The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up Full Album Lyrics

March 28, 2016

DON’T GO NEAR THE WATER (Written by: Mike Love/Al Jardine, sung by: Mike Love/Al Jardine/Brian Wilson) Don’t go near the water Don’t you think it’s sad What’s happened to the water Our water’s going bad Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams Have all been touched by man The poison floating out to sea Now threatens life […]

How To Be A Better Swimmer

March 23, 2016

So, you think you know how to swim.  You probably do – according to a recent Red Cross survey in 2014, nearly half the population of the United States swims regularly, with the core skills needed to be safe in the water. This is called “water competency”, and involves the following qualifications: “…Stepping into water […]

Frigatebird FAQ

To start with, here are some interesting facts about the frigatebird… Seasonal monogamous Frigatebird family of birds is called Fregatidae Nests colonially pelagic piscivores (obtain most food on the wing) Christopher Columbus in 1492 called them “forktails” Stays in the air up for 12 days without landing Rides the air thermals Can live 45+ years French sailors […]

Ocean Rodeo Sports Prodigy Kite Review

Kiteboarding is something that can either offer you the most adrenaline fueled thrill ride imaginable, or it can be a very relaxing and serene experience as you’re carried across the lake on your board by a giant kite catching the air currents.  Either way, you need to check out kiteboarding if you haven’t already!  And […]

Blue Dragon Sea Slugs – Cute But Deadly

“You bite it, you die – it’s poisonous. It bites you, you die – it’s venomous.” Do you believe in dragons?..Well, you better, because this beautiful creature is for real, and just as dangerous as the fictional dragons in those storybooks you read as a kid, only…smaller and swimming in the ocean. The Blue Dragon […]