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Many South American countries are overlooked as vacation destinations, but can be great affordable alternatives to heavily developed Caribbean islands. Take Venezuela for instance. With its proximity to the often politically perilous Colombia, it’s no huge surprise that you don’t hear a whole lot about Venezuela, being a stone’s throw from Aruba. If you’d like an extra side of culture with your trip to the Caribbean, Venezuela is just the kind of place for you.


Let’s take a look at some of the beaches you’d best be visiting when you make the trip.

First stop is the Los Roques National Park, located in Venezuela’s archipelago, Los Roques.  Cayo de Agua might be Venezuela’s most popular beach, and is currently ranked as the 5th best beach in the world, according to TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice. Cayo de Agua is a picturesque white sand beach with kaleidoscopic turquoise blue waters, lined on two sides by the Caribbean. Its world-renowned sandbar is the most photographed feature of the beach.


This beach, along with many of the others in Los Roques, is the perfect place to find paradise solitude. Part of the reason for this is a lack of government funding to the region, thanks to Hugo Chavez, who was famously bombarded with tomatoes upon visiting the region, and retaliated by cutting funds to the area. Surely a loss for some, but a major plus if you’re looking for ultimate romantic or personal tranquility, or plain old peace and quiet. It can take a bit of extra effort to find a flight from Caracas to these fabled crystal waters, and once you’re there, you’ll have your pick of places to stay. They’ll cart you out by boat to the beaches, where you and your better half can enjoy the splendor all by your lonesome.

And if you’re looking for watersports and a bit more activity, they’ve got their share of touristy amenities too. Better hustle on down before they start pouring too much money back into this glorious getaway.

Technically named Playa Grande, but more commonly referred to by its hometown moniker, Choroni Beach, highlights a gorgeous old colonial village, giving it that perfect old world Caribbean vibe we just go wild for here at Beach Baby.

walking on the choroni beach venezuela

There’s nothing better than a great beach in a town full of character. And this beach has plenty of it. You’d best prepare for a craggy walk through the hills before reaching its isolated beauty. The beach is nestled in a valley-like sea bay, with skyscraping palms, and a wide, smooth sandy beach. The waves are swimmable, and the water is fine. You can rent chairs and umbrellas, or opt to bring your own, but that might prove a challenge with the walk in.

See the incredible Choroni Beach for yourself:

Margarita Island has often been referred to as the Pearl of the Caribbean. It’s a perfect paradise island located off the Venezuelan shore. This gem is a bit busier than the other beaches we’ve mentioned, as it has long been touted as a tourist hotspot. It’s got everything from lounging amenities to great watersport waves.

Windsurfing is particularly popular on Margarita Island, as the shores are constantly hit with steady winds. There are all types of cultural to-dos on the island as well. From traditional dance circles to festivals, you’ll get a hearty dose of authentic (if not slightly served up and catered tourist-style) Venezuelan culture on Margarita. And it goes without saying, you’d better kick back with a strong… you get it.

Have a virtual view of Margarita:

Puerta Piritu offers an astounding 600 kilometers of gorgeous, white sand shore. There are resorts aplenty in the paradise mega mecca. For the aquatically adventurous, make sure to check out the abundant marine life at Piritu Lagoon. This resort town isn’t an isolated oasis, as the town itself boasts a population of 11,000. You’ll be mingling with a mix of Venezuelan and international tourists, and blue collar locals. It’s got plenty of local flair, and that’s always a plus, especially as part of a longer trip, where you might want to splurge on something fancy for part of the journey, and get a taste for the beach culture done Venezuelan salt-of-the-earth style.

las isletas de piritu edo

Affordability is certainly on your side, for the mere fact that these waters are a tad more turbulent, if nothing else. Without that crystal blue, most accommodations come down a few notches in price. Perfect for the truly adventurous. You haven’t truly travelled until you venture where few tourists go. And hey, it’s a beach town. You’ll be lounging like kings and queens.

An overview of Puerta Piritu:

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