Sun Bum Original Moisturizing SPF 70 Sunscreen Spray Review

[simple-author-box] Today, we’re taking a look at Sun Bum Original Moisturizing SPF 70 Sunscreen Spray. Sunscreens are crafted with the customer in mind, but most of the products are made by huge corporations.

We love that this sunscreen was created by a group of friends who wanted a better product.

It’s a natural product that will protect your skin from the sun, of course, but it’s one that cares about the environment as well as your health.

There are great ingredients and responsible manufacturing involved.

Feature Pick

Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Spray, 6 Oz Bottle, 1 Count, Broad Spectrum Uva/Uvb Protection

Features of Sun Bum Original Moisturizing SPF 70 Sunscreen Spray

  • Broad spectrum
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben free
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Recommend by SCF
  • Water resistant
  • Gluten Free
  • SPF 70

Sun Bum Company

The company is new compared to others in the sunscreen category. Sun Bum is a small company created in 2010. A bunch of friends wanted to create products to be used by friends and family.

The original version of the sunscreen, the one we’re talking about today, is the formula that kicked off the company’s success. This small company is located in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

It’s a place with sunshine and fun times. They know how to protect themselves and their loved ones from the harsh rays of the sun.

Broad Spectrum

The SPF of the sunscreen you choose is incredibly important. It’s the level of protection you’ll get while you’re outside enjoying time with family and friends. For superior protection, you’ll want a sunscreen that is broad spectrum.

The sun beams down two types of ultraviolet radiation that can harm your skin. One of them is UVA and the other is UVB. When you buy a sunscreen, it’ll normally tell you that it blocks one or the other.

Unless it says broad spectrum, it’s only protecting you from one type of UV ray.

Broad Spectrum SPF 70 is one of the highest levels of protection you can get with a sunscreen. While no sunscreen or sunblock can filter out all of the UV rays, this one will block 98% of them.

Water Resistant

When you’re at the beach, enjoying the water, surfing, being active, you don’t want to worry about the water washing away your protection. Purchasing a water resistant sunscreen makes perfect sense.

Be sure to apply a liberal amount of sunscreen before heading outside and enjoy 80 minutes of sun protection with this Sun Bum Original Moisturizing SPF 70 Sunscreen Spray.

You’ll definitely have to reapply a little over every hour. Most people burn because they’re not reapplying as often as necessary. The spray makes it simple to reapply while you’re on the go, too.

Won’t Clog Pores

There’s no oil or ingredients that will clog your pores. It’s full of moisturizing elements like vitamin E that will enrich your skin while protecting it. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that will help tame free radicals. They’re one of the reasons that skin can age prematurely.

The ingredients in this sunscreen are hypoallergenic, too. They weren’t tested on animals, so they’re cruelty free. It’s also a vegan and gluten free product if that’s a huge concern for you.

The product has plenty of healthy ingredients that are meant to protect from the sun while being moisturizing and hypoallergenic.

Paraben and PABA Free

Along with great ingredients in the products themselves, the company has a responsibility to ensure that there are no terrible ingredients that will harm you.

While all companies have that responsibility, not all of them are dedicated to removing terrible ingredients from their products.

PABA is a para-aminobenzoic acid. It’s an ingredient found in many sunscreens and cosmetics. It’s found to cause allergies in some people.

Over time, it can cause serious liver problems and skin cancers. It’s unclear why some companies are including this in their products still, but Sun Bum doesn’t.

Parabens are an additive that companies add to cosmetics and sunscreens to help them avoid bacteria growth. The preservative can disrupt the estrogen made naturally in a person’s body.

It can lead to breast cancer and issues with reproduction. This is another ingredient that Sun Bum doesn’t use in their products.

Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

The company created their products in line with the guidelines set out by the Skin Cancer Foundation. The sunscreens have been tested and approved by the SCF.

The foundation has a panel of photo-biologists who voluntarily check all products to ensure that they meet the criteria they’ve created. Sun Bum’s products are all in line with what’s recommended by the SCF.


As far as sunscreen and sun protection goes, Sun Bum Original Moisturizing SPF 70 Sunscreen Spray is a great product that will give you hours of sun protection.

While you’re using it, it protects against the sun and gives a moisturizing layer of protection with plenty of terrific ingredients.

About the author: Sariya is our resident tanning expert.  Being Turkish, she has a tendency to tan easily, which she considers a blessing. At the same time, Sariya minored in chemistry, so, when it comes to various lotions and bronzers, Siriya knows a thing or two.  As much as she loves her tan, she knows that sun safety is also very important.