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Shop With Me! What’s in my Forever 21 Shopping Cart for Summer?

I must say, when the weather gets warm, my urge to go out and do some serious shopping for new clothes gets very strong.

Actually, who am I kidding? – it’s irresistible. I guess it’s the fact that, living here in Canada, it’s so cold out for about half the year, that winter weather makes me hide inside.

Even shopping doesn’t seem appealing, as much as I do love some winter fashions.

Best Forever 21 Deals

I’m in love with Forever 21 fashions, but these days, I really have to watch my wallet (aka my bank account and credit cards). I work all week, and in one Saturday – poof! I’m practically broke.

The funny thing is, that I do a lot of shopping, or at least staking out certain outfits, online.  It’s insane!  Sometimes I don’t even make it as far as the mall.

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First off, let’s start with some simple striped pants!

contemporary striped pants

I purchased these contemporary striped pants in black and white.  I had seen similar styles being worn by many celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid!  With a deal so good- I couldn’t resist.

contemporary fleece sweatpants

I know technically speaking, these are just a pair of suede mauve sweatpants, but lately they’ve seemed so much more than that.  I felt as though these sweats would be great for a casual day out.

french terry sweatpants

I love the ‘Terry’ collection from Forever 21 as you can tell.  These sweatpants look so put together, and I like the ‘baggy’ fit to them.

LA graphic fleece hoodie

This graphic hoodie is similar to a lot of the graphic sweatshirts being sported by celebs, including Bella Hadid.

oversized french terry hoodie

This one might be a little too obvious… Hello!? Rip off Yeezy!

west coast graphic sweatshirt

I also love this graphic sweatshirt because it has the same writing style that many celebrities have been wearing on their clothing.

faux suede layered chain choker

I love this choker set because it’s one easy way to dress up any outfit. It’s also suitable for a top with a plunging neckline.

velvet rhinestone choker

I picked up this choker because it is very similar to the one that Kim Kardashian was wearing in her iPhone photoshoot with – Kanye West.

mock neck sweater

This shirt is very casual, and resembles similar, but more expensive ones at high end stores, such as Aritizia.

Well, that concludes my budget friendly mini ‘haul.’

I was able to find some great deals while on Forever 21, and picked up some styles for a great price when you compare them to some of the other shops on the market.

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