Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster Review

The Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster, which features at #3 on our list is one of the premier water guns on the market. With its compact nature, refillable and detachable clip, along with its precision in aim, and simplicity of function, this water baby is easily one of the best that you can find on the market.

We also love how it integrates a lot of the classic aspects of a water gun, such as the pump-action features, as well as  duo soakers to maximize the amount of soakage that one can get out of the gun.  If you’re looking to have a ton of fun, and leave your foes drenched this summer, then this maybe the perfect water gun for you!

Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster review

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Aesthetics of the Super Soaker

The Super Soaker has the classic look of most water gun toys, which is something that we really love. The color scheme of the gun is blue, orange, and white, with the words ‘super soaker’ inscribed on the side of the water gun, in baby blue.  The gun is also shaped like an actual Uzi, and the clip is in the shape of the classic banana clip, that you see on most handheld semi-automatic guns.

Although the authenticity in its mimicry of the actual model of gun, may put off,  it’s actually an ingenious design, because most guns are designed the way they are for a reason.   This Super Soaker is similar to an actual gun, because it works better when it is is made that way.   The overall functionality of the toy works better, and that is why we congratulate the designers. 

Watch this review by Lord Draconically, which shows the water launching abilities of the Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster!

What We Like the Most

As mentioned above, one of the best features of this water gun is the fact that it comes with a detachable clip.  You may wonder what makes this so innovative.  This water gun is unlike most water guns.  Most other guns demand you refill the gun itself.   This one allows you to carry around multiple water supplies, so that when you run out of water in one ‘clip’, you can easily‘reload by removing that one, and then placing another one in its stead.   This allows you to continue to spray your enemies without interruption!

The device is also able to fire on enemies up to 25 feet as well, which is quite a distance.  When one considers the compact size of this device, this is incredible.  Usually toys that are able to fire over 30 feet are over double the size of this one.

Size Matters

Which brings us to our next point: the size.

The size of this gun is what makes it one of the best water guns that anyone can buy.  The fact that there are detachable clips coupled with the very compact and small size of this gun, is what makes it absolutely phenomenal in what it can do.  You can literally fit this gun in the waist of your pocket, so that your hands are free to do other things or even maneuver other water guns.  In fact, you could buy two of these water guns so you could get a duo pistol action, just like in the old western movies!  The possibilities are endless with this gun, and so are the advantages that come with it.

huge water guns for kids super soaker

The ease of functionality is another huge bonus of the gun as well.  There aren’t a bunch of complicated bells and whistles on the device that would require an intense learning session in order to learn how to operate it.  This is a huge bonus considering the fact that this toy is designated for many small children.  There also aren’t many detachable parts, apart from the banana clip that holds the water as well, which ensures that there is a very limited chance that there will be lost parts (although children seem to always find a way to lose things!)

Final Review

In essence, this gun represents the perfect compact toy for you to be able to have maximum mobility during a water gun fight.  The ability to add detachable clips to the toy, greatly enhances this mobility, as well as it postpones the amount of time before one would need to refill at a water source.

The design of the toy is also very efficient as well.   It allows for the reaching of enemies from a very far distance.  Essentially, you could move around like Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible”, as you roll around, duck behind objects and run by opponents, drenching them – which is awesome!

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