Saint Martin – Clothing Optional!



Saint Martin is a half Dutch and half French island located in the northern Caribbean.  

It’s the smallest island in the world to be divided, and populated by two nations.  

While there is technically a border, there is no border patrol, and the differences are slight, but culturally significant.  

The Dutch side is the most heavily populated, with the largest concentration of folks residing in Lower Prince’s Corner.

The Dutch side is known for its shops, beaches, casinos, and festivals.  

The French side is known for its French and native Indian Caribbean cuisine, indoor and outdoor markets, and nude beaches.

Whether keeping it conservative or carefree is your thing, there are more than 30 white sand beaches to choose from, in the tropical haven that is Saint Martin.

There are plenty of private beaches for romantic afternoons and evenings, as well as busier built-up resort beaches with food, drinks and watersports.  

You’ll find scuba diving, snorkeling, body surfing, parasailingkite surfing, and jet skiing, all around Saint Martin.

Most of the beaches are easily accessible and if you are planning a holiday on Saint Martin, you should visit as many as possible.

Today, we are going to review some of the most popular and most amazing beaches Saint Martin has to offer. Here is what we are going to cover today:

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    • [ps2id url=’#6′ offset=” class=”]Mullet Bay[/ps2id]
    • [ps2id url=’#7′ offset=” class=”]Maho Beach[/ps2id]
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Without further ado, let’s get to business…

What is the Difference Between French and Dutch Side of the Island?

The most striking visual difference between the two halves of St. Martin is the presence of nude sunbathers strolling the beaches on the French side. 

The French side of Saint Martin is what island life is all about:  excellent island food, pristine beaches, unspoiled nature, and an appreciation for the fine things in life.

The Dutch side is all about fun and entertainment. The real night-life is on the Dutch side. There is plenty of bars, clubs, discos and casinos where you can spend your time and your money.

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Stay with us to find what are the best beaches these sides have to offer. We will start with some of the best French side beaches.

Orient Beach

Orient Beach is the most popular beach on the whole island, with plenty of hotels and bars.  

It’s the only beach on the island with a considerable amount of restaurants and bars, and to make it all the more popular, the French side of Orient is clothing optional.  

It happens to run right into the Dutch side of things, so you’ll have to take heed when crossing the veil into nakey land (if you’re living it up like the locals, or trying to avoid the nudes altogether).

If you’d like to fully embrace the buffness, you can stay at Club Orient, the island’s only full-on clothing optional resort, located on the south end of Orient Beach.  

It’s a family-friendly resort. The beach isn’t blocked off, so even if you stay on the Dutch side of things, or want to stroll the nude strip, you can do so as you please.  

If you don’t have the guts to join ’em, make sure to be considerate of those baring their assets. That means no cameras or awkward gawking. Looking at you, fellas.

There’s more than booty to celebrate here.  

Orient Bay is often referred to as the Riviera of the Caribbean, due in part to the laidback atmosphere of the beaches, and the on-par French service.

A glimpse of Orient Beach:

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Moving on to the next French beach from our list…

Happy Bay

beach st martin

Happy Bay is a nearly-undisturbed slice of beach perfection, for those looking to bare it all (or not) with an extra dose of peace and quiet.  

Located on the northwest end of the island, this naturist-friendly beach requires a 10-15 minute hike in, but is worth the trip.

The views are absolutely breathtaking, with perfect white sand beaches, shady palm trees, and excellent snorkeling.  Don’t forget to bring your snorkel mask.

A taste of Happy Bay:

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On to the last French beach from our list…

Plum Bay

plum bay beach

Plum Bay is another secluded gem of a beach. You’ll need to bring all of your own gear; umbrella, towels, drinks, food, and masks.

This beach remains quiet even on the weekends, and is highly recommended for honeymooners, and the romantically-inclined.

That said, it’s got some great snorkeling to boot.

A quick little glimpse and run-down of Plum Bay:

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Moving to the Dutch side..

Dutch Side Beaches

Maybe you’ve got kiddos, or like keeping your top on. Either way, the Dutch side of St. Martin has some spectacular beaches.  We will start with Dawn beach.

Dawn Beach

Dawn Beach is best for sunrises.  

Its immaculate sand, glorious reef snorkeling, and ample amenities, all make for perfect Caribbean relaxing.

You can rent snorkeling gear, chairs, umbrellas, and even snag a bite to eat.  

Mr. Busby’s is the most popular drink-and-eatery on this beach.

The snorkeling requires a bit of a swim offshore, but is a beautiful setting for doing so, with views of St. Bart’s in the background.  

You might need to ask for directions to get to this one, as some of the new developments have made Dawn Beach’s public entrance a bit hard to find.

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On to the next Dutch beach…

Mullet Bay

mullet bay beach

Mullet Bay is another favorite beach to many on the Dutch side of the island.  While it’s really hard to go wrong with any beach on Saint Martin, Mullet Bay looks like something straight out of a travel magazine.  

With nice steady waves, this beach is great for surfing and sunning.  

They have barbeque grills available for cookouts, and some nice shady areas for those wishing to stay cool.

This beach is also a stone’s throw to restaurants, casinos, and other action.  Sometimes it’s nice to have it all at your fingertips.  

And with so many beaches packed onto this diverse little island, you’ll be sure to get your dollar’s worth.

Preview the beauty below:

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On to the last beach from our list…

Maho Beach

maho beach

Maho beach is located right at the end of the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport. A lot of people visit this beach just to watch planes take off and land to the nearby airport. 

Having planes passing literally just a few meters above you while you are swimming in crystal clear waters of Maho beach is a unique experience.

In case you decide to visit Maho be careful not to leave anything lying around as it could be blown away by the passing airplanes.

The lovely beach and crystal clear sea make Maho a perfect place to spend the day with your loved ones. 

You can settle back with your favorite cocktail at Sunset Beach Bar, watch the planes soaring overhead and gaze at the gorgeous ocean. It can’t get better than that!

About the author: Patrick has the record of travelling the most out of everyone, visiting over 30 countries around the world in 15 years, and sleeping in the most tents with the least amount of blankets and cushions.  He can literally sleep anywhere! A few countries Patrick has lived in include India, Mexico, Tanzania, and Morocco, and currently he lives in Peru.