Strider Sport Balance Bike Review

*Recommended for ages 18 months to 5 years

When it comes to getting the right bike for their little one, parents sometimes find themselves at a crossroads.  If you find yourself in that position, I am here to help narrow it down for you, because today I want to talk about a bike that is specifically designed for kids – the Strider Sport Balance Bike.

Strider is a household name when it comes to quality bikes.  Although it might be one of the smallest bikes on the market today, it is as sturdy as they come.

The Strider is available in three models.  Namely; the classic, sport, and the pro. 

At a price tag of less than $200, you can get the Strider Sport Balance Bike which is for children ages 18 months to 5 years.  It is one of the best, if not the best balanced bike on the market, according to many buyers who have tried it.

It supports and encourages parents to teach their kids how to ride a bike at a fairly early age (18months).  It also teaches kids the crucial part of riding a bike which is: getting the right balance.

The Strider Balanced Bike comes in 7 colors, each of which is fairly eye catching – Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Black, Pink and Orange.

There are padded parts, which help protect delicate parts of your kid’s hands, and other parts of the body from bruising while riding. 

Watch this video, and we think you’ll see why they call it a “balance” bike, because it is very easy to balance on, from the way it is constructed, to its wide tires.

Balance Bike Dimensions

The Stride 12 Sport Balance Bike is made up of a metal frame, which gives it a tough and sturdy feel.  This balanced bike is well designed and built, and is light in weight at 6.7lbs for easy transportation.  This means you don’t have to worry about how your kids can move it from place to place, as it is super-light and can be dragged at will.

This bike is built to be efficient in its operation with low maintenance.  It features foam tires that are puncture-proof, made from EVA polymer, which will help you achieve zero maintenance.  The tires of several other bikes you will find on the market, are made of heavy rubber and plastic.


Aa mentioned earlier, it is one of the smallest balance bikes you can find on the market.  It has a minimum seat height of 11” and a maximum of 19”.

It features a no-pedal design, which is quite advantageous.  Kids at the early stage tend to struggle with the coordination of balancing the bike, and pedaling at the same time.  This factor gave rise to the manufacturers producing a balance bike with a no-pedal design, as this helps kids concentrate more on balancing, instead of dealing with pedaling, while riding.

I have to confess, the adjustable seat and handle bar height (18”–22”) of the Stride – 12 Sport Balance Bike is one of the best in its category.  The narrow nature of the handlebar helps the balanced biker have a tighter grip.

Another great feature is the quick-release clamp, which aids in seat and handlebar adjustment.  This eliminates the need for any form of assembly tool.  It makes them ideal for kids age 18 months to 5 years.

Additionally, the Stride – 12 Sport Balance Bike has a padded seat, which provides great comfort for your kids while they go for a ride.  It comes with 2 seats, which will suit a growing child, and these include a mini seat for kids 18-36 months, and an extra-long seat for older kids  36-60 months.

Down on the lower half of the bike, you will see a non-intrusive footrest on which kids place their heels when riding.  It has a wheel size of 12” with ultralight molded wheels.

This bike does not come with a brake by default, but for about $15, you can get a Stride footbrake which is usually mounted at the base of the seat post.

The maximum weight allowed for riders is 60 lbs.



  • It is light weight and easy to ride.
  • It has puncture-free tires.
  • No-pedal design helps boost the confidence of kids as they try to focus on just balancing.
  • The adjustable seat and handlebar require no form of tool for adjustment.
  • It grows with the kid because of the extra-long seat added to the mini seat.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • Helps in the development of kids as they grow to become better riders.
  • It is quite affordable


  • It can be problematic for children with petite body structure.
  • Its handles might turn out to be too tight for some kids.


The Strider sport balance bike is a great product that I will recommend any day for kids under 6.  It surely helps in the developmental stage of kids, when they are learning how to ride a bike. It is easy to ride and carry.

With this product, your kids will get to learn how to balance a bike while shutting off other distractions like pedalling.  It is a great balance bike for kids, and is sold for a great price.

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