Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag Hammock Air Sofa Review


Do you ever feel as if you just can’t find enough time to properly relax?  

You’re hanging out with friends, your partner, or even alone… but you’re still unable to unwind after a hard day’s work?  

Maybe it’s because you need something more to help you chill out? Hmmm…

Don’t worry, you’re not alone when it comes to this feeling. Whether you know it or not, many feel the very same way.  

In this day and age of modern living, life can be very stressful at times; severely limiting your free time, and sapping your very soul. I know this feeling…I was there too.

Recently, I’ve found a very simple way to deal with the stress of day to day living. When I tell you, you won’t believe how ridiculously simple and fun it is.  

What do you think the secret is? Is it sex? Haha, no, but nothing wrong with that either. Is it “The Secret”?  Nope, guess again.

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Chillbo Shwaggins 20 Best Inflatable Lounger Portable Hammock Air Sofa And Camping Chair

It’s not a pill, potion, or lotion…no friends, its none other than the Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag Hammock Air Sofa.  

Ok, don’t laugh!  I love it!  While shopping online, I came across this cushy thing, and I decided to try it out.  

Afterwards, I was like, wow! Whoever invented this must’ve had the same problem as me.

But, what makes this air sofa so wonderful? What surprised me most about this inflatable hammock is that it’s so easy to inflate, meaning you won’t need an air pump to inflate it. 

With just two scoops of air, it’s inflated and ready to use.  You won’t believe how simple it is to unfold, scoop air into the sofa, roll, and buckle.  

You might say, what is a “scoop” of air?  Are you for real?  Yes, well you simply “net” yourself some air…check out this ad for the Chillbo Baggins to see what scooping air looks like.

With this neat inflatable sofa, try having a picnic with this near by!  

Trust me, once you eat enough watermelon, you will be glad to have Chillbo Baggins by your side, because you can fall into a peaceful slumber with your belly full.  

I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again! And believe me, it’s so much better than a blanket on a lovely sunny day, when you just relax outside, enjoying the perfect day.  

The Baggins air sofa is the perfect substitute for hammocks, folding chairs, or bean bags chairs.

chillbo baggins inflatable lounger review

If you’re that person who prefers water and sailing the high seas, this air sofa is also perfect for that.  It floats on water, allowing you to lounge in ultra aquatic leisure mode.  

I like to imagine myself bobbing on water, floating and relaxing, while I’m at work doing my crummy job. Sometimes my Chillbo Baggins is all that keeps me going!  

Just kidding, but I do look forward to using it – especially in the summertime.  

You can even use it on a dry surface without worrying that something bad will happen to the air sofa.  

The plastic fibers within the sofa are very durable to pressure, so there won’t be any air leakage.

Its catchy colors are simply perfect for music festivals, camping or any other outside activity!

This air sofa is made of durable ripstop nylon.  

Its portability lies in good get-up-and-go dimensions 6.69 in. x 3.54 in. x 12.99 in. allowing it to be carried in a bag with a shoulder strap. When inflated, the air sofa can support up to 400 lbs., while only weighing 3lbs.  

Pretty easy to take it wherever you intend to go, isn’t it?  I’m a fan of using this at the beach, and by the poolside.

As for the colors, for me, personally, this isn’t so important, but for many of you, I’m sure it is.  And that’s all right.  

A Baggins air sofa is available in 2 tone colors, orange- blue, and purple- black.  Perfect colors that help you relax and hang out totally. 

I especially like the built in larger side pockets where you can hold glasses, snacks, water, or maybe a cold beer.

Another thing about this air sofa….it’s perfect for windy weather, simply because its elastic anchor loops let you stake down your lounger into the soil.

chillbo baggins inflatable lounge hammock review

The U.S. company that sells these air sofas also ships them to Europe and China, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you can feel free to return it.  

I live in Florida, so I can tell you that the air sofa ships really fast, because they shipped it to me within 2 days.  

This allows me to have a really relaxing air sofa, with a lovely design in no time. This is why I always recommend this product to friends and family. It doesn’t cost a lot and ships fast.

The only thing you need to be concerned about is which color you’ll choose, because between these awesome two colors, it can be a difficult choice.  

The other thing is to decide where you want to take it …. picnicking, camping, chilling indoors, imagining that you are in some extraordinary place, or just chilling in your own backyard.

With the Chillbo Baggins Air Sofa that is not so impossible anymore, in fact, it’s more than doable.

But, the only way you can be sure that this air sofa is a perfect choice for you, is by simply ordering one (or maybe even two) and try it for yourself.  

You won’t regret it, I assure you! Total comfort is guaranteed with this air sofa.  

After all, you will be pleased with the high quality construction, durable material built to last, easy availability, and manufacturer’s guarantee of complete satisfaction! You deserve to pamper yourself….go for it!

About the author: Emilia is the fashion guru of Beach Baby, with a deep appreciation for anything that can be worn or adorned. She makes her own apparel as well, including everything from swimwear, to dresses, and even shoes.  She also owns over 100 pairs of sunglasses!  Emilia also loves to surf, boogie board, and partake in a number of water sports.