sea gulls
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Sea Gulls – Nature’s Boldest Bird?

SOME GENERAL FACTS ABOUT GULLS Generally considered monogamous, they usually stay with the same partner season after season Separation does occur sometimes, though, known as a divorce, usually occurring because of lack of success with breeding Breeding does not usually occur until the fourth year of life Same-sex couples do exist within gulls, usually between …

what eats a sea turtle

What Eats A Sea Turtle?

Sea turtles have been around our planet for 150 million years, since the Jurassic period.  There are seven different types of sea turtle: loggerhead, green, hawksbill, flatback, leatherback, olive ridley, and Kemp’s ridley.  They are found in all the world’s oceans, save the polar regions.  Here’s a quick but informative video about what sea turtles …