Super Soaker Thunderstorm Review

Making an appearance at #5 on our list of best water guns available on the market is the Super Soaker Thunderstorm.  This bad boy is one of the quintessential water guns that we identify as being a load of fun for any purchaser, as well as give a distinct advantage to water gun fighters everywhere.

Super Soaker Thunderstorm review

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As mentioned before, even though it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, it is still widely available, both online, and in stores, and is absolutely worth the money.  The compact size of this water gun allows you to pack it and take it with you when you travel.  It is also light enough to carry into ‘aqua battle’ with another rival!

The toy’s orange, blue, and white color scheme is typical of most water guns today, yet the colors are still applied in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  The water gun does possess the ability to blast opponents who are 25 feet away, which is extremely useful, as you not only benefit being able to spray targets located far away, but you can do so on the run.  It also has the ability to carry over 10 ounces of water, which is a considerable amount, considering just how compact this device is.

super soaker thunderstorm

One of the coolest aspects of this device is the fact that it is motorized.  This gives it an ‘automatic’ type of firing mechanism, allowing you to soak individuals without pause, and without worrying about having to reload or use a ‘pump’ in order to keep the power behind your shot.  This may be one of the most convenient features on the gun, because this allows you to really tag someone without wasting valuable time figuring out how you’re going to reload when responding to enemy fire.

The motorized pump is actually encased within a rubber gasket, within the blaster itself, which pretty much guarantees that the automatic mechanism will not get damaged by water.  The motorized mechanism is a great addition when used in combination with the fact that you can add extra detachable clips to the water gun itself.  It also uses all ‘tactical rail’ accessories, which means that you can buy these additional attachments in order to enhance the incredible prowess that this toy already has.

Here’s a quick video review of the Super Soaker Thunderstorm by Youtuber Dad Does.

The ease of functionality is another huge plus of this water gun.  Unlike some models out there, this water gun is simple to employ, and doesn’t require any advanced knowledge to use it.  This quality makes it ideal for kids, who also like the fact that it is compact and light.  What kid wouldn’t want one of these?  They will have a ‘blast’ with the Super Soaker Thunderstorm!! 

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