Sony Alpha a7II Mirrorless Digital Camera Review



Coming in at #1 on our review list of best dive cameras is the Sony Alpha A7II Mirrorless Digital Camera. This is pretty much the granddaddy of all dive cameras out there on the market.

If you’re looking for the absolute top of the line, highest quality dive camera that money can buy in the world right now, then the Sony Alpha A7II is for you.

Feature Pick

Sony Alpha A7Ii Mirrorless Digital Camera – Body Only


The aesthetics of the device are absolutely magnificent. This camera looks like the kind of device that you would use to shoot supermodels with. However, it is purposed for underwater exploration.

The lens is encompassed by a beautiful stainless steel cap, and the middle of it presents a box-shape that has a low-opacity square that is faintly multi-colored with the primary tone of blue when the shutter is closed, making it look extremely sophisticated. The entire camera itself is very aesthetically pleasing due to its shape as well.

When taken into full consideration in its evaluation, it is undoubtedly a fine piece of craftsmanship. The material that it is constructed from appears to be very solid and sturdy, and the camera itself appears to be compact in nature as well, so there won’t be any added inconvenience or tussle when travelling or diving with this device, which is a huge plus!


This is the part that we’ve just been itching to get to! We won’t use a bulleted list for this device, because it deserves an entire formal write-up for you to get the gist of how special this camera really is.

To begin with, the camera possesses 24.3 megapixels, which is absolutely absurd in terms of photo quality. If you’re not careful, you might look back at one of the photos you took with this camera, and suddenly think that you’re under water! Yes, it’s that clear.

There is also a 5-axis sensor-based image stabilization. Long-story short, this basically means that the camera is able to ensure that you get a focused image almost every time you snap a pic . This is crucial if you’re going to be doing deep sea explorations with the device because, as mentioned in other articles, there is a high likelihood that the movements of the creatures, as well as the natural current of the ocean, will have a tangible effect on your ability to take a ‘clear’ picture.

sony alpha a7II

This isn’t all, though. The camera also comes with a 3-inch tilting LCD. The fact that it even has an LCD at all is of note, because not all of the cameras that made this list have one. The tilting feature makes it easier to see the different pictures that you have captured and recorded while you’re under the water, making it an essential feature for divers.

However, if that’s not enough there’s a Bionx X processor that is embedded within the camera as well. What does that mean? Basically when you play your videos back on the camera, or transfer them onto the computer, you won’t have to worry about the videos being murky, unclear, or kind of laggy like they may be on other cameras and platforms.

This doesn’t have so much to do with the inherent quality of the photo, but the way that it is processed, if that makes sense. This takes a certain amount of computing speed that most other cameras lack, which ensures that the videos will always be of the quality that you originally recorded them in.

Speaking of quality, did we mention that the camera shoots pictures in 1080p? That means that they also shoot in the highest quality available. If that wasn’t enough, there’s Wi-Fi that accompanies the camera itself, and it even has the ability to download APPS.

Have you ever heard of another dive camera with that ability? We haven’t either. The improved AF system allows it to detect differences in contrasting backgrounds, making it a significantly more efficient camera to use underwater than any other camera. There are many different contrasting lights and objects underneath that can take inferior cameras in and out of focus.

However, with the Sony a7II, this is not something that you’ll really have to worry about…ever. In addition to all of these features, there are still numerous more that assist with the overall quality of the photos, lighting of the objects, detail that is captured within each object, as well as ease of use.

sony alpha a7ii review


As stated in the introduction of this article, if you’re looking for the absolute best dive camera on the market, then this is the one for you. The list of features and aesthetics that are contained in this article are nowhere near exhaustive, but we did not want to give you an entire book report on the infinite pros of using a Sony a7II.

We hope that you will take our word for it, and do some closer investigation into this device, if you actually take underwater exploration seriously. We strongly recommend that you go out and buy this camera, if you can afford it!

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