Snorkelers Paradise – 5 Of The Best Beaches In Papua New Guinea


If you either live in the South Pacific or are planning a visit to that side of the planet, any beach lover worth their salt needs to put Papua New Guinea on their bucket list.  

This goes double for any divers out there, and snorkelers in particular.

Yes, it’s off the beaten track and won’t be necessarily easy to get to (most of these locations are accessible by domestic flights, however).  

You may need to do your homework on the area and its amenities, but it will be worth it.

Here are just five of the areas to put on your tour list of snorkel destinations in Papua New Guinea…

#1 – TUFI

Fjords in the tropics? Yes, you are reading this correctly. Tufi is not known as the “Scandinavia of the Tropics” for nothing.

To be found in the east of Papua New Guinea, this remote delight is surrounded by mountains and 250 miles of coral reefs.

Fish, dive, snorkel to your heart’s content in the Soloman Sea and hike through the neighboring rainforests, before relaxing on the beautiful white sand beaches and fjords.

This place has more fish than you can shake a (sharpened) stick at swimming in the crystal clear waters.  

Mackarel, tuna, barracuda and also rare fish like the white hammerhead can all be found here.

tufi new guinea

Diving is all year round in Tufi resort, and the activities that you can indulge in are numerous… ideal for fishing, kayaking, other types of boating, or simply enjoying being on the perfect beaches.

Bird watchers are also in luck, as well as anyone who likes coastal walks or classic beach holidays.

Reviews from holidaymakers who have been to Tufi make happy reading.  

This seems like paradise, but with modern conveniences available in the local resorts. The cuisine is mainly seafood (as you would imagine) and fruits.

This place is a getaway and retreat from the world.  It’s not Ibiza or a party capital (although there are restaurants and a bar)

If you like your holidays active you are in luck, but likewise if you want complete relaxation.

Where to Stay in Tufi?

There is only one place where you can stay in Tufi – Tufi Dive Resort

Tufi Dive Resort is a personalized boutique resort, a hidden gem, located atop a breathtaking fjord, with magnificent panoramic views of the sea, surrounding fjords and mountains.

This resort is one of those places that make the outside world and all its daily stress seem a million miles away.

 Here you can also enjoy amazing local seafood and tropical fruits in the resort’s dining room or an barbecue on the terrace with tasty wines and cold beers.


Located on the island of New Britain, Rabaul is popular with tourists because of its volcanoes. It was an eruption in 1878 that led to the creation of the volcano in the harbor.

Since a major eruption in 1994, Rabaul old town was practically destroyed.  

It certainly makes for a surreal sort of atmosphere… a desolated town with a backdrop of smoking volcanoes.  This is certainly a beach holiday with a difference.

Aside from the uncanny atmosphere and volcano spotting, what else is there in Rabaul for ardent beach lovers?  

Well, just about everything… diving in the harbor for one.  Fish include starfish and clownfish.

Apparently there are also wrecks that can be explored in the waters (if you are a certified deep sea diver) of old planes from World War II, and who knows what else beside.  

For those who are less experienced, maybe snorkel or simply swim and explore without going under the waves.

History is a big part of coming to Rabaul, so make sure you explore it properly.

It’s not just the volcanic eruptions, but all the World War II history, including the Japanese tunnels and war memorial.

Amongst the things to do are snorkelling, scuba diving as well as walking and hiking.  

There’s quite a range of places to stay, and if you’re feeling energetic you might consider climbing Mt. Mother which is 700 ft, and can be accessed from Matalau village.

new guinea best beaches

Getting there is best by internal flights from the capital city Port Moresby.

Where to Stay in Rabaul?

Rabaul is a vibrant coastal town with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, amazing snorkeling spots, and unique culture.
Many travelers from all over the world come here to enjoy beautiful nature, amazing beaches and great food.

Unfortunately, travelers don’t have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation.

There are only two options we can recommend for you to stay at in Rabaul – Rabaul Hotel and Kulau Lodge.


Also located on the island of New Britain, Kimbe is well known as a first rate dive resort.  

Famous for having at the last count, over 400 different types of coral, this is the place to scuba dive and perfect your underwater photography skills (if you have them)!

As well as fantastic coral to be seen, and great diving and snorkelling, there is also a richness of birdlife in Kimbe.  

If the names island monarch, beach kingfisher, nicobar pigeon, blue eyed cockatoos and Mackinlay’s cuckoo-dove mean anything to you, then Kimbe Bay should be on your destination list.

Birds aren’t the only species of note you can see, Kimbe also is home to the world’s largest moth!

Surrounded by active volcanoes, there is more to Kimbe than “just” the diving, although this could easily take up all your time if you wanted it to.

Other things to do could be a little further inland, in the hot springs/rivers, which are both stunning and exhilarating to experience.

The resort has plenty of high class accommodation with bungalows being available for hire, although there is also less expensive options out there.

Where to Stay in Kimbe?

Make your snorkeling adventure in Kimbe Bay unique and memorable by staying in one of the magnificent hotels and resorts available in Kimbe.

Here we recommend you some of the places to stay at: Liamo Reef ResortHotel Genesis and Kimbe Travelers Lodge.


Situated in southeast Papua New Guinea, this is in the Milne Bay region of the country.  

Like other parts of Papua New Guinea, Alotau is famed for its coral reef and is a fantastic place to scuba dive, as well as all other types of diving.

English is spoken widely (like in most of Papua New Guinea) and Alotau offers a gateway out to the islands of Milne Bay.  

Tours are available to take you out to them and of course there are plenty of expeditions dedicated to snorkelling in the clear blue water.

 There’s varying accommodation to choose from, ranging from hostels to something a bit more comfortable, depending on your needs and price range.

Every year a canoe festival is held, celebrating both the canoe and the kundu drums, used by traditional warriors, complete with lots of dancing!  

This is in November so if you are planning a trip around that time of year, you should make sure you get to it.

Other activities include fishing trips, and of course, hiking, touring, and just plain beach bumming.

Where to Stay in Alotau?

Alotau is popular not only for its great tourist attractions and amazing snorkeling spots but also for its amazing accommodation. Here you can find some of the best apartments, hotels and villas in whole of Papua New Guinea.

Some of our top picks are Alotau International Hotel, Alotau Waterfront Lodge and Masurina Lodge.


On the very edge of the most northerly part of New Ireland is Caving. This offers a fascinating blend of beauty and history for visitors.  

Of course, like plenty of other parts of Papua New Guinea, it has clear waters, fantastic diving potential of all types – indeed it would be a shame not to do diving of some description, in waters like this.  

Many tours operate in the area offering parties around the Balgai Bay region. Recently the area has become popular with surfers as well.

But the natural world is not all there is on display here, like so many other parts of the country, Kavieng has ghosts everywhere.

Wrecks dating from World War II are all around, and just waiting to be explored.

Where to stay in Kavieng?

What makes Kavieng such a great tourist destination is the fact that it offers not only crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, and great snorkeling spots but also a range of activities, attractions, and accommodation.

Some of the best places to stay in Kavieng are Kavieng Niu Lodge, Nusa Island Retreat and Kavieng Village Resort.

About the author: Garth loves camping under the stars with his Arb III, scuba diving, snorkeling, and also tanning. His favourite snorkel spots include Alanya (Turkey), Koh Rong (Cambodia), and Maui (Hawaii, USA). He also loves to visit the cenotes in Mexico and he recommends everyone reads the book, “The Soul of an Octopus”, because, he says “they are sensitive, just like me”.