Razor Dune Buggy Review

The Razor dune buggy gives your child the ultimate eco-powered off-road style like no other electronic go kart. The wheels are super powerful and can take speeds up to 10 mph, while carrying a maximum weight of 120 pounds!

These Razor dune buggies are known for their awesome reduction drive design, making it superb for low torque off-roading and climbing.  The wheels are knobby style and 8” with nice bucket seats making a smooth ride easy.  Note: this buggy is meant for ages 8 years old and up.

We all hope to give our child a great off-road safe adventure, and you will see that this dune buggy should keep parents from getting overly concerned about their young riders, as we consider it to be an all in one electric, all backcountry powered dune buggy that really is worth the money.

It is fitted with a strong 350 Watt motor, topping speeds a little over 10 mph and is good enough to have serious fun, but not enough speed to jeopardize your child’s safety.  Parents learn to love the side roll cage,as it creates a great barrier between outside and the rider.  The padded seat (bucket seat) includes a seat belt for added safety for mom.  Give a round of applause to the buggy having a specially made reduction drive.  This buggy is capable of both high and low torque gearing.  I’d say, the coolest feature on this dune buggy, however, is the all in one electric design…. which ,of course, isn’t hard to charge, and requires no fuel at all.

Watch this relatively short video by Razor to get a look at this dune buggy in action!


  • Made for riders age 8 years and older, however, there are children who tend to be tall for their age and weigh a little more too.  All in all, the judgement is always up to mom/dad.
  • The wheels are knobby pneumatic tires, and very durable and high in quality.
  • A sturdy rear suspension.
  • A strongly built tubular steel frame, topping diamond plated floor boards.
  • Hand throttle, and break controls all in easy reach for your child, in case of an emergency. (which may happen with rough house play)
  • A safety flag, so that cars and others on a higher ground can see the dune buggy, and also help mom keep an eye on her young one from afar.
  • Can keep up on difficult tracks and terrain.
  • The razor dune buggy can support up to one hundred and twenty pounds.

From day one, I believe that Razor actually tried to focus on providing the best, and I mean the very best combination of everything that matters most in a dune buggy, from safety, to appearance, to control, when they created this cutting-edge technology.  The Razor dune buggy, in my opinion, combines a great young rider experience and innovation into one!

Razor was founded in 2000, long before you knew it became a big icon in  American culture, introducing the famous A model kick scooter, which was, and still is, an essential ride for those on the go.

Specific Features

  1. Made for the ages 8 and up.
  2. 120 max weight limit.
  3. Can hit a whopping speed of 10mph max.
  4. 350-watt motor
  5. 8” pneumatic knobby tires
  6. Seatbelt equipped bucket seats
  7. Tubular steel frame with a power coated finish
  8. Sturdy protective padding
  9. Diamond plated floor boards.
  10. Comes with a safety flag
  11. Rear disc brakes pre-installed
  12. Awesome vertical storage. (comes in handy)
  13. Usually ships in one to two months

After your child, has had their total fun, these dunes will beg for mercy!  This vintage type ride is what your child has longed for, giving your teen plenty of buggy thrills to dream about.  The classic retro dune buggy style features exactly what we talked about in the article; knobby wheels, terrain following suspension, a bucket seat that comes with a seatbelt and so much more!

razor dune buggy review

The dune buggy is light and very durable, making vertical storage an easy option.  No need to worry about gas or oil leaking from storing it vertically as it’s 100% electric.  Operation is a breeze for your typical 8-year-old, thanks to the totally hand controllable throttle and rear disc brakes.  The throttle is easy to adjust for your child or teenager, making changing speeds from slow and fast fairly easy and quick when riding.  Want to go faster?  Read the instructions manual as the throttle lever is 100 percent adjustable.

Razer now offers a full line on great product winning items that can actually inspire us all, and actually does that perfectly.   Even our international friends around the globe can enjoy Razor at ease!  When it comes to us adults, dune buggies beckon beautiful memories from the 70’s and 80’s.  If you ask your kids what they think, they say that they are just total fun.  What Razor did that has changed the whole gas scene, is that they put an electric spin on what we call the new Razor Dune Buggy All Electric No Gas needed whatsoever….. which is making the DUNES BEG FOR MERCY!

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