Penn Battle II Fishing Reel Review

Today in this review, we are going to look at the Penn Battle II Fishing Reel, which is an all-purpose reel that can be used by any angler to catch almost any fish, anywhere, any time – according to many anglers who already own it.

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel review

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The Battle II is the modern day offering from the company Penn, that has been around for ages, and so it stands to reason that this reel would be something that fishermen could depend on.  Before we get into the details of this reel, let’s talk for a moment about the company that makes it – Penn.

Quick Background on Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company

The Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company was founded in Philadelphia in 1932 by Otto Henze from Germany.  In his early days here in America, Otto worked as a machinist, but had dreams of making quality fishing reels.  It wasn’t until a year later that Otto Henze was ready to sell his reels to the public.  Some of his early products were called the Seahawk, Bayside, and Long Beach.  The average price for a reel in those days, was $2.00.

Otto Henz first fishing reel (Penn) 1932

The first Otto Henz fishing reel

The Senator reel was introduced in 1936 to the world.  It was capable of handling the largest of game fish.  Otto Henze suddenly died in 1948, so his 39 year old wife, Martha Henze, took over the company and carried on.  By 1959, Penn was producing 77 different reels for all kinds of fishing.  World records were being set with Penn reels, and by 1990, Penn reels had won over 700 IGFA records!  The Company still designs and produces high quality fishing reels and more.  They celebrated their 75th birthday in 2007.  People, who fish from around the world, rely on the Penn name for all their fishing equipment.

Note:  IGFA = International Game Fish Association

The Penn Battle II Fishing Reel

Penn Battle II Fishing Reel

Modern Fishing Reel Design and Production

Penn specializes in saltwater fishing reels.  They have set over a thousand world records.  Penn manufactures over 200 different reel models.  Their signature reel is still the famous Penn Senator, with the Jig Master reel close behind.  Watch out for their Penn Power Stick and Tuna Stick rods.

Penn Reels hold a unique place in saltwater fishing reels, with over 1,400 International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world records being set using them.  Over 220 different models are manufactured today.  Their signature reel remains the Penn Senator, the Jig Master also being popular, signature rods the Penn Power Stick and Tuna Stick.  The Penn company was taken over in 2003 by Sea Striker Inc. and Master Fishing Tackle.  Finally in 2007, Penn is run by K2 Sports.

penn battle II

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Description

This reel is attractive and durable.  It uses HT-100 carbon fibre washers, and that gives it the smoothness that the fishing world loves.  When the big fish of the day hits your line, you can always count on the full metal body side-plate and rotor construction, which allows the reel to maintain precision gear alignment.  The 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings, instant anti-reverse bearings, heavy-duty aluminum bail wire, super-line spool, and line capacity rings, will add to your fishing success.  The rubber gasket will keep the lines from slipping too.  There are 4 models to choose from, depending on your line weight requirements.  Here are two –

Model 1 …  distance 220 yds., test line 10 lbs., drag 15 lbs., gear ratio 6.2:1, retrieve rate 37”, weighs 12.8 oz..

Model 2 … distance 200 yds. test line 15 lbs., with drag 25 lbs., gear ratio of 5.6:1, retrieve rate of 36”, weighs 2.2 lbs.

penn battle II angler reel review

Pros And Cons Of The Penn Battle II According To Customers


  • Non-corrosive metal, not much plastic used
  • Simple and well constructed locomotive gearing
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble with standard screwdrivers
  • Inexpensive but high quality reel
  • Reliable company with good customer service
  • Extra washers included


  • People aren’t ecstatic about the blue grease… oil seems to be the better option
  • Lots of small parts that can get finicky, especially when working on anti-reverse bearing
  • More expensive models can offer more (eg. the 3000), but then again, they’re more expensive
  • Not enough details provided with the packaging
  • Some have complained about troubles spooling the line

In Summary

  1. Penn has been around for almost 100 years.
  2. Penn has won many awards for its products.
  3. Penn has a large selection of reels.
  4. Penn products are affordable.
  5. The crank handle can be installed on either side.
  6. Penn Battle II has unbelievable drag smoothness.
  7. The design is contemporary.
  8. It is super strong.
  9. People who know fishing, use Penn.
  10. For a little over $100. you can get a Penn rod as well.

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