Tilos 1.5 Amara Palm Mesh Reef Glove Review


Feature Pick

Tilos 15Mm Amara Palm Mesh Tropical Gloves Black/Blue, 2Xl

Totally affordable at around $20 bucks, these Tilos 1.5 Amara Palm Mesh Reef Gloves are a steal! They are 1.5mm thick, with a high quality mesh reef fabric. They are sold on Amazon from authorized dealers on full warranty! The lycra panel is great for max stretching, durability, and comfort. The back of the gloves has a Neoprene –Amara Palm and mesh combination.

They come in colors; black, grey, black/yellow combo, with a black and blue combination mix. These Tilos diving gloves come in the following sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Men/Women X Large
  • Men/Women XX Large
  • Child X Small
  • Child XX Small

Gloves Made For Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

scuba diving snorkel gloves tilos

These 1.5mm thick gloves are great for underwater diving, super ideal for warm water, but great for cold water as well. Enjoy the great fit and quality of the neoprene/ palm mesh back combination and extra padded thumb area, comfortable Velcro wrist straps in colors blue/gray/ and all black, sizes X small – X-large, with a sleek and stylish design. This 1.55mm thick glove is wonderful, and the most durable glove on the market, for all your warm water diving adventures!

Thick Enough To Protect You From Spiny Things

These gloves are perfect for catching sea urchins and lobsters (and then setting them free of course). The 1.5mm thick protection on the thumb and palms provides you with the greatest protection required for under water fishing and sports.

Measuring the gloves in terms of golf glove sizes, extra-large is like a normal large, and a large is more like a Cadet M. The gloves do take a few minutes to dry, being that the quality of the gloves is so high. Best to air them out in the warm sun, or in front of a nice blowing fan.

These gloves are super durable, and will withstand intense salt water, sand, and constant rubbing of a wooden paddle. The material will last for a very long time, and won’t degrade or open to expose your skin. The velcro clasps are of high quality and very durable, and will hold the gloves securely to a life vest when not in use.

These Tilos Reef Mesh Diving Gloves are beyond perfect for warm water snorkelers and divers who can afford the sacrifice of thermal protection for maximum dexterity.

The reinforced construction around the palm and thumb area can stand up to rocks and other rough surfaces, even lobsters! The velcro wrist closure will keep the gloves snuggly on your hands, with just the right amount of comfort.

When wearing the gloves, however, the thumb and finger area tends to feel a bit stiffer than the rest of the glove when your hand is stretched out, compared to when your hand is in a closed position.

velcro diving glovesIn our opinion, the sleek and stylish design is worth the money, aside from some of the more practical qualities of these Tilos gloves! The gloves are very strong and made to last.

The gloves come in a few nice colors, and combined with the great price, we must say make these diving gloves quite an attractive purchase. The gloves fit perfectly, and are a great weight when wearing them… not too heavy and not too tight.

The measurements are easy to follow prior to purchasing them for the right fit. They are great for cold and warm water dives due to the thermal protection from the neoprene. Want to try them out in your next California ocean dive? You’d want to bring these wonderful gloves along with you.

The gloves are ultra-warm and flexible,and don’t feel like non-movable metal gloves on your hands, allowing you to move your fingers naturally.

Blind Stitched Diving Gloves

mesh reef glove tilos

The velcro sections of the gloves are blind stitched and woven in a way to last. The colors tend to be brighter than expected, so choose your colors wisely. I personally purchased three pairs of these gloves! Being a 20 year old female, with average sized hands and long fingers, I looked at the sizing chart, and figured I’d need size medium, so I ordered size medium gloves.

I guess I should have ordered size small, but they will do just fine! In my opinion, they perform perfectly great in the water, and I don’t even need thicker ones, as my hands tend to be warmer than the rest of my body. They are beyond amazing, with the thermal protection for cold water diving! – 4 STARS

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