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In a previous article here on Beach Baby, we have written about Macedonia’s famous Lake Ohrid and praised it for its beauty, history, nightlife, and so forth.  You might just think that Lake Ohrid is the only jewel in Macedonia’s crown.

As it stands, Lake Ohrid is not the only lake with amazing beaches where you can spend some quality time at in Macedonia being a so called “beach baby”.

Being the main competition to the famous Lake Ohrid is none other than Dojran Lake.  But, is it really a competition if it is almost completely Ohrid’s opposite? 

Can two beauties compete against each other both being equally as beautiful, and of huge cultural and historical significance, yet still opposing in aesthetic and vibrations one feels when visiting?

Located in the south eastern part of this beautiful Balkan country, Dojran Lake is a natural border between Macedonia and Greece.

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About Lake Dojran

Dojran Lake is known for its calm nature and shallowness, contrasting with Lake Ohrid, which is wildly known as one of the deepest lakes in Europe. 

Indeed, Dojran Lake is far less deep, with its deepest points being only 10 meters below the water’s surface.

This charming lake is also among the youngest tectonic lakes in Europe, once again contrasting Lake Ohrid, which is one of the oldest on the continent.

Dojran’s surface is only 43 square km. Thanks to its shallowness and small surface area, its waters are relatively warm, making it perfect for swimming.

The climate in the plains surrounding Dojran Lake is distinctly Mediterranean, meaning that summers are dry and hot and winters tend to be quite mild as well, relatively speaking, with an average summer temperature being around 26°C.

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Pure Waters of Lake Dojran – Thanks To Algae!

If you are wondering about the state of pollution of this lake and species that inhabit it we can say that lake Dojran is known for its clean, unpolluted water and beaches.

The reason for this lake being so clean can probably be found in some of its unique algae – yes, that’s right, Lake Dojran has algae that are unique in all of Europe, they are only found in Dojran’s warm waters.

Another interesting thing about this lake’s ecosphere is the fact that there are 15 fish species living in it, making Lake Dojran one of the most populated lakes in Europe.

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The Real Fountain of Youth?

Locals at Dojran Lake will be quick to tell you something more about this interesting body of water, as they are very proud of living there, at the ‘’natural beauty of Balkan’’ as they call it.

They will mention in a blink of an eye how healthy staying there is, because of its iodine-rich water which as they say can be good for your sinuses, skin, lungs, and just about every other part of your body inside and out.

They also state how mud from Dojran Lake is healthy to be applied on the skin’s surface, and the sight of people covered in this healthy mud from head to toe is not a rarity and we can confirm that.

UNESCO has put Dojran Lake under its protection because of its reputation as a natural spa and because of its abundant wildlife.

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Tourism, Cuisine, and Accommodations

Dojran Lake is known across the globe as a tourist destination, so it should not surprise anyone that the economy of cities and towns located along the lake such as Sretenovo, Doirani, Nov Dojran, and nearby Mouries, are based mostly on tourism.

Because of its position on the road that leads to Greece, tourists from all over the world, including us, your favourite beach babes, have stumbled upon it, making it a convenient place to rest.

You can easily find affordable places to stay at, as there are quite a number of apartments and villas available for rent by tourists.

The area is known for amazing food, with fish being obviously the main dish in any menu.

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Then and Now

The history of this lake and the cities along its shores is long and dynamic, with dynamic being a word you would not really use to describe it nowadays.

Being located at crossroads between many empires, during the previous ages back to ancient times, it had the important role in economic, cultural and historical happenings.

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The tempo of life now there is much calmer, we would certainly not recommend it if you are searching for a place where you will experience rich nightlife for example or adrenaline-pumping activities – unless you find traditional Dojran fishing with help of cormorant birds such an exciting activity of course.

Activities For All Ages

So, what can you do at Lake Dojran then?

Well, besides swimming in iodine-rich, restorative waters, sunbathing at picturesque pebble beaches (where you do not have to pay for a deck chair as using them is mostly free at Dojran Lake), traditional fishing with cormorant companions (free of charge), and covering yourself in healthy Dojran lake mud, there are a few other things you can try.

For instance, you can also take a ride on traditional boats fishermen have used for ages and enjoy the sight and stay on traditional fishermen shacks that are made of cane.

There are a lot of restaurants with live music for you to spend your time at (don’t expect anything too wild though, you won’t find Mick Jagger here anywhere), and if you are visiting with your youngsters you can relax because for their entertainment there are some fun rides among other kid-friendly things.

Cities are very safe, the criminal activity being almost non-existent, unless you consider a bird stealing your food to be a crime (don’t think they won’t!)

As we said Dojran Lake is not as ‘’exciting’’ like Ohrid which is known for its clubs and “kafanas”, but it is no less fascinating.

This lake is for people that would like to relax in every sense of the word and feel the warmth of both sun and water they are next to, but also enjoy people and culture they have purposely or accidentally surrounded themselves with.

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Power To Heal

Ending an article that is about such a place as Lake Dojran is tough for a beach baby.

It is difficult to finish something we believe we have not even started praising and explaining properly, especially if said place has left unexplainable mark on us – Dojran lake has some magic in it that can not only heal the ills of the body, it seems it can heal the bruises one is not aware of on their soul and in their mind.

At least that is how we explain our mental and spiritual rebirth once we returned home from our little unforgettable trip to infamous Balkan jewel, Dojran Lake.

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About the author: Janis is loves to study topics involving health & wellness, and is obsessed with natural supplements and learning about what goes into them and what they do, or don’t do.  She went to university for nutrition with a minor in economics. Out of the Beach Baby Squad, she is the most likely to stay home. She also does the most of the product reviews on this site.

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