Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart review
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Razor Ground Drifter Kart Review

Super fast, fun, and furious!  Slip into this stainless steel go kart, and feel the excitement you’ve been longing for.  The Pom super slider wheels will officially make you the neighborhood drift king.  No one will forget your name now! Throw fast fish tails, quick 180s, or power slide through great corners!

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Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

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This electric powered kart was designed based on the original Ground Force Go Kart – how cool is that?  It has a variable speed chain driven motor, that runs up to 12 miles per hour.  It has a race tuned chassis, allowing you to make serious neighbourhood drifting, with super slick rear wheels.  The acceleration is easy to operate, as it is thumb triggered, and has hand operational rear brakes, making emergency stops easier than ever before.  Talk about eco friendly!  This bad boy can run up to 40 minutes per charge, and can support a rider of 140 lbs, but it is known for riders weighing a little more to ride this bad boy just fine too!

Based on the much loved original Razor Ground Force go kart, Razor brings to us a very new and improved Ground Force Drifter ELECTRIC powered kart!  From awesome zones to professional tracks, go kart racing is a great American pastime for friends and family alike.

And behold! – the Razor Ground Drifter lets you and your friends bring home the fun in drifter style.  The super slick rear wheels and race tuned chassis will make you the neighborhood’s drifter king or queen.  Slide through sleek corners, and feel the power that this Razor go kart can unleash, through fast 180’s, and even fish tales.  The go kart features classic low profile cast aluminum wheels, a sturdy steel construction, and Razor even upgraded the rear axle too, for increased maneuverability steering.  With the super cool hand operated rear brake, it provides the driver with maximum drifting control.  On the new go kart, Razor decided to upgrade the drifter wheels using aluminum wheels that are molded with solid rubber tires, and super slider pom rear wheels.  On top of the powerful drifting power and speeds up to 12 miles per hour, the go kart is a force to be reckoned with.

razor force drifter kart 2 review

Q: Can it run on grass?

A: Yes it can run on grass, but only if fully charged, other than that, not very well.  Asphalt or regular smooth terrain works best.  But once it gets going on the grass and has a good grip, it’s pretty good.

Q: What is the voltage – 12 volt or 24 volt?

A: It is a 24 Volt cart.

Q: Since the tires will need to be replaced as they will wear out due to drifting, can you find replacement tires online and how much?

A: They can be replaced, and the cost for that is $20-$30 a set.  Actually these tires will hold up alot better than most of us expected.

I have gotten this for my son age 4 years old, and boy can I tell you! He loves it! The 180 degrees are a blast, and I can just see the delight on his face with every drift he does, or at least attempts to do.  My favorite part is how the throttle can be controlled at a slower speed, as my 4 year old isn’t ready to go all out yet like the big boys.  It seems super safe in my opinion, as it’s used away from cars and dangerous obstacles.  Definitely for paved areas, though not so much on the grassy part.

razor force drifter

Charge time is 12 hours, so it can only be used once a day really.  40 minutes can seem like all day for little kids as young as my son.  I also notice that it lasts way longer on a slow speed, rather than a fast speed.  Our neighbor is 14, and his goes noticeably slower, and he’s around the max rider range too, but he seems to have a blast with it anyways.  In my opinion, Razor tends to give age recommendations that I think are way too high.  Like I said, this is probably best for kids between that ages of 5 and 12 years old.  Most teens will want something waaaaaaay more fast and powerful.

Secondly let me say, I’ve read a ton of reviews, and did lots of research trying to get the best gift for my Big Boy.  When it comes to anything electrical, especially with a rechargeable battery, it all comes down to how it’s charged and stored.  I would love to think most of us reviewers complain about how the battery didn’t follow manufactures method on how to charge it, and how long and also how often.

All in all, the biggest complaint about the wheels seem pretty obvious too, as the rear wheels are made of hard plastic so they’ll lose traction which does, as we know… allow the go kart to drift.  As a result, they will be needing replacement, so, of course, you’ll need to stay up to date with your research on what to buy for your kiddos.  But, with all due respect, I sure do love this Razor Ground Drifter compared to the older model.


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