We Review The Best Boogie And Body Boards Of 2017

One of the most fun things to do on the beach with your children is to play on the shore with your boogie board.  This a timeless activity on the beach, and a lot of fun for those who want to pursue more athletic type of games, when at the beach.  Boogie boarding is often known as the prequel to surfing, and is great to give to kids that are aspiring to one day get out there in the water.

best boogie body boards 2017

There are several factors that go into one of the best boogie boards out there on the market, so we created an article to make sure that you know what you’re getting when you finally make your purchase.

First, you should know that there are a few qualities behind every good boogie board.

  1. The board should look good. You don’t want to get a boogie board that doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.  This seems dumb, but it really makes a difference.
  2. Get a Sturdy Board. You want to make sure that the board is durable enough to be used by a child for a solid amount of time.  As you know, children tend to be rather ‘rough’ with their possessions some time, so this is definitely a quality you want to give a fair amount of consideration to.
  3. Perks. You want to always check out the cool little additions and features that come with some of these boogie boards, to make sure that you’re getting the absolute best model that is available.

Now that you know some of the things to look for to qualify a boogie board as one of the best on the market, we’ll present to you our list of the best boogie and body boards on the market.

Our Official Review of the Best Boogie Boards on the Market 2017

#5 Bo-Toys Lightweight Body Board

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

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This Bo-Toys body board, coming in at #5 on our list of the best boogie boards on the market takes a worthy spot on our list.

The board is a solid length at a good 41 inches, so it’s sure to accommodate kids of any size.  It comes with the customary strap attached to it, that is supposed to Velcro around the child’s wrist.  The color scheme of the board is very simple, yet effective in terms of aesthetics.  It features forest green as the primary color with a splash of blue in the design of some sort of tribal design.  However, it also comes in an assortment of 3 other different color schemes.  One is the base color of pink with a green splash.  The other is red with a splash of white, and then finally blue as the primary, with a splash of green, the alternate of the main boogie board featured.

The material of the boogie board is high density polyethylene.

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#4 – Slick Lizard Pro Series Bodyboard

JGR Copa High Performance Bodyboard Pro Series review

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Coming in at #4 on our best boogie boards list is the Slick Lizard Pro Series Bodyboard. The Slick Lizard is without a doubt one of the better boogie boards that you can find on the market.

The board’s design is slightly different than you would expect from most other boogie boards that you can purchase.  It has an all baby blue base cover, with a Pro Series graphic design across the middle, as well as other words affixed around the boogie board’s cover, and a white wave design, which is pretty cool.  Overall, the board looks very aesthetically pleasing.

The size of the board is 33 inches in length, so it is definitely long enough to get the job done. It’s designed with bright neon slick backs, has an IXPE deck as well as a tail in the shape of a bat, in order to give the board a looser frame and allows it to travel faster along the water.

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#3 – Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core

Lucky Bums Body Board Review

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Coming in at #3 on our list is the Lucky Bums Body Board with an EPS Core.  This board is definitely one of the higher quality boards, that one can find on the market, and that’s evident from its pricing as well as the design on the board itself.

Aesthetically, the board is very simple, yet efficient in design.  The board has a very deep, ocean blue bass color and the words ‘lucky bums’ written on the side in green to provide good contrast on the board.

In terms of features of this board and materials, the craft is amazing.  It comes featured with a very unique design equipped with 60/40 rails, and high-density polyethylene as well.  In addition, the board, being designed with the EPS Core, helps push it toward being one of the better boards that one can find on the market period.  This description doesn’t even do the entire board justice.

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#2 – Morey Mach 7

Morey Mach 7 review

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Coming in at #2 on our list of Best Boogie Boards is the Morey Mach 7.  The Morey Mach 7 shines in a number of ways, and one of the best benefits you get with this board, is the best craftsmanship that is available currently in the industry.

Out of all of the boards covered on our list, this one has one of the simplest designs, coming in base colors of either yellow or orange with the logo of the company that manufactured it up top in black.

However, the board’s prowess really comes from the features and materials that are embedded within.  The presence of a tail maximized for boogie boarding, a power rod stringer, and a unique deck are all things that make this boogie board an enviable choice.

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#1 – BZ The Big Bruddah Body and Boogie Board

BZ The Big Buddha Body and Boogie Board review

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Without further ado, coming in at #1 on our list is the Big Bruddah Body and Boogie Board.  This thing is absolutely no joke, and we could probably write a book listing all the reasons that it’s the number one board on our list.

Aesthetically, this board is probably just as simple in design as our #2 board, the Morey Mach 7.   The board features a very deep, ocean-blue primary color as well as the company’s logo at the top in all white, to create a nice contrast on the board aesthetically.

This board is specifically designed for bigger riders to be able to use without issue.  Therefore, the board can be seen as largely multipurpose.  It also comes with other very desirable features such as an innovative nose grip, Zero-G PP exclusive core to increase durability and remove unnecessary weight, a dual VFS hardened strip, and more.

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