triboard easybreath full face snorkel mask review
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Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

One of the best snorkel masks on the market is the Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Mask.  

This mask is an excellent one for individuals to own for a multitude of reasons which we’ll cover in this article.

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Aesthetically, this is one of the better designed masks on the market today.  

It features a completely clear face mask, which is transparent, and allows you to see the technology on the inside of the gear itself.  

It also is accompanied with a pink and white color scheme on the inside of the mask, as well as the straps being predominantly pink, and the outside of the mask is white.  

The bottom part of the mask on the outside where the mouthpiece is located is white as well.

The breathing tube that extends forth from the top of the mask is completely transparent, just like the front screen, and the tip of the mask is a bright burnt orange color, which is helpful for identification.  

The straps on the mask also look as though they would not pose any undue discomfort for the wearer while snorkelling, and this appears to be a mask that is optimized in design, for both children and adults.

The angle of the breathing tube is also desirable, as it is positioned in such a way that ensures that there will not be unnecessary water getting into the breathing tube, and obstructing the vision of the wearer.

Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Review

Features of the Tribord Easybreath

There are several features on this mask that make it very worthy of having the title of one of the best masks in the industry.


The first feature of note, is the fact that the front screen of the window is designed with a completely shatter-proof polycarbonate material that helps ensure safety.  

This is important, because shattering of the material while swimming could be detrimental to the safety of the wearer, causing injuries or possibly death.  

It also ensures that the mask can be used for long periods of time as well.

There would be nothing worse than spending a decent amount of money on a quality snorkel mask such as this one, and then having to go out and replace it because the front screen broke, essentially rendering it useless.

Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask review

180° Degree Visibility

The front screen is also optimized to give the wearer 180°degree visibility while out in the water.  

This is important because the main purpose of snorkelling is to view what is under the water without having to be restricted by the need to continually return to the surface for air.  

So, any design or feature on the mask that optimizes this goal is a definite bonus.  

The 180°degree visibility also enhances the overall safety of the mask because one need not worry about being ‘blindsided’ by various situations, and critters that are just outside their field of vision.  

This feature essentially allows you to see out of the mask as though you were not even wearing it in the first place!


In addition to these features, the clarity of the screen on the mask itself also provides a tremendous benefit to the wearer.  

Having 180°degree visibility would not be so beneficial, if the field of vision was not very clear.  

However, the polycarbonate material that the mask is made out of ensures that not only will one’s field of vision not be restricted, but the clarity with which they are able to spot objects will not be degraded as well, making all exploratory adventures as fulfilling as you probably hoped they’d be!  

Nothing would be worse than purchasing a snorkel mask, diving into the water, and then not being able to actually see what you’re exploring with any degree of sharpness!

Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask review 2016

Anti-Fog Technology

However, what would all of this sharpness be worth, if there was fog obstructing your view?  

Have you ever been out swimming before with goggles on, and you noticed that when you came up to the surface the goggles were too foggy for you to see out of?  

The same thing can happen to you while you’re snorkelling, and this can really put a damper on the experience, and can even pose a safety risk.  

Fortunately, the makers of the Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Mask were clever enough to infuse anti-fog technology, in order to prevent this event from ever happening!  

This is essential for those that are wearing full face masks such as this one, because often while you are breathing inside of the mask, it is very easy for your vision to become obscured while you’re actively snorkelling, which would essentially make the activity worthless.  

Fortunately, this is not a problem with the Tribord Easybreath mask because the anti-fog technology ensures this will never happen.  

It also enhances the general safety of the mask too, because it is always dangerous for one’s field of vision to be obstructed while out in the ocean, especially if the wearer is a small child, or not very experienced with snorkelling.

triboard easybreath full face snorkel mask review

Full Face Snorkel Mask

The final feature that we believe warranted this mask great consideration for any individual looking to purchase a snorkel mask, is the fact that it covers the full face, allowing individuals to breathe through either their nose or mouth or both.  

This is essential because the abnormal breathing process associated with most other snorkels often makes the experience substantially less enjoyable for the wearer.  

It also requires a small learning curve in order to use those types of masks because, as humans, we’re usually used to having the option of doing either at will.  

In addition, it also increases the amount of safety that is associated with the mask, because there is less chance of breathing in sea water while swimming, subsequently choking the wearer, and causing them to flounder while out in the ocean!


In conclusion, this is definitely one of the premier choices for snorkel masks among all those currently available on the market.  

Between its anti-fog properties, shatterproof window, professional design, 180°degree visibility and its breathing capabilities, this mask is nearly unrivalled in effectiveness. 

Watch this helpful review video of the Triboard Easybreath in action to get more info.

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