Qi Gong Golden 8 Energy Balancing Exercises with Beach Baby Bob


BeachBabyBob loves the beach.  It doesn’t matter how big the beach is, or where the beach is.

He loves the beach! When he was a little boy, his father would drive Bob and his brother and sister, to a local beach or swimming hole called Willow Lake.

They went every Sunday afternoon all summer for years.  Maybe this is where BeachBabyBob gets his love for water, sand and fries.

Beach Baby Bob Reports - Kelly's Beach in Kouchibouguac National Park New Brunswick Canada

Qi Gong Golden 8 Exercises

Now that BeachBabyBob is older and wiser and richer, he visits beaches all over the world.  Not only does “BBB” swim and play in the sand, but he exercises while at the beach.  His favourite exercises to do at the beach are a part of the healing art of Qi Gong known as the Golden 8 Energy Balancing Exercises.

BBB learned about Qi Gong through learning first about yoga.  Lots of people know what yoga classes and yoga exercises are all about.  Some of the yoga exercises or poses are the Warrior, the Child’s Pose, and the Cobra.  If you’ve taken a few yoga classes, you probably know these ones.  Yoga is practised world wide, and in recent years, it has become more and more popular.  All ages of people can benefit from yoga.

Lots of people know what Tai Chi is as well.  You can sign up at most fitness facilities or community centres around the world, and learn the 108 Tai Chi positions or movements.

Tai Chi is thought by most to be very meditative.  Once Bob learned some Tai Chi, and some yoga, he was ready to tackle Qi Gong.

Introducing Qi Gong, which is a combination of yoga and Tai Chi.   It might not be as easy to find a Qi Gong class in your community, but this “martial art form” is great for all ages and all health conditions.  Most, if not all Qi Gong classes, incorporate the Golden Eight Energy Balancing Exercises into each session.

Tai Chi at Decatur Healing Arts

The Golden 8 exercises are a series of 8 easy exercises that require a variety of positions, presented with slow and simple dynamic movement.  To understand what Qi Gong is, one needs to know that the word “Qi” refers to the energy moving in and out of your body.  The word “Gong” refers to what you do, or do not do, with that energy.

The Golden 8 or the 8 Qi gong brocades

Where Can I Try “The Golden 8”?

It is recommended that you find a quiet location inside or outside to perform the Golden 8 once a day.  You might want to perform the 8 exercises early in the morning before others in your household are awake.  Maybe, you might choose to do the exercises alone or with a friend.  Try and choose a location that makes you feel healthy and safe.  It won’t take long and the benefits are wonderful.  Focus on your form, as you would no matter which exercise programme you are involved in.  Try and do each exercise 3 times, before moving onto the next.

Some research studies claim that the Golden 8 Energy Balancing Exercises aid in preventing bone mineral density loss, especially for middle aged women.  Other studies claim that these exercises, done regularly, will help with indigestion, constipation, and asthma.

BeachBabyBob does these 8 exercises when he visits a beach, and every day even when he is at home.  BeachBabyBob suggests you do too!

Check BeachBabyBob in action

The Golden 8 or Eight Brocades have many titles.  These exercises are not always in the order below, and their names might even be different.

1.  Reach For Happiness

2.  The Archer

3.  Between Heaven and Earth

4.  Look Back and Let Go

5.  Around the World

6.  Bend for Health

7.  Energy Punch

8.  Energy Jump


About the author: Robert is a former teacher and travel buff, and has spent the last 30 years travelling to different parts of the world including all over North America, South America, Africa, and Europe.  He loves trying new cultural cuisine, zip-lining through the Amazon jungle, and his cat, Twyla-Mae.