Shimano Stradic Ci4+ FB Spinning Reel Review

The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ FB is a favourite spinning reel for many anglers world wide.  It is part of the Shimano renewal way of thinking.  It has the durability, smoothness, and peace of mind for all anglers, who make it part of their fishing tackle family.  With a Shimano spinning reel, you will become one with the fish and the water, and all of the stress that comes with inferior gear, will be gone.  Enjoy the history of this outstanding reel.  Shimano Stradic Ci4 + FB

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Shozaburo Shimano


The Shimano spinning reel of today all began with Shozaburo Shimano, at age 26, when he established the Shimano Iron Works company in Sakai City Japan.  He began to produce a bicycle freewheel, which is a highly technological piece of work.   A freewheel, freehub or cassette, is a set of sprockets that are mounted onto a splined shaft of the freehub, used to engage the chain of a bicycle.  The bicycle freehub is a registered Shimano trademark today.

Production of a 3 speed hub had arrived by 1957, and at the same time, Shimano began to research cold forging techniques.  The company’s name changed over the years, and the product ideas expanded.  After Shozaburo’s death in 1958, Shozo Shimano took over.  By the early 60’s, bicycles were becoming big business, and the Shimano name was growing in this industry.

In 1970, the fishing tackle division of the company was launched.  Shimano’s corporate vision was to promote public health, by encouraging outdoor activities, like riding bikes, and fishing.  The Shimano family were very smart and industrious people.

In 1978, Shimano introduces an ultra light weight precision reel for bass fishermen.  By 1980, the company had come up with a reel for reducing aerodynamic drag.  Not only did the company move around internationally, but Shimano was always trying to be more creative.  Titanium and carbon fibres were incorporated into the reels along with different resins.

Yoshizo Shimano becomes the 4th president of the company in 1995 as well as the STELLA reel hits the market.  This reel takes fishing to another level.  It is equipped with SHIP (smooth high powered system).  We are now entering an era of “stress free” fishing reels.

In 2001, Yozo Shimano becomes the 5th president.  He brings with him a “super slow oscillation system”.  Yozo’s development team identifies the effect of the winding strokes on anglers’ feel.  Now the fishermen can select the spool to match the fishing rod.

The 2004 STELLA model uses a stainless steel one piece ball, titanium coated guard fins, and a change in position of stopper switches.

The casting distance is increased by controlling the spool unwinding resistance by 2007, and anti-rust bearings will also please the customer.  The icing on the cake is the “Digital Integrated Intelligence” system (DIS), which seems to eliminate all the stress involved with the fishing reel.

Keep in mind that the Shimano family have a history of excellence in metal processing technology, so the carefully finished metal case that houses all the wonderful components of the Shimano reels, was to be expected, when it was introduced to the world.

To this day, the company keeps producing new fishing reel advances to impress those who love to fish.  The next time you are on the market for a reliable spinning reel, watch for the robust four arm cranksets, the new SLR-EV brake system, and the new 11 speed drive train developed by Shimano.

Let’s Review

Magnumlite rotor by Shimano

This reel features a newly developed Magnum lite rotor, which gives the feeling of lightness, as well as strong on performance.  For certain, the carbon material in the body adds to the light weight feeling as well.  The reel is still strong and rigid.  The centre components are balanced thanks to the Stradic Ci4 + FB technology.  The Hagane gear produced by cold forging, enhances durability, and strength of the reels main gear too.  This will prevent water from getting into the body cavity and causing rust and more headaches.  The anglers around the world will also appreciate the aero-dynamic design too.  You have to look good while fishing for sure.

So, let’s just break this down, so that when you are shopping for a spinning reel, you will know the language to watch out for.

  • Hagane gears and rigid body is the result of 3D design to cold forging precision
  • X-ship/power transmission for tremendous cranking power
  • Core protected with no twist and no rotor flex
  • Magnum lite rotor

This reel is an all-round great reel for small trout, pike and perch, as well as something that can be used for off-shore saltwater fishing.  The angler will find it very dependable and versatile and well-worth the cost.  If you are a beginner in this sport, or maybe you just like something well made that will give you less stress, this could be the reel for you.
We highly recommend this Stradic reel.

Hagane Concept

The Hagane concept by Shimano is all about smooth reeling.  Shimano believes that learning is the key to success.  Become aware of your strengths, and you will be stronger and more experienced.  You and your tackle will become more resilient.  The Shimano reel’s design is a concept created to withstand continual use and abuse.  It has built-in toughness, and with Shimano’s precision engineering, this reel family can’t be beat.

Details for the 3000

Shimano Stradic 3000

•Gear Ratio: 5.0:1

•Line Capacity: 0.35-100 lb/yds

•Line Retrieve: 28.7 inch

•Weight: 6.7oz

•Bearings: 6 S A-RB + 1 RB

Final Word from Us

Some consider this reel to be the best in their collection.   Many anglers own more than one Shimano.  You might want the 4000 for surf fishing, and the 3000 for freshwater bass fishing.  Here are some words to describe this brand … effortless, powerful, lightweight.  You won’t have to worry about the anti-reverse clutch, because there isn’t one, but it still has infinite anti-reverse.  Go figure!!

The handle has a good grip thanks to the rubber.  The drag is adequate and seems to always do the job.  Enjoy the surf fishing!  The 30 lbs. braid line will work well, especially for the rock bass.

Look after your new “baby”, and give it a bath, and keep it warm after a fun day on the waters.

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