Under The Weather XL Sports Pod Pop-up Tent Review

This “Under The Weather” XL (extra large) Pod Popup Tent is a must for all beach goers!   Amazon has it for only $129.00, and not only will you and your “sweetie” love it, but so will your kids and pets, if you have any.  I should mention also that it is great for lots of outdoor occasions.  Read on …

Under the Weather XL Pop up Pod

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  1. Folds and opens in seconds.
  2. 279 degree views.
  3. Protection from the sun and wind.
  4. Light weight.
  5. Water resistant.
  6. Compact carrying case.
  7. Roof and ground stakes.
  8. Zips shut inside and out.
  9. Durable fibers.
  10. Unique.


This is the extra large version of the weather sports pod.  Two “love birds” or “good friends” would fit in it just fine.  It is great for all outdoor events i.e.) watching sports or listening to great music at a concert.  But, it is the best at the beach.  Your personal weight will keep it from blowing away, but it does come with ground stakes.  Best of all, you are protected from the elements i.e.) ultra violet rays (SPF 50) from the sun, and the wind and the rain.

You can time yourself, but the company says that it can be set up in 20 seconds, and taken down and packed away in 40 seconds into the 22 inch diameter carrying bag.  It weights 8 pounds and is 4 feet long by 4 feet wide by almost 5 feet high.  The fiber is 210D polyester with a PU coating and polyurethane floor – so no wet “bums”.

If that’s not enough of a great thing, it comes with an extra roof covering for extra sun protection.  If you must put a chair or 2 into it, two small director style chairs will fit, or one large one.  Use your imagination, and decide who or what might accompany you in your very trendy “pod”.

What Are People Saying About it?

  • “Perfect for the soccer mom”.
  • “Watch the setup and takedown video”.
  • “It works at a freezing baseball game, but condensation kind of spoiled the view”.
  • “Nobody knows about it, so I felt very special”.
  • “Lots of leg room”.
  • “Warm, dry, and cosy”.
  • “If it is used in the cold, don’t fold it up until it is warm.”
  • “Check the company, because they make one for a wheelchair to fit”.

Just in Case You Were Wondering

The Pod is constructed of durable steel wire.  It has been patented after lots of testing, so the “Under the Weather” engineers will not let you down.  Perfect for moms, dads, sports parents, and friends who want to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the game in comfort.  This XL pod is perfect for one person in a comfortable chair.  You can squeeze 2 people into it, but not 2 average size chairs.  What a great personal shelter for lots of occasions.  Maybe you’re a fishermen, or an event spectator, and you want comfort.  This is the answer.

“Under the Weather” says these pods are built to last!

Watch and see how easy it is …

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