Tovatec Fusion Video LED Dive Light Review



Coming in at #5 on our list of the best dive lights, we review the Tovatec Fusion Video Dive Light.  

There are a plethora of reasons why you should go with this diving light that we’ll explain in greater depth in this article.  

If you’re a new diver, and looking for the perfect dive light to accompany you on one of your first dives, then the Tovatec Fusion Video is most likely perfect for you.

Feature Pick

Tovatec Fusion 1000 Lm 100M Waterproof Video Led Dive Light Flashlight


In terms of aesthetics, this dive light is definitely a desirable one to own for several reasons.  

The first thing that really caught our eye in terms of the aesthetics was the fact that the dive light was very compact compared to some of the other models that we’ve seen within this field, which is a huge plus.  

When you’re out there diving, you don’t want to have to deal with a model that’s too obtrusive during your dives.  Also, we like the fact that the model looks like it’s designed to give the diver a very firm grip.  

Overall, the dive light has a black color scheme, which is typical of models within the industry and something that we do like.  It’s not a pale black, but more of a hardened, construction worker type of black.

Tovatec Fusion Video LED


There are a host of features associated with the dive light that we find to be very appealing:

  • Beam Angle: The beam angle on the light is between 12-100 degrees. This is something that we find remarkable and an important consideration for anyone that is considering going out on a dive. Essentially, the dive angle tells you what your range of vision will be with the dive light. Dive lights that have beam angles such as this one will illuminate most of your view depending upon what you want to see. However, one of the cooler things about this feature is that it allows you to narrow down specific targets as well when you decrease the overall range of the beam.
  • Depth Rating: The depth rating given to this device is 328 feet or 100 meters. This is significant amount of distance for the average beginner and one that we feel confident will completely cover the distances that you travel on your first few dives out there until you become more experienced. At 100 feet, there is a significant amount that you can see and find during your explorations, and you can rest assured that you will not feel ‘cheated’ in one way by the dive light’s capabilities in this facet.
fusion dive light
  • Switch: We like the fact that the dive light comes with multi-function operationality. This is crucial for those that are going out on dives as it will allow you the versatility necessary to ensure your safety while you’re out there on the water. Not only does this add tremendously to the experience but it keeps you significantly safer as well.
  • Weight: This is a very lightweight dive light! This is actually an essential feature of the dive light because the lighter it is, the easier it is to use and you want to make sure that you have a dive light that does not have too much excess weight or that you find to be inconvenient to use while you’re out on your dives. Another factor about the weight is that it makes it easier to maneuver while underwater. Remember, things move substantially slower in the water and you don’t want to deal with moving or lugging around things that are heavy in weight. It’s weight comes in at only half a pound.
  • Battery: The battery is a CR26640 Li-ion and it also comes with circuit protection, which is huge. This ensures that this device has the necessary power to allow you to completely enjoy your dives out there on the water.
Tovatec back view
  • Burn Time: This dive light has a total burn time of about three and a half hours, which is a substantial amount of time and more than enough to satiate any beginning that is just beginning their dive expeditions.
  • Lamp Type: One of the more overrated, yet important features of any dive light. The lamp type is what determines the overall strength and clarity that the dive light provides. This specific light carries an XM-L2U2 lamp, which, in other words, is one of the better ones that are available on the market for dive lights, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not you can see underwater or make out the various objects and things that you are confronted with. You’ll get to enjoy the full experience without any hindrance.


This dive light is a sleek, compact device that is almost guaranteed to give any novice diver the complete experience when they go out on their first dives. If you’re just beginning the exercise of going on dives, then this may be the best device for you out there!


About the author: Garth loves camping under the stars with his Arb III, scuba diving, snorkeling, and also tanning. His favourite snorkel spots include Alanya (Turkey), Koh Rong (Cambodia), and Maui (Hawaii, USA). He also loves to visit the cenotes in Mexico and he recommends everyone reads the book, “The Soul of an Octopus”, because, he says “they are sensitive, just like me”.