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What Are Feather Brows And Are They This Summer’s Hottest Trend?

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2017 has generated a multitude of wacky trends ranging from furry nails to furry lips to even ‘clear knee mom jeans.’ The wacky trends however, do not stop there. I now introduce to you… The feather brow?

What is the Feather Brow?

The feather trend was first debuted on Instagram like most bizarre trends nowadays and has essentially sky rocketed in popularity from there. The trend was created by the makeup artist, Stella Sironin. As stated by the caption posted by Stella herself, she clearly had intentions of her creation to become a trend.

what are feathered brows

Instagram – Home of Wacky Trends

Can we also jus take a moment to discuss the amount of wacky makeup trends one Instagram picture perfectly depicts? The cosmetic industry gets a lot of backlash for being ‘too formulaic’ which I do understand… Unlike designing something such as a shirt, there tends to be a certain way that most people go about doing something such as an eye look. You begin with your crease colour, and then you highlight and then you do your eyeliner and mascara and so forth.

However, with designing a piece of clothing, you are in charge of the materials, style, colours, textures, design… essentially everything.  Recently however, the cosmetic industry has broken all of the essential rules and is trying everything and anything different. Things such as coloured mascara, holographic highlighters, glossy lids and yes, even feather brows.

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Feather Brow – How To

The process to achieving feathered brows is quite simple. Stella had used a glue stick to achieve the look of a feathered brow. You simply grab a spoolie wand and brush the upper half of your brow hairs in an upward motion and the bottom half of your eyebrows in a downwards motion. Once you have divided the brow hairs enough that you can see a line in the middle that is dividing both sections, you have successfully created a ‘feather brow.’

Here’s a great video tutorial by Anna Manning showing how its done.

If you are weary of using a glue stick on your eyebrows and are seeking for a safer alternative, you can use hair wax, hair spray, clear mascara or hair gel to create this look.

Another tip is to use a rat-tailed comb to create a part in your eyebrows as you would when creating a part in your hair. It also is recommended that it is best to let your eyebrows grow out before attempting this look.

Some artists who have recreated the feather brow look also have added subtle embellishments to the already crazy look such as glitter.

feathered eyebrow with glitter

In my opinion, the feather brow is genius in its own unique way much like the Clear Knee Mom Jeans that I had discussed in a previous article. It combines the trend of the unkept and bushy brow with the trend of sculpted eyebrows and when you put the two together, it somehow works.

Like many makeup lovers, I agree that the look is a bit too dramatic for an everyday casual wear. However, when attending events where the makeup is encouraged to be avant-garde or are trying to create a statement piece – feather brows is definitely one way to approach the situation.

The look also works well on men and I look forward to possibly seeing the feathered brow look on all sexes in the runway shows of fall ’17.

If you have the motivation, give it a try for yourself and send us pics!

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