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The Skimpiest And Most Revealing Bikini Swimwear Styles Ever

Just like our everyday fashion or formalwear comes in so many styles, our beachwear is not an exception.

Moreover, the fashion market in the western world is so broad that everything can be and will be produced to fit everyone’s needs and wishes. Lovers of the skimpiest of bikinis are in no way excluded.

Truly, our seaside skimpy swimwear-loving babes have nothing to worry about when it comes to their beach style and variety skimpy swimsuits come in that they can pick from.

You can express your sexy minimalist personality when you are soaking wet and having fun floating around on silky waves, or when you are absorbing sun rays on cozy sand of your favorite shore.

If you wish to know what fashion industry can offer when it comes to skimpy beachwear and what the story behind them is, do continue reading. These are skimpy swimsuits that we are going to cover today:

We’ll start with amazing see through bikini that makes everyone speechless.

See Through Sheer bikini

This see through sheer bikini is designed to add some real excitement to your life. This bikini will provide you the shape and support you need to make everyone speechless.

Your breasts will be nicely shaped, supported and uplifted. The cups come with full underwire shaping support that will sculpt your bust to absolute perfection.

The sheer top is completely see through offering provocative sexy style. Thanks to this top, your amazing breasts will be shown off in true style and class.

This smoking hot top perfectly matches with the sheer thong bottom. There is no doubt this hot combination will put you in the center of attention in any crowd.

This sexy bikini is made from sheer nylon/spandex high quality mesh which makes it look luxurious and feel incredibly soft and smooth.

The top part is available in sizes: S (A-B), M (B-C), L (C), LL (D), 1X (DD), 2X (DDD)

And the bottom part is available in sizes: S (2-4), M (6-8), L (8-10), LL (12-14), 1X (14-16), 2X (18)

Next, we move on to string bikini.

String Bikini

Just as the name suggests, this bikini style incorporates strings of fabric, and is one of the best known bikini styles of them all, the classic “string bikini” I’m sure you’ve heard of before.

String bikini tops are not exactly your regular bikini top. Oh no.

What it is, is a fun and simple bikini made of two triangles meant to cover your breasts, those two triangles are connected with strings that usually go around neck.

You can tie them up or they can be not broken, and a string around your back that also can be continuous or the one you can tie.

The bottom on another hand can be really skimpy, skimpy, and the meaning of “string bikini” gets a whole another meaning if you decide to get a stringkini thong bottom.

As you can clearly see, not a lot of material is needed for this fun bikini style, and its first presumed creator, Brazilian model Rose de Primallio needed just that for her infamous beach photoshoot, a bikini she could make herself with the least material as possible!

Rose was the first to design it and wear it but the world really got to see this bikini when public relations agent, Glen Tororich saw the attention-grabbing potential of this beachwear for the opening of the shopping area in New Orleans, 1974.

First to wear this bikini were models (among which was his wife) hired for the opening who presented them at the show by removing their fur coats.

The press was impressed and pictures and videos from the show reached the world ending up influencing the taste of many women worldwide for generations.

The classic string bikini is nowadays one of the most popular bikinis you’ll find on almost any beach in Europe and in the Americas.

On to the next one…


The descriptive name says it all this swimsuit style is one piece, but skimpier than your regular one piece really… well, it has no top part whatsoever … it is a topless swimsuit in reality, and yes that is a thing, you heard us right…topless swimsuit.

The only thing that makes monokini a real bathing suit style is the fact that what would be consider bikini bottoms is connected to the upper body of the woman wearing it with suspenders or a strap, sometimes covering the stomach area, but the breasts, they are not covered at all, not nipple nor the rest of the breast.

This bikini was designed way back in 1964, we know it is shocking considering in 2018 people would be perplexed by this design!

It was designed in the US, by the Austrian designer Rudi Gerberich in a time when topless sunbathing for both sexes was quite a normal activity and it was not prohibited by law.

Unlike in 2018, you did not have to go to a nudist beach to freely sunbathe bear breasted as a woman.

Fashion, society, and religious institutions, as expected, opposed the marketing of this swimsuit design that looked like bikini bottoms with suspenders, leaving breasts uncovered.

This opposition did not affect its sales, as it was sold in record numbers!

All of those shoppers were not really into wearing it publicly, despite topless sunbathing being a thing as we have stated above.

The solution for the designer and her team was to sell the top (suspenders) and bottom separate.

We can only imagine why the shoppers bought it and decided not to wear the whole thing together, or they just decided to wear them in private only, who knows.

Moving on to Slingkini…


Sling swimsuit falls under a one-piece bathing suit category as it is made out of one sing piece of material.

In reality, it looks like super stretched out bikini bottom whose sides are meant to cover breasts strategically, or maybe just the nipples really.

All in all breasts, and pubic area is hidden while the sides of the body are left completely bare. It is one of the sexiest bikinis according to many, and, I must add, it is a favorite in strip clubs all over the world.

This bikini style emerged in the 90s in Europe, and is still a popular if not characteristic bikini style for the party summer scene of French Riviera and Mediterranean seashores in general, yes a favorite to rich women and strippers, why not.

Ps. No, Borat did not invent Slingkini, although he did make it a pop culture icon of beachwear.

On to the last one on our list…


Descriptive as always when it comes to bikini names, the aptly named microkini says what it is all about straight away.

If you are really passionate about skimpy bikinis you will love microkini, because you don’t get less than micro in terms of how much skin it actually covers.

Less than micro would be naked and that is illegal sometimes, somewhere, so read the laws of the country you are in just in case if you feel very exhibitionistic.

In those cases, microkini will be the bikini you should go for because it offers bare minimum of ”modesty” required.

Your typical microkini is made of really, really, and we mean REALLY small pieces of cloth that are connected with thin strings just so they would be secured on the body.

The strings are absolutely not meant to cover anything, just to offer decent support.

This tiny bikini covers as little as possible of breasts and pubic area and that’s the whole point of this swimwear.

When it comes to the history of this bikini design, we know that the peak of its popularity was in the ’90’s, and it was probably designed at the same time as the slingkini.

Just like the slingkini, the microkini is popular among strippers and in the porn industry in general, but also among young liberals and feminists who are fighting for desexualization of naked female body.

It sounds like a paradox, but, keep in mind that in fashion there are more sides to each product and way you can use it, that is why we love fashion so much!

So, as you can see, skimpy swimwear lovers are not overlooked by beachwear designers, and some of the skimpiest designs come from decades ago.

These revealing pieces are an impressive monument to development of this branch of fashion and have created a legacy that skimpy bikini lovers everywhere are more than grateful for.

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