Top 10 Beaches in Kenya



Kenya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The country is mostly known for its amazing wildlife, but its beaches—along the coast of the Indian Ocean— are equally spectacular.

Here are top 10 beaches in Kenya:

#1 – Diani Beach

diani beach kenya

The first beach on our list, and deservedly so, is Diani beach.  

Known for its spectacular coral reefs, attractive palm vegetation, underwater sandbars, and more, Diani beach is where you want to spend your next vacation.  

Whether you are a swimmer, a surfer, or just a simple tourist looking to have fun, you’ll get to enjoy every moment.

Diani beach is situated at the coast of the Indian Ocean, approximately 30km to the south of Mombasa (a coastal town in Kenya).

#2 – Nyali Beach


This is another fantastic Kenyan beach that offers utmost comfort and relaxation.  It is also located in Mombasa.  

It has almost everything you need for an ideal vacation at the beach: from deluxe accommodation to delectable delicacies, to a soothing breeze to maximum privacy— Nyali beach is never overcrowded. 

The locals here are very friendly too. They will take care of you like one of their own.

Yes, you’re on vacation, but isn’t it just great to chat with a stranger in a foreign country like you’ve known each other for a long time?  

Share your thoughts and experiences over a “Mnazi” (palm wine). But be warned, the drink is a little intoxicating; just don’t take too much of it.

But not everyone has good intentions.

Some people just want to take advantage of you.  So, be careful who you interact with. If you notice any peculiar habits, run!

#3 – Bamburi Beach

bamburi beach hotel

Bamburi beach is a stunning destination that every beach lover ought to visit.  It has top-of-the-line clubs, restaurants, and hotels.  

In addition, there are several tour companies that will cater to your needs throughout your stay.

If you are a water sports enthusiast, you’ll certainly love Bamburg beach, since it has great diving, jet-skiing, water-skiing, sea kayaking, snorkelling, and sailing opportunities.  

As if that’s not enough, there are various first-class fishing sites, just a stone throw away.

Also within easy reach is the Mombasa National park and Reserve, where you’ll get a chance to see well protected-beautiful coral reefs.

The beach itself is calm, thanks to an offshore reef.  Here are some of the things that make Bamburi beach adorable to all:

  • Shallow turquoise water
  • Palm trees
  • Flowering beach convolvulus
  • A strip of pale sand

If you are in need of that undisturbed, relaxed feel, Bamburi beach is the place to be.

If you have some days to spare, you can also visit Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks.  

These game-viewing areas are well known all over the world for their rich wildlife.

They are also less crowded, compared to other popular parks in Kenya. You’ll get a chance to see elephants, lions, zebras, hippos, antelopes, and gazelles.

#4 – Lamu Beaches


Lamu Island has some of the best white sandy beaches in the whole of Africa and beyond.  The most popular beaches here are Shela beach and Manda Bay.  Shela beach is about 12km long.  

Its untouched beauty is the first thing that strikes the eye.  The same is true for all other beaches on Lamu Island.

A vacation at any of these beaches is truly satisfying.  Take a walk either at dawn or sunset, swim or “play” around on white sands.  It’s time to have fun!

#5 – Vipingo


Located near Kilifi, a coastal town native to a Swahili-speaking population, Vipingo is one of the best beaches in Kenya.  

From clear, calm waters to perfectly green coconut palms, Vipingo beach has it all. 

Not many people visit this beach, so you are assured of total privacy. It’s an ideal location for a peaceful and romantic honeymoon.  

It’s also a great place to spend quality time with your partner, family, or friends. If you’re lucky, you might even learn some Swahili, and brag about it when you get back home.

#6 – Tiwi

tiwi beach kenya

Our list of top 10 beaches in Kenya wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Tiwi beach.  

It’s a beach you shouldn’t miss visiting on your next tour to Kenya.  It’s one of the best places to get an uninterrupted sun bath.

If you’re wondering where to visit for an enjoyable beach vacation, consider Tiwi, and get to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

#7 – Watamu Beach


Popularly known as “Turtle Bay”, Watamu Beach is another awesome destination you should add to your list of go-to beaches.

Experience total freedom, and do anything you want; be it sunbathing, surfing, or just a peaceful walk along the beach.

Tourists go to Turtle Bay all year round, just for an amazing sight of soft white sands, clear waters, coral reefs, and much more.  

This beach is about 7km long, and is located about 15km to the south of Malindi town.

#8 – Gazi Beach

gazi beach kenya

If you think you’ve visited some of the best beaches in the world already, wait till you see Gazi beach.

Gazi beach has some of the best (and affordable) luxury lodges that offer top notch accommodation services.  

The food here is amazing too.  You’ll get a chance to take a bite of superb local dishes.

In addition, you’ll enjoy a peaceful sun bath, as well as a beautiful view of palm vegetation.

What’s particularly interesting about Gazi beach is how peaceful and private it is.  

Unlike other crowded beaches, rest assured you won’t bump into any beings in the course of your vacation.

Gazi beach is situated about 3km from the coastal town of Gazi.

#9 – Kikambala

kikambala_strand kenya beach

Kikambala beach is the best beach for a calm beach picnic with friends or family. Everything here is simply amazing: food, scenery, and people.  

At Kikambala, it’s so comfortable to walk along the beach, that you’ll probably lose count of the number of times you find yourself wandering around.

The environment is perfect for a swim or snorkel.  If you are the type of person that likes to walk around, you can visit the nearby ruins.

The beach boys are very friendly, and you can have a good conversation with them as they show you around.

Beware of the beach sellers though; they’ll try so hard to persuade you to buy their wares.  

The good news is, that they are not allowed in the resorts, so they won’t bother you so much.  

But if you need to buy any items from them— which are lovely by the way, they’ll be more than glad to assist.

#10 – Shanzu

shanzu beach near bombasa kenya

Shanzu beach is known to have some of the best restaurants, bars, and hotels.  It is easily accessible from Mombasa, Mtwapa, Nyali, and Bamburi.

Shanzu beach has its fair share of adventures and beautiful scenery.

Thanks for reading!

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