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Top 31 Adventure Travel Blogs To Follow In 2016

Whether you get out there in the world much, or not, it’s always amazing to read about the excursions of other travellers. 

Just seeing what others have seen, and where others have been – it gets the creative juices pumping, and the ideas for future adventures flowing. 

Yep, there’s a ton of travel blogs out there today in 2017, but who should you be following for the best stories, pictures, video, and more?  We have gone out and done the legwork, and now bring you some of the most awesome travel blogs you’ve ever seen, with many great inspiring stories behind them as well.

The coolest part is, that these people are just like you and me, showing that if you have the will to get out there and see the world, it is indeed quite possible.

From London to India.  See who has made our top 30 well traveled bloggers below…

Warning – You may secretly hate these people for having such fantastic lives.

Travel Geek






As well as fantastic account of trips around the world, Travel Geek provides free, practical advice on things like luggage and travel items.  He has been to 56 countries to date, which is pretty impressive!

Rebekah Esme






Rebekah completed a media degree in the UK, and now works in Business Development.  Despite still being in the UK, she is well traveled and extremely well read.  We recommend a read of her USA road trip in 2013.

A Married Couple & Their Travels






This blog is a true British love story.  A twenty-something couple who made a pact to travel the world.  They review hotels, restaurants and sights all around Europe, Asia and America.  Check out their recent Hot Air Ballooning photos, which are a particular feast for the eyes #stunning

Follow your Sunshine






The beautiful Polly is a UK expat now living in Qatar.  She blogs about expat life, eating out, and her up and coming wedding (congrats Polly!). Follow her for some fantastic shots of the Middle East, and insights into a London girls’ lifestyle, as well as fantastic accounts of trips around the world.

Oh The Places You’ll Go

oh the places youll go

These two retired Canucks really do get around!  They have been literally all over the world, and they are rather rapidly getting to every country out there, with video and daily journals documenting their travels in places like Mexico, India, and Africa.  Their adventures continue…where will they end up next?  Rumor has it they are off to check out the gorillas in Africa sometime in the next 6 months, with pics to follow!

Johnny Jet






Johnny Jet is another hints and tips packed blog, and has traveled to over 20 countries.  Great guest posts provide varied content and the occasional giveaway!

Travel Inspiration






Jason gives us insight to his travels with his partner Sarah as they travel around the world.  Check out his well put together blog post on the Colosseum.  He has also just completed his Masters in something really brainy, but we hope he becomes a full time travel blogger!

Travel Morgan Travel






And Travel she does!  Morgan is a self confessed chocoholic and travel addict from the state of Georgia.  Check out her fantastic experience of a working holiday.  A great blog design too!







Vagabond3 is a travel run by Jade and Bob who met up in Florida.  They are very technically capable, and produce some fantastic travel content.  Their blog looks so good you would almost think it was a travel media outlet distributed by a million dollar company.

Young Adventuress






Liz is the Young Adventuress who has lived and worked in a few different countries, and traveled to many others.  We particularly enjoyed her adventures in Spain.  Check it out.

Dont Ever Look Back






A great blog with a great name.  Another couple living the adventurous life with some pretty cool stories to show for it.  They have been recognized and featured all around the web.  One to watch…

Traveling 9 to 5






Caroline was born in Georgia, and Josh is training for space camp.  They offer lots of encouragement and advice for those looking to take a career break and travel the world.   So… are you sitting in a cubicle reading this blog?  Maybe it’s time to start planning a little vacation.

Mummy Travels






Can mothers still travel and have fun?  I think Minnie and her mother would say “of course they can!”  The Mummy that travels is a pro writer, so the quality is exceptional.  This is one to follow, if you are parents.  Oh, and check out her handy travel checklists.







Having worked in the IT industry for 12 years, Anuradha decided to give it up, become her own boss, and have fun while doing it.  She is also a published author and a keen photographer.

The Shooting Star






Shivya quit her job at 23 to live a nomadic life of adventures.  An intelligent lady from India who earns her keep by working on the go.  She has also been featured in mainstream media, including the BBC.  A top, award winning travel blogger.

DA Travel Photography






This blog is worth visiting for the photography alone.  Clearly a professional photographer, we would pay good money to have some of her shots on our wall in the office.  I will be bookmarking this one myself.

North and South Nomads






A cute couple, one from Canada, one from Australia.  They love hiking and outdoor adventures.  I love the Iphoneography section…. were they really taken on a phone?

Suzy Lyfe






Suzy is a lifestyle blogger and documents her experiences around the USA.  A keen athlete and cook, her interesting insight to life kept us entertained.  Well done on the Marine Corps Marathon! #respect

Happy or Hungry






Lindsey can never be both.  We love her hilarious drawings and her “Lets talk Nungas” post.  Her stories of Toronto show that there is plenty of sights to be seen at home.

Neil Bennion






Neil is an accomplished blogger, author and public speaker. The writing and photographs are top notch.  We especially like his guide to San Marino.

Wanderess Aly






Wanderess Aly was sent to volunteer in Sri Lanka at the age of 16 and has never looked back.  A classic tale of ditching a well paid corporate job to see what the world has to offer.  A very honest and inspiring blogger.

Eager Existence






Keen to live, keen to learn, Eager Existence is a handy resource for the independent traveler.  With a goal orientated theme, if you are looking for motivation on taking risks and having fun, this is the one to choose.  His manifesto of life is a must-read.

Ashley Abroad






Ashley has a great looking blog with adventures all over, thanks to working as an Au Pair.  She has been featured on many other travel websites and covered in Forbes.  A very professional blog with some some useful tips and advice.

The World is Waiting






Liv has visited 24% of all the places on Earth, and offers what he learned on his blog.  We especially liked his “Top 10 things to do in the Bahamas”.

Samantha Caughey






Samantha’s blog design is fun, visual and unique.  As a professional writer, you can expect only high quality content.  From New Zealand, she has plenty of interesting articles on life in general.

The Happy Passport






Rebekah’s passport must be very happy with all of the places and things it has seen.  Rebekah says that world travel is more accessible than people think.  As an experienced marketer, she offers coaching and consulting for others who wish to travel and blog.

LL World Tour






LL World Tour is run by Lisa, a media consultant and writer. She is an Emmy-winning producer, and has been featured in more media outlets than we have space for.  The articles will keep you reading for days.

Not a Ballerina






Amanda is a traveler and thinker (not a Ballerina).  Her “Why Travel?” page has some great inspiration, and potential ammo for convincing loved ones to fund your trip.

Nothing If Not Intentional






L.A. family of 4 who travel the world with their children.  Their “Traveling with Kids” section has plenty of useful tips for parents.

Retire Fabulously






What a great name!  Dave really has earned his new found travels.  An ex software engineer for 34 years, he is now reaping the rewards of his hard work.  If you are thinking of going traveling when you retire, Dave is the man with the plan.

Local Adventurer






Last but not least is Esther & Jacob.  A couple from Atlanta who not only document their own travels, but provide top tips and advice from others. We love the custom graphics they use in their posts.  It really sets them apart.  Some great photos too!

So there you have it, over 30 people who are loving life in 2017.  I told you that you would secretly love and hate them all!  Between this collective of travelers, there is enough experience and advice to hatch your own traveling master plan!  So read their blogs, set some goals, and leave us a comment below!


Top 31 Adventure Travel Blogs To Follow In 2016
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