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Power Wheels Camo Dune Racer Review

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Power Wheels Dune Racer, Pink/Purple

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  • Built for your tiny little roadster with great traction for all rough terrains.
  • Awesome traction system setup, allowing it to drive on hard surfaces, wet grass and rough terrain.
  • The dune goes 2.5 mph forward and backward.  Want it to go faster?  Just remove the little screw by the gear shift and the little thing will go up to 5mph!
  • Don’t worry about your child not braking on time with the super power-lock brake operating system, built into the dune.
  • Super comfy bucket seats with metal side bars for hand support.
  • Comes with a powerful 12-volt battery and charger.

Wet grass, ruts and mud aren’t a match for this Fisher Price Camo Dune Racer!  With its all-in-one monster wheels with superior traction drive system, it is designed to navigate its way through rough terrain, along with the usual backyard bumps like driveway edges, tree roots, ruts and sometimes garden hoses, without ever getting stuck at all.   This fun purple and pink dune racer will forever look stylish, also!

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Camo Dune Racer review

Durability and Safety

The power wheels’ racer is constructed with a sturdy steel frame that supports up to 130lbs of weight.  The Fisher Price Dune Racer’s smooth rounded edges and contours help defend against scratches and cuts when the vehicle is in motion, while the metal sidebars help to offer a stable hand support system.  Want bumper to bumper warranty?  This little dune racer comes with bumper to bumper limited warranty serviced by more than 300 repair centers across the country.

Product Features:

  • Beast mode traction system helps the wheels on wet grass, hard surfaces, and rough terrain.
  • Drives 2.5 mph going reverse and forward.
  • Sturdy steel sidebars provides great hand support for your child.
  • A stylish grille and wheels.
  • Bucket seats that are so comfortable.
  • A storage unit under the hood.
  • Comes with a charger and 12V battery.
  • Can sit up to 2 kids up to 130 LBS maximum weight combined.

Here’s a quick video showing unboxing, assembly, and first ride!

Is your child ready to go faster?

The Dune Racer features an awesome 2 speed parent controlled high speed lock.  The first speed of 2.5 MPH is for new learners, and the second speed can reach a maximum of 5 mph for more experienced drivers. 

fisher price power wheels camo dune racer quality review

Driving Development

Most children could set their new adventure in  numerous ways, infused with their imaginations, and this power wheels dune racer.  Operating a real deal vehicle offers role playing of grown up aspect, and can help introduce independence, self-confidence and great accomplishment.  Motor skills can become sharper too, along with balance, body awareness, and coordination. Kids can begin to learn the basic concepts of cause and effect, as they begin to learn more on how to power the vehicle, and discover how it moves backward, forward, start, steer and stop.

What’s in the box?

Of course, it comes with the main ingredient; the Power Wheels’ Dune Racer, 12V battery, 12V dune racer battery, and the owner’s manual.

What is the max age limit?

Some say that people as old as 40 have given this bad boy a try at the referenced height of 5’3.  That works just fine for them, but of course from our real like vehicle experience, it’s a tad bit slow for us adults, but super-fast for kids.

camo dune racer

Are the tires plastic or rubber?

They are plastic and very noisy!  They can sometimes have difficulty with proper traction on regular asphalt, but do very well on rough terrain, grass, and mud.

What’s the average mileage on this thing?

It’s perfect!!  Gets you a few times around the block per single charge before it dies.

What I love:

-It seats two perfectly.  My daughter is 2 years old, 37 inches tall and 37 lbs.  My son is 4 ½ years old, about 48 inches tall and 40 lbs.  The two of them fit amazing well in this little dune.  My son can’t really reach the pedal that well, so he isn’t able to drive it though, but he doesn’t care because he LOVES being the passenger.

It’s super powerful.  Even at high or low speeds, this thing can challenge sharp hills, whether grassy, paved or covered in leaves.  My daughter drives around into the leaf piles next to our house, and she has run right over some smaller downed tree trunks too.

Battery life is beyond amazing.  Even with two of my kids riding at high or low speeds, the battery can last nearly 2 hours.  The battery unit area is at the back of the dune racer, and it’s super-duper easy to remove the battery to plug in the charger.

It looks great,  and it doesn’t look like a baby toy.


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