Now imagine that entire situation being flipped upside down – that’s Fyre Festival.

Fyre Festival was promoted by some of the most culturally enriched and notable faces. These promoters including Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Alessandra Ambrioso.

What Happened At Fyre Festival 2017?

The guests of Fyre festival were promised a ‘transformative two week festival,’ ‘an immersive music festival,’ and all of this on a remote and private island in the Bahamas that had previously been owned by Pablo Escobar. The festival also had an impressive line up of performers including BLINK 182, Major Lazer, Disclosure, and Migos.

Ja Rule, one of the founders of Fyre Festival also claimed that he would be hosting the two weekend festival and promised his fans that it was better than anything else they could ever imagine… The reality, however, was much different.

Guests paid anywhere from $400-100,000 to receive entry into the festival and were acquainted with disaster once finally arriving. The eco-friendly dome shaped pads’ that the guests had been promised were in fact just left over disaster tents that had been left on the island, completely unfurnished and not what the guests had paid for.

eco friendly domes fyre fest

The guests who had been promised to be flown into the island on a private jet were stranded and were not granted the jet ride of a lifetime that they had paid so much money for.

The catered five star cuisine that the guests had been promised also fell short considering the guests were granted two pieces of bread with processed cheese in a styrofoam box.

The concierge desk was an empty hut and thousands of guests were left stranded on the island with no way home and in the middle of a case of fraudulence.

Fyre Festival soon after issued out a sloppy apology letter in attempt to make up for the copious amount of false advertising and did not have any plans to refund its customers. They claimed that it was not their fault that the festival was not up to everybody’s standards and could not admit that they simply were unprepared and had no intentions of putting together a legendary festival. As of right now, many upset fans are making attempts to file a lawsuit towards Fyre Festival.

Just for laughs… Below is the Fyre Festival’s promotional video. Enjoy.

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