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These Are The 5 Main Styles Of Bathing Suit For Men

There are 5 main styles of swimwear for men on the market today.  It really all depends on what the man or boy is going to do in that suit. 

Males do care about fashion, but they also want to get the job done. The sport they are involved in will probably determine what swimwear they buy.

#1 – The Swim Trunk

This is the most traditional, and is worn by males of all ages. It is usually made of nylon or polyester or both. 

It comes in a variety of colors and prints, and is somewhat loose fitting and falls to mid thigh. Some men might wear them as shorts. 

Example:  LETSQK Men’s Swim Trunks

men's swim trunks

These casual trunks are slightly shorter than most trunks. 

They are machine washable, and 100% polyester for less than $20. They have an elastic band with a draw string, and they fit beautifully. 

They were given a perfect rating probably because they feel so good on. They are used for walking, running, swimming, and most beach activities.

#2 – The Swim Brief

The swim brief was introduced by the Speedo company back in 1956 at the Olympics in Australia. 

It was made from nylon/spandex, and as a result became known as a Speedo. 

This suit varies in size from covering the groin area front and back completely, to a “g-string” style. 

If you like your suit to hug your body very closely, this is the suit for you. 

Example: Arena Men’s Skys F

men's swimming briefs

If you are looking for a good quality men’s bathing suit for training and competing in competitions like diving, the men’s Skys F made by Arena is the suit for you. 

It is comfortable, sleek, reliable, with low water absorption, and resists the sunlight.  

The sleek Skys from Arena has a natural stretch to it. It has a natural stretch suit, which fits all shapes and sizes. 

The low water absorption and sunlight/ chlorine resistant quality, is a plus.  It will be a long time with constant wear and tear for this Arena masterpiece to begin to thin and fade. 

If you size down on this suit, it will still fit, but will feel very snug when wet. Be ready for a very brief cut. 

The leg openings are very comfortable and do not restrict your range of motion. You will look very sexy!

#3 – The Square Leg

The Square Leg is somewhere between the Swim Brief/Speedo and the Trunk. 

They resemble boxer brief underwear, although maybe not so long. They were popular in the 80’s.

Example: KINGDESON Men’s Lace-Up

the square leg bathing suit

The Kingdeson company is proud of their designs for fashionable men at the beach. 

They want to be sure that their boxer lace-up suit fits you perfectly. They might even contact you so they can personalize the suit just for you. You will be noticed in this suit. 

The colors, size, and designs are outstanding. It will be delivered in a very small package.  It is almost weightless. 

This suit will hug you in all the right places. At less than $50, it is perfect for the beach, the club, or the pool.

#4 – Board Shorts

Board shorts were originally made for surfing, but they were so popular, young men wore them for all swimming sports.  

There is no elastic waist, but they do come with a strong waistband, often lacing up at the front. There is probably a velcro fly too.

Example:  Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda

board shorts

Over 2000 people rated this economical suit at less than $20, very high.  The tie string goes all the way around. There is no “fly”, so you won’t have to worry about a zipper. 

There is a mesh liner for protection and snugness. It is not ‘see through’ when wet. These trunks fit a bit snug in the legs because it is a swim suit, not shorts. 

It is very comfortable, and it comes in many colors. If your waist is 32”, buy a medium, but 31” waist men will need a small.

#5 – Swim Jammer

Swim jammer bathing suits are form fitting, and stop just above the knee. They look like cycle shorts and are skin tight. 

Competitive swimmers wear them to help them slide through the water with less resistance.  They fit low on the hips and have a draw string.

They vary in price, but you can get a suit for less than $50.

Example:  Speedo Men’s PowerFLEX Eco Solid

swim jammer bathing suit

These particular jammers are mainly made from recycled nylon, plus extra light lycra fibres. 

This material holds its shape ten times longer than other materials used to make swim suits. 

There will be no sagging or bagging when you are wearing this environmentally friendly product. This is a trend setter product. 

Watch for them at the Rio Olympics!

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