Princeton Tec Sector 5 Maxbright Review



Coming in at #3 on our review list of best dive lights is the Princeton Tec Sector 5 Maxbright.

Although it may appear to be just another dive light on the surface, do not make this foolish assumption, for this dive light is anything but!  It has an innovative design that allows it to be infused with intuitive features, that enhance the diving experience for anyone, beginner or otherwise.

Feature Pick

Princeton Tec Sector 5 550 Lumens Light, Black


Aesthetically, this is one of the better dive lights that you can purchase.  The first thing that we noticed, that you probably did as well, is the pistol-like shape of the dive light.  That just looks pretty cool.  Also, there is a trigger on the light itself, which is actually used to activate another feature that we’ll cover more in-depth later in this article.  The overall color scheme of the light is all-black, and it comes in a very small, compact size, so you won’t have to worry about unnecessary inconvenience, such as lugging this bad boy around while you go on your diving expeditions.  The pistol-like shape of this dive light actually makes it seem like you could put it in a holster of some sort before you go out diving (idea).

Princeton Tec Sector


There are countless features on this dive light that currently make it one of our favorites:

  • 550 Lumens: While this isn’t the highest amount of Lumens covered on the list, one must take into account the overall size of the device.  This is one of smaller dive lights, so, for it to provide 500 lumens of light, speaks a lot to its overall strength and capabilities.  Rest assured, that you will not be disappointed to find that this dive light is more than sufficient in illuminating your path as you go out on your dive expeditions.
  • Lamp: The lamp that is included with this device is a 1-Maxbright LED lamp.  This is one of the better lamps available on the market.  This adds to the overall potency of the device, as it is installed with the latest and greatest in dive light lamp technology, ensuring that you’ll be able to see everything that the light reaches with absolute clarity.
  • Depth Rating: The depth that this light can travel is 100 meters.  While this is not the furthest that dive lights can illuminate, you must remember that this is a very compact, ‘stop and go’ type of dive light!  Ideally, you want something that you can take out of your pocket, identify targets and different critters and structure underneath the ocean, as you travel from one site to another.  Once you become a more experienced diver, then you can look into purchasing a dive light that really allows you to experience the greatest depths of the ocean.  However, this would be a dangerous move for anyone without a considerable amount of diving experience.  If anything ever happens to you that far down, then you would be in great danger!
Princeton Tec Sector 5 550 Lumens Light
  • Weight: This is a fairly lightweight device, due to the overall size of the product.  This is a huge bonus for any diver, as the less weight you carry, the better you’ll be able to maneuver underwater.  Not only does this enhance the overall experience of diving, it enhances the safety of the activity as well.  If you are in any danger at all, you don’t want to find yourself unable to move as quickly as you want.
  • Pistol-Grip feature. This allows you to turn the light on and off by depressing the trigger.  This simple concept is a really big deal!  Not only is it extremely intuitive, when considering the overall functionality of the dive light, it is very convenient as well.  Rather than having to use two hands to twist the dive light in order to achieve a certain setting, you can simply depress the trigger, and you’ll be able to turn it on and off at will.  This adds a great deal of flexibility during your diving experience, and it also allows you an easier means of maneuvering under water.  Definitely a must-have feature.
Pistol Grip diving light
  • Battery-Power: It seems like this dive light lasts forever!  The manufacturers have promised that it can illuminate underwater for approximately 12-14 hours.  That’s pretty impressive, as it will allow you to go on multiple dives before having to actually recharge it.


This isn’t the most powerful dive light on the market.  However, with its cheap price, ease of usage, and flexibility, it is one ‘jim dandy’ dive light for beginners, and well worth the $$$$!


About the author: Garth loves camping under the stars with his Arb III, scuba diving, snorkeling, and also tanning. His favourite snorkel spots include Alanya (Turkey), Koh Rong (Cambodia), and Maui (Hawaii, USA). He also loves to visit the cenotes in Mexico and he recommends everyone reads the book, “The Soul of an Octopus”, because, he says “they are sensitive, just like me”.