RAVE Sports Diablo II 2-Person Towable Tube Review



I purchased this RAVE Sports Diablo II 2-Person Towable Tube a little while ago for my two kids, and they love it!  

We haven’t had it long, and I had my doubts at first in letting them ride this crazy thing, but now that I’m used to it, we use it all the time, and it’s a ton of fun!  

My kids’ birthdays are very close together – about 11 days apart, so this gift made sense, as it is a two person toy, so it was our one big gift to both of them.  

Of course, we bought them their own separate gifts as well…

At first I considered getting them several different types of toys, books, and movies for them, but nothing seemed to stand out so I kept looking.  

Also, they both told me they didn’t want any books – “BO-RING”, they said!  (I still got them both a book each. 

They’re very active little beggars at ages 8 and 10, so I kept thinking that it should be something they can really spend a lot of energy with.  

I had also a set budget and wanted to get the the biggest bang for my buck!


We own a boat, and have been taking our family and friends out on it every summer for a few years.  

We always have a good time, and I knew they loved going out boating in the river, so I thought about getting a water toy of some sort that they could have fun with.

They had mentioned wanting to play in the water, rather than staying on the boat, or swimming near the swimming zone.  

Being the children they are, they requested ridiculous things like water trampolines which we, of course, couldn’t afford. (However, they were more than happy with the RAVE Sports Diablo II 2-Rider Towable!)

Here’s a quick video showing the Diablo II in action.  If you were a kid, would you not die to have this thing?!  Heck, most adults I know, enjoy this thing a whole lot as well.

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Summer Fun For All Ages

We had owned a few different types of water toys in the past, but we never used them anymore because my boys grew out of them, and lost interest.  

We wanted to buy a toy that they wouldn’t grow out of or get tired of.  We had been thinking about getting an inner tube for the whole family to use, because we go boating so often.  

We all usually just eat lunch on the boat and play cards or some other type of game, while we were out on the water.

We were looking for something that would bring fun to the whole family that wasn’t just fun for our kids.  We thought an inner tube would be the perfect gift for them.  

I did a search online for an affordable product that my kids could play with when we went out boating.  

We found several inner tubes or products that were similar to this one, but they all seemed very expensive for the seemingly low quality.  

I found the Diablo, and it was a great price and seemed of high quality, so we decided to buy it.  That was a very good decision!  

My husband, our friends and I often take our boat out for a spin, and our kids ride the Diablo together along the river.  It’s perfect for play dates with friends and endless fun.


A Fast, Smooth Ride

When my kids invite their friends over, they take turns riding it and they have a blast!  It’s not just a toy for kids, though, because it’s made for adults to ride together too!  

I also sometimes ride it, usually with one of my kids.  It was able to support two adult women at a total of about 320 pounds, close to the 340-pound weight limit, with no problems at all. It is very sturdy and stable.  

The bottom is slick, making the rides fast and smooth.  It is very durable, and we haven’t had any problems with punctures, wear-and-tear, or anything else. 

It was in very great condition when we bought it, and it has stayed in great condition since it was delivered to our door.


The fire design, and red, white, and black color combinations, are attractive and fun, and perfect for my two boys.  The size is great for both one or two people riding, whether the riders are children or adults.  

It supports quite a bit of weight.  The whole family uses it, and it is fun for all of us.  My husband and I rode it and had a great time with our kids.  

At 12 pounds, it is easy to transport and easy to set up and take with us to all our favorite boating locations.  The force deterrents keep my kids in place, preventing them from falling off or hurting themselves.  

It makes it a very safe product to use!  The four handles on the top also add to the safety aspect of this product.  They are very easy to reach and to grip and hold on to.

Wrapping Up

I have confidence that my kids will always be safe while using this toy.  It is a very low price for such a high-quality product.  Also, it was shipped to our house quickly and arrived on time!  

I have tried other water skis, toys and inner tubes, similar to this one in the past, but nothing has compared to the RAVE Sports Diablo II 2-Rider Towable.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a great time inner tubing.  I certainly give this item a five-star rating!

About the author: Emilia is the fashion guru of Beach Baby, with a deep appreciation for anything that can be worn or adorned. She makes her own apparel as well, including everything from swimwear, to dresses, and even shoes.  She also owns over 100 pairs of sunglasses!  Emilia also loves to surf, boogie board, and partake in a number of water sports.