9 Best Places To Surf In Hawaii

March 9, 2016

Jaws, Maui Jaws, or as they call it Pe’ahi in Hawaiian, is the biggest, and perhaps the most dangerous surf spot you can find in Hawaii.  Imagine a blue beastly wave with a height of 120 feet (rumor has it, we don’t claim anything for sure) that just teases you and your board to go […]

Destiladeras (Nahui) Beach, Mexico

Destiladeras (Nahui) Beach is just a few miles north of Puerto Vallarta and La Cruz Mexico, on ocean 200 highway, that hugs the Pacific Ocean. For all you “beach babies” who love to spend a day at the beach, don’t miss Destiladeras Beach, if you are in the Puerto Vallarta/Bucerias Mexico area – it is […]

6 Best Surf Spots in Australia

Australia may be known as the “Land Down Under”, and not usually the first place that occurs to folks for a care-free vacation getaway, but… this continent is a true gem when it comes to wide open beaches, exotic animals, deserts, unusual plants, and, of course, their extremely friendly residents.  Of course, everybody knows that […]

Sea Gulls – Nature’s Boldest Bird?

SOME GENERAL FACTS ABOUT GULLS Generally considered monogamous, they usually stay with the same partner season after season Separation does occur sometimes, though, known as a divorce, usually occurring because of lack of success with breeding Breeding does not usually occur until the fourth year of life Same-sex couples do exist within gulls, usually between […]