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Spider K28A High End 150cc Go Kart Review

When, and if you order this go kart online, it’ll come right on time, as indicated by the delivery time, without a single incident, as Spider is a customer service based company.  So, out of the gate, it’s an appealing offer.  Many claim to own this same model for over a year after delivery, and not have a single issue with it.  How reliable is that?  This model is well worth the price and research.  This go kart will bring joy to any teenager’s face on Christmas, or whatever the occasion may be.

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Spider K28A High End 150Cc Go Kart, Automatic With Reverse

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The Spider K28A High End 150CC go kart handles great on quick turns and rough terrains.  It’s also great for riding on the beach, as the tires have great traction on sandy terrain and muddy terrain, too!  The speed and acceleration are rated as a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and that’s pretty good if you ask me.  Worried about your teens being way to rough for this go kart?  My friends son ran into a tree and cracked the frame, but guess what?  It still works!  The engines are modeled after a Honda engine, making the parts super easy to replace and cheap to buy as well!  Overall this bad boy is very decent, and even better when you take the time to mod them as well.

They are super safe, so if you want to let your 5 year old give it a try, go right ahead!  It’s very safe and the bucket seats are super durable, so your child won’t slip out on a hard stop, or a fast drifting turn.  Yes, it is in the slightly expensive range, but it’s worth it.  

The great roomy design makes it wider and bigger than average go karts, and it has a 150cc range.  It comes with super cool double racer built in seats with a 4 point harness to keep you super safe, rather than typical go karts that come with the average over the shoulder seat belt.  It’s super long and wide for two adults to have a ton of fun with!

The spider is Qualified for these TOP upgrades:

  • The all new top hunting light great for riding at night, giving you a super bright view.
  • Twenty one teeth rack pinion steering making turning this bad boy a breeze.
  • 4 point harness installed with brand new Twin adjustable racing seats.

When it comes to a go kart we all have questions, now let’s answer some of those:

The governor on the go kart, is it removable?  With a wrench or screwdriver it can easily come off within 5 minutes or less. 

What drive is the go kart ?  The models all come with a 2 wheel drive.

How fast can this particular model go?  With its CVT transmission and Gy6 Engine, you can reckin 25-35 miles per hour!

Ever wondered what will happen if you pop your chain, and need a replacement?  No need to worry, as this dealer provides replacements for a cheap price!

Spider K28A review
Is it illegal to travel within the city with one of these go karts?  You’ll need to research your city laws, but as far as the state of Georgia goes, you sure can!

What is the diameter of the wheels?  The front tires and rear tires are the same diameter.

Can you reverse this thing?  Yes you sure can!

How good are the springs?  They are pretty good for rough terrain, but I didn’t say that you wouldn’t feel it though.

Can you use straight gas, or do you need to mix it with oil?  Regular gas, with a octane of 90 or higher works just fine.

Can you pull a trailer on it?  There is a small hole for a ball on the go kart.  I would like to say you can pull a very small trailer with it, with a max of 6 lbs, 

Spider K28A High End 150cc Go Kart

Does this go kart have head lights?  Yes, there is head lights.

Is it street legal?  No it is not street legal in some states.

What is the percentage rate for how put together this go kart is when shipped?  I’m guessing to say 80%, as you have to assemble the full roll cage, seats, batteries and tires.  Thanks to the dealer they provide pdf files and videos to show you how to assemble it.  All in all, a technician is recommended if you aren’t familiar with the assembly of bikes and so forth.

Can this big boy tackle hills?  This unit sure can tackle hills, at several angles too!

Can a bigger engine be installed?  No, but you can enhance the performance of the engine and buy new parts online at FamilyGoKarts.com

Can a adult ride this?  Yes indeed, this go kart is a full size kart built big enough to hold 2 adults.


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