Sport-Brella XL Portable All-Weather Beach Umbrella Review


Feature Pick

Sport-Brella Vented Spf 50+ Sun And Rain Canopy Umbrella For Beach

This is the ultimate beach umbrella, too.  It provides UPF sun protection, as well as protection from all types of weather.  You can travel with your own cozy protection anywhere you go whether it’s at the beach, a soccer game, or outdoor concert.  It’ll feel like you’re in your own little world using this beach umbrella with the protective sides.

Features in Brief

  • Large 8-foot canopy
  • Durable covering
  • Weather protection
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • UPF protection
  • Eight steel ground stakes included
  • Three 8-foot cords
  • Blue or red color choice

About the Company

Sport-Brella is proud of its practical innovation and ability to offer all-season protection for its customers.  They wanted to create a line of products that allow busy families time to enjoy the outdoors, while being protected from the harsh elements.

The Sport-Brella products are easy to set up anywhere you want to take them, and this convenience is what the company wants to provide its customers.

Durable Materials

The canopy of the Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather Beach Umbrella is made of 210 D polyester, which can stand up to the sun and wind you are bound to encounter at the beach.  One of the most important parts of a beach umbrella is the ribbing, that keeps the material stretched and capable of covering your head.  These ribs are made from 4.5 mm steel with a 5 mm steel stretcher.  They won’t collapse under a strong wind, which is great for days at the field where you can encounter many types of weather.

Canopy with Windows

This umbrella is a bit different from traditional beach umbrellas, which is why it’s being featured.  While it’s a covering for the head, it’s also a shelter that can protect you and your family in many situations.  There are panels that can be tacked down to keep the wind or rain from attacking you at the sides.  The panels increase the square footage of coverage that the umbrella provides.  It has windows for visibility, as well as air flow through the sides.

While you want to be protected from the elements, you don’t want to be so sheltered that you can’t see what’s behind you or to the sides.  This won’t turn into an oven under the sun, either.  There are wind vents at the top as well as zippered side windows that can be opened or closed to allow a cool, cross breeze.beach umbrella

Easy Carry and Set Up

This beach umbrella can be used upright, as well as on the ground.  When it’s on the ground, the sides can be tacked into the sand or ground, but you have the option to use it in an upright position.  The windowed side material can be rolled out of the way or left hanging to create shade.

The umbrella comes with a carrying bag, so you can easily keep everything in one place and carry it around for convenience. Along with the umbrella, there are stakes and sand anchors to ensure that the umbrella won’t fly away from you.  In total, the whole umbrella kit weighs 9 pounds.  The handle on the bag allows you to easily place it on your shoulder as you carry other items like a cooler and chairs.

Once you’re at the beach, use the sand anchor as well as sand pockets to ensure that the wind won’t take off with your umbrella. There are vents on the top of the umbrella, as well as the zippered windows to allow a breeze to enter.  All of these features help to keep the umbrella stable.

sport umbrella

Space Under the Umbrella

There’s enough space for two adults with chairs under the umbrella – or the equivalent.  More than a few small children can fit under this umbrella, depending on whether they have chairs or not.  You can also fit a cooler, or a baby’s seat under the shade for protection.

When you have this protection from the elements, it’s a great way to keep all your items close to you.  The ice chest, all your belongings, and your kids items will be protected in this shady, enclosed brella umbrella

You’ll be able to easily carry this umbrella to all the outdoor adventures you have going on during the spring, summer and fall.   We give the Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather Sun Umbrella a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

About the author: Janis is loves to study topics involving health & wellness, and is obsessed with natural supplements and learning about what goes into them and what they do, or don’t do.  She went to university for nutrition with a minor in economics. Out of the Beach Baby Squad, she is the most likely to stay home. She also does the most of the product reviews on this site.