We Review the Best Full Face Scuba Mask with Communications of 2020


Using a full face scuba mask for recreational or commercial diving purposes can change your whole experience.

best full face scuba mask with com

As diving gear becomes more advanced and diving itself becomes a more common passion for people today, there’s a growing need to find the best full face scuba mask with communications.

However, with the many varieties of face scuba masks available on the market, how can you find the best?

The right gear will make your diving sessions more engaging and worth your time. We found three extremely good ones that we want to share with you now.  Fair warning – they’re all from Ocean Reef.  Those guys just make really good masks, what can we say?

Ocean Reef Neptune Space Iron Full Face Mask

Ocean Reef Neptune Space Iron Full Face Mask

This mask is specially designed for use in contaminated waters, but it’s also a great all-rounder.  It comes with the following features:

Filter System

This is one particular feature that puts the mask above other masks on the market. It can be exposed to high levels of chemical properties while diving and still maintain its integrity and structure.

The filtering system enables the mask to withstand high levels of hydrocarbons.


This is a feature that enables the diver to change the airflow as needed. It ensures the user is breathing correctly and responds appropriately to changes while underwater. The nozzle is adjustable and easy to use.


The surface of the Ocean Reef Neptune Mask is made of a protective layer that keeps it in the best condition. Latent chemicals and saltwater can damage scuba wear over time, but this mask succeeds where others fail.

Other features of this scuba mask are screws and buckles that hold it in place, leaving the diver to have complete control over their swim.

It also comes with a regulator that enables other divers to track the user while deep sea. Its lightweight is also a plus. 


  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Can withstand different water conditions
  • Manageable weight
  • Gold finishing for enhanced visibility.


  • Some users have reported jaw soreness after using the mask

The mask is available on online marketplaces, and in stores everywhere.

Here’s a video to provide some added info on the mask.

Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Diver

Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Divers

The mask is best suited for both commercial and personal use. It’s another one among the best full face scuba mask with communication for divers. Some of the features it comes with include:

Communication System

When diving open seas or taking your first PADI scuba diving class, it’s essential to keep in contact with the rest of the team. The Space G Divers mask is installed with a communication system that lets you stay in touch with other divers.

Construction and Design

The mask comes with a unique circulation system prevents fogging and stops the buildup of CO2. It also comes with two silicone pockets that help with proper inhalation.

Equalization System

The 3D equalization system is a feature that’s missing in most other full face scuba masks. 

The system has two eccentric blocks that can be moved around to fit the nose properly. The blocks shift the nozzle up and down for a more comfortable fit.


  • A reliable communication system
  • Better breathing system
  • Adjustable nose nozzle
  • Anti-fogging mechanism
  • Enhanced compatibility


  • The nozzle can be a bit difficult to adjust when using thick gloves

The Space G. mask is available online in various places and in your local diving shop.

Here’s a video review to provide you with even more info.  This guy is spot on.

Ocean Reef Predator T Full Face Diving mask

Ocean Reef Predator T Full Face Diving mask

Diving gear should meet safety regulations for both commercial and personal diving. The Predator T full-face mask is no exception when it comes to meeting the standards. Some of its outstanding features are as follows.

Construction and Design

The Predator T Full Face Mask is among the masks with the most solid designs you’ll ever find. It’s designed as a commercial mask and hence crucial that it’s not only sturdy but also durable to withstand a variety of conditions.

The mask comes with a regulator made for marine-style exploration. It also features anodized anticorodal that improves its sturdiness. It’s also lightweight and resistant to external factors.

Head Strap

For enhanced comfort, the head strap is made from HNBR rubber which is specifically known for its multiple properties. It’s highly elastic and does well in a wide range of oceanic temperatures.


This mask is ideally more suited for use in cold water environments. The material that makes the mask is well balanced, enhanced for colder climates, and integrated. For usability, it also comes with a directional exhaust valve that allows the user to switch between dive and pre-dive modes.


The mask comes with a polycarbonate visor which is a protective layer that prevents the mask from wear and tear. It also provides a scratch-resistant protective coating for more durability, performance, and function.

Extended Frame Mounting

The downside of the mask is that it can’t be mounted without an extender frame or the use of a clamping band. The band may not fit if it’s not made from nylon, which can be a hassle.


  • Ideal for cold climates
  • Enhanced protection and durability
  • Best for commercial use
  • Multiple adjustable features


  • The mount extender is a must yet cumbersome if not made from nylon

The mask is available from online marketplaces and in your local diving store.

Here’s a video by Luke Tipple featuring this mask.

Why choose a Full Face Scuba Mask with COM’s?

The primary benefit you get from an FFM with COM’s is the ability to communicate with the dive boat topside, or your fellow divers.

An FFM also widens a diver’s field of vision. With a full face mask, you’re also less likely to suffer from jaw fatigue caused by gripping the regulator mouthpiece.


Comparing the pros and cons, it’s not hard to tell why these masks are so popular. For the purpose they serve, their price is also quite affordable.

We recommend the Ocean Reef Predator T Full Face Diving mask as it is functional even in saltwater and is crafted from high-quality materials capable of withstanding harsh environments.

You can equip it with COM’s and communicate with other divers while underwater.

These masks fall under the category of the best full face scuba mask with communication because of the variety of features they possess.

They are designed with the needs of different users in mind. They also serve their purpose under a wide range of conditions and for an extended life span.

Best Scuba Masks with Communications

Ocean Reef Space Extender Integrated Dive Mask


Ocean Reef Diving Mask Neptune Space Gdivers Or025016 Cobalt S/M Small/Medium


Ocean Reef Gsm G Divers Communication System Yellow (Or033109)


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