Destiladeras (Nahui) Beach, Mexico

Destiladeras (Nahui) Beach is just a few miles north of Puerto Vallarta and La Cruz Mexico, on ocean 200 highway, that hugs the Pacific Ocean. For all you “beach babies” who love to spend a day at the beach, don’t miss Destiladeras Beach, if you are in the Puerto Vallarta/Bucerias Mexico area – it is […]

6 Best Surf Spots in Australia

Australia may be known as the “Land Down Under”, and not usually the first place that occurs to folks for a care-free vacation getaway, but… this continent is a true gem when it comes to wide open beaches, exotic animals, deserts, unusual plants, and, of course, their extremely friendly residents.  Of course, everybody knows that […]

Sea Gulls – Nature’s Boldest Bird?

SOME GENERAL FACTS ABOUT GULLS Generally considered monogamous, they usually stay with the same partner season after season Separation does occur sometimes, though, known as a divorce, usually occurring because of lack of success with breeding Breeding does not usually occur until the fourth year of life Same-sex couples do exist within gulls, usually between […]