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The Weeknd’s Battle of the Babes – Bella Hadid Vs Selena Gomez

Bella Hadid and Abel Tesfaye were claimed as Hollywood’s ‘it couple’ for quite some time.

The two were inseparable and they just started to bloom once Hadid began to get a name for herself in the modelling industry. The Weeknd also known as Abel Tesfaye began to “just talk” at around the beginning of April, 2015.

bella hadid and the weeknd

Many sources claimed that “the two friends were flirting… a lot [ at Coachella ].” That upcoming July, Tesfaye mentioned Hadid in an editorial about him, and stated that the two were very much together.

In September, Hadid and Tesfaye made their first official appearance as a couple, when Tesfaye came to cheer on his new girlfriend at her debut at New York Fashion Week.

Just one month shortly after, Tesfaye decided to show some romance to his new gf with a Yorkie by the name of Hendrix.

bella hadid and hendrix

Fast forward and Hadid and Tesfaye had officially won over the hearts of Hollywood.

Between their cosy snapchats, to gag worthy cosy Christmas pictures, Hadid and Tesfaye were the ones to beat. By February of 2016, the couple made their first red carpet debut at the 58th Grammy awards.

weeknd and bella

If you were to ask Hollywood however, what Hadid and Tesfaye’s most iconic breakthrough moment was, they would say the 2016 Met Gala. Everybody knows that the Met Gala is the most prestigious event of the year.

Many celebrities scrounge to make the guest list, and those who are invited to attend, are invited for a reason. The guest list ranges from reality tv stars such as the Kardashians, models such as Bella and Gigi Hadid, designers and those famous within the fashion world.

Tesfaye and Hadid graced the Met Gala wearing his and hers Givenchy, and the pair were frequently rated as the hottest couple at the Met Gala.


In November, however, the two called it quits just one month before Hadid’s first debut as an angel in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, France. Tesfaye was also booked to perform coincidentally during Hadid’s walk.

The two claim they called it quits due to their conflicting schedule, especially with Tesfaye nearing the debut of his upcoming album. Sources also claimed that the two were both best friends, and were still extremely close.

However, all fans were anticipating the VSFS, the true test of where they stood. Nearing the night of the VSFS, Hadid released some comments claiming that her and Tesfaye were still best friends and ” [ Bella Hadid is ] excited because [ she gets to walk ] during his performance!” As expected, Hadid rocked the runway and looked stunning in both of her numbers.

However, when walking past Tesfaye, Hadid wore a grey strappy and lacy ensemble… When walking past Tesfaye, there were no awkward moments, and the two both seemed smitten and flirty with each other.

selena gomez photoshoot

In January of 2017, Selena Gomez was introduced into the love triangle. TMZ had caught some flashy shots of the singers making out, and getting cosy in front of a restaurant in LA.

Rumours that Hadid was furious about the budding romance arose when Hadid unfollowed Gomez on Instagram, just a day after the release of the steamy photos.

Shortly after, a shot of Gomez was posted on Instagram with a heart, and the tag line from one of Tesfaye’s songs. The photograph was deleted shortly after, and fans speculate it was deleted to avoid drama between fans who supported Hadid and Tesfaye.

gomez and tesfaye

Hadid kept a low key on comments after her breakout with Tesfaye. Many sources claim that Hadid was “pissed and hurt” about Tesfaye dating Gomez, but nothing was confirmed.

The moment that all fans of the three were anticipating was the 2017 Met Gala, which would also be Gomez’s and Tesfaye’s debut red carpet appearance, and coincidentally, Hadid was also to attend.


Gomez​ and Tesfaye walked the red carpet at the very beginning of the Met Gala. Selena wore a cream gown by the brand for which she is the embassador – Coach.

She wore sleek short hair, and kept close to the theme of “avant-garde” through her makeup which was a bright, hot, pink eye.

Tesfaye cosied up close to his date, and looked extremely proud to be there with Gomez. Hadid, however, made her appearance on the Red Carpet at the very end of the night, presumably to avoid any awkward walk in’s with Tesfaye and his new bae.

Hadid shocked the crowd in a custom Alexander Wang cat suit. The look was shocking, all of the way from its blingy accents to its plunging back. Wang states, ” [ Bella’s ] look is a more amplified version, done in lace with allover beading and embroidery down to the shoe,” he says.

“And really shows off Bella’s incredible body.” Fun fact to know? Hadid was actually sewn into the catsuit.” Fans on Twitter even joked that the catsuit was Hadid and Wang’s way to show Tesfaye just what he’s missing.

hadid vs gomez

Fans all over the world are now comparing Hadid to Gomez, in order to determine who truly will be this summer’s beauty and fashion icon. Are you team #BELLA​ or #SELENA​ ?

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