Wave Zone Diamond Skimboard Review



Feature Pick

Wave Zone Diamond – Fiberglass Skimboard For Beginners

Rider Level: Beginner

Supported Weight: 110 pounds

Board Weight: 6 pounds

Materials: Fiberglass, gel coat, and foam core

Features: Free wax, stickers for the board, and a note from the creator.

At First Glance

In terms of the beauty of the board and the artwork emblazoned on its surface, this one is truly spectacular. We don’t know who created the abstract artwork at Wave Zone headquarters, but they did a fine job with this skimboard art detail. They’ve been handcrafting boards since 1990.

Body Weight and the Skimboard

When searching for the perfect skimboard, you should definitely consider the weight of the rider. Too much weight on the wrong type of board means that it won’t skim effortlessly over the water. Instead, you’ll end up taking a header into the sand, which won’t make for a fun day at the beach.

The Wave Zone Diamond is made for beginning riders who are under 110 pounds. This is great for kids who are learning how to ride a surfboard, since they’ll be closer to shore for parents to watch. The child will be able to throw the board down onto the water, take a running leap, and skim their way across the water.

Wave Activity

The strength of the waves in your part of the world can make a difference in the type of board that you buy. For instance, if you’re on the west coast of the U.S., you’ll have stronger waves than you would on the east coast.

Overall, the Wave Zone Diamond is lightweight with a foam core, so you’ll need to keep that in mind at your local beach. It won’t be able to handle the ultimate strong waves, but it can work for medium to weak waves. It’ll depend on the wind, wave strength, and rider’s experience level.

Level of the Rider

The length and weight of the board should be perfect for the level of the rider. You can’t expect a beginner to throw out a small board and skim without problems. While it might seem like a beginner should have a small board, it’s the opposite. Beginners should have boards that give them increased foot space to balance properly.

This beginning board has the right amount of surface for young riders to learn to skim. They can easily toss this board onto the water and land squarely on the board itself. At the same time, it’s not unwieldy or heavy for them to carry.

The Wrap on the Board

There are a few parts to a skimboard including the core and the wrap. The wrap is the material that covers the core. The wrap will help determine the board’s ability to skim easily on the water.

The fiberglass and gel coat on the Diamond will help to ensure that the board glides across water and sand.

Materials and Ability to Skim

As we mentioned, the materials are vital to how the board moves across the water. The Diamond has a light foam core with a wrap of fiberglass, which makes the entire board as light as air.

With the foam core, you’re going to get more use out of the Diamond, too. Instead of a skimboard that you might have to replace repeatedly, the foam core with fiberglass will last through months, and sometimes years of abuse, as the beginner learns the ropes.

Type of Wave and Tricks

Lastly, you’ll need to consider how you want to experience the waves. Would you like to be able to do tricks, or skim down the beach quickly? The weight of the board and the materials will both contribute to the ability of the rider on the board. A thick board will glide beautifully, but you won’t be able to turn because it lacks the responsiveness of a thin board.

Tail and Responsiveness

The tail of the skimboard, much like a surfboard, will determine how stable the board is when gliding across the water. The shape of the board at the back will ensure that the mobility between the front and back of the board isn’t constrained. The Diamond has a unique diamond shape to the tail of the board that will ensure that it’s stable in the water.

The new skimboarder will be able to keep themselves stable on the Diamond while trying to perform tricks and spins on the board, which is what makes skimboarding so much fun.

Who Should Purchase This Board?

We recommend this lightweight skimboard for those who are trying the sport for the first time. It’s not too heavy for children to carry to the beach themselves, and repeatedly pick up and throw into the surf, too. It won’t have to be repaired frequently, either. This makes it a great board for all the kids who might be trying skimboarding for the first time. Those who excel can move on to more advanced boards later.

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