swimming on your period
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Auntie Maureen’s Quick Guide to Swimming on your Period

You may have noticed that when you get in the shower or go swimming, your period has stopped. Psyche. Surprise to you my friend, because sadly, it has not stopped. The water in the shower creates the illusion that it has stopped because of its constant flow downwards. While in a swimming pool, lake, or …

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Best Beaches in the U.S.A. for Treasure Hunting

Are you a treasure hunter?  Do you love the beach?  Do you want to make a little extra cash? Well then, sifting through the sands and sometimes the waters at your favourite beaches in the United States of America, can be fun and very rewarding. Let’s see what these 5 U.S. beaches have to offer. …

Metal Detectors, Treasure Hunting

A Beginner’s Guide To Metal Detection

A metal detector is a device for locating metal objects by exploiting the physical phenomenon of magnetic induction. People often think of metal detectors as a tool for hunting for treasure. While that is one application for them, they have many more applications than that, many of them pre-dating the treasure hunting phenomenon they are …

Metal Detectors, Treasure Hunting

How Metal Detectors Work

Metal detectors can be used for fun, if you like searching for anything – trinkets or what-have-you, or you can use these tools more seriously, if you’re after serious treasures like some elusive legendary hoard or another, and / or historical artifacts culled from the depths of time. Metal detectors are also used in security …