seaview 180 full face snorkel mask
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Seaview 180° Full Face Starter Snorkel Mask Review

seaview 180 snorkel mask review
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Just when you thought that snorkeling couldn’t get any better…

Are you looking for the perfect fit, not too tight snorkel mask for you and your kids?  The Seaview 180° has a unique feature allowing you to swim underwater without fog, or water leaking in.  It’s the perfect fit without being overly tight.  Do you have a strong gag reflex?  The Seaview 180° has a tubeless design, allowing you to breathe freely without a tube in your mouth (so no more salt water in your mouth).  You can even see more with the larger view visor, compared to a traditional mask.

Roughly around 70 bucks, this mask is a bargain!  Comes in the following colors:

  • Panoramic Blue
  • Panoramic Pink (This is my favorite one, by far)
  • Panoramic Navy Blue
  • Panoramic Plum
  • Panoramic Teal

seaview full face snorkel mas review

According to their theme, it’s all about being wild, and going wild!  Wild Horn, the company that invented the Seaview 180° defends your right to explore the ocean or river view!  Do you have a bucket list?  Check this one off your list as you go wild, and conquer that bucket list of yours,…. the one that involves underwater exploration.

The awesome outdoors can be much more than just the view of a backcountry trail, or a lofty summit – now you can explore under the sea ‘Little Mermaid’ style!  A traditional mask only provides a regular pair of goggles, and a snorkel tube for breathing.  This little gem comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose what suits you best.  Keep in mind that traditional snorkels don’t have the benefit of a tube-free, full face 180° view like the Seaview 180° mask.

Great For Kids

The Seaview 180° is the perfect mask for young ones starting out.  No need to worry about salt water leaking in, and burning their eyes anymore!  Surface snorkeling is the best way to use this mask, due to the large view area, while breathing through your nose or mouth.  The Seaview 180° mask offers a view larger than any other snorkeling mask on the market today.  You are guaranteed to see more fish, and sea scape  than ever before!

The design of this mask is amazing and your kids will love the benefits!

seaview snorkel

  • It’s easy to set up, so even a 5-year-old can do it without assistance!
  • Great for children who are learning to swim, and want to breathe under water at the same time!
  • The 180° face view visor makes it easier than ever to see underwater critters.
  • Dry snorkel design stops salt water from entering your eyes and mouth, and prevents gagging on the salt water entering the mask.
  • One-way chin valve allows water to exit, just by lifting your head above the water.
  • Anti-fog design features a unique innovative design that separates the breathing chamber from the main view visor to create a better airflow, and better viewing as fog is eliminated.
  • The mask comes in difference sizes as well; Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
  • Swim underwater and breathe at the same time, children will love it!

Great Starter Snorkel

snorkel full face

This full face 180° view mask is great for people who are new to snorkeling and feel uncomfortable with the whole idea.  Many hate breathing through a tube via the mouth, due to gagging, and it’s just plain uncomfortable!  With the Seaview 180°, the whole snorkel experience is tube-free! 

This mask is made with silicone, applying a comfortable snug fit on your face without any pressure points.  The Seaview 180° mask is easy to set up and use.  It is great for snorkel beginners, who won’t have to spend most of their time fussing with annoying equipment, and more time enjoying what they love to do best!

Dry Snorkel Technology

starter snorkel for kids

With the help of dry snorkel technology, the Seaview 180° stops nasty salt water from getting into your mouth, causing you to gag.  It gives you more time to spend having fun underwater, rather than worrying about salt water entering into the mask.

According to Seaview, the breathing chambers and a dry innovative snorkel design like this, allows you to breathe more naturally through your nose or mouth.

 Breathing through your nose slowly, helps to reduce the chances of fogging significantly.  The anti-fog highlighted design, separates the breathing chamber from your main view visor,  and creates a better airflow, allowing the elimination of fog, and allowing you to have more fun snorkeling.

The innovative dry design will prevent water entering through the snorkel tube.  Even if water leaks in, all you have to do is lift your head out of the water, and it will empty freely through the one way chin valve.

We really can’t say enough good things about this Seaview 180° snorkel – definitely a 5 STAR snorkel if ever there was one.

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