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Onak Folding Origami Canoes

Otto Van De Steene is a product designer from the Ghent area of Belgium.  He is the creator of a foldable origami canoe. 

Yes, a canoe that folds up in about 10 minutes to the size of a suitcase weighing in at 37 lbs.  It is called the Onak canoe!  

I guess it helps to know origami, the art of folding paper.  This skill was used in the creation and the building of the prototypes.

Not only did the owner/designer of this canoe win a very prestigious award for best business plan called, “Bizidee 2016”, but his canoe is on display for the summer in the Ghent Design Museum.

This Onak foldable canoe will flatten out into one thin sheet, and then with just a few folding tricks, it becomes a rectangular box that is placed on wheels. A handle is added for easy transportation. 

Otto Van De Steene is a member of a creative community, or arts guild in Ghent known as “Timelab”.  

Creatives gather at Timelab to work and collaborate on their projects, using state of the art tools, like laser cutters and 3D printers. 

All the details of the Onak canoe have multiple functions. For example, the handles and wheels are not used when paddling on the water, so the suitcase lids become part of the cushioned mats.

The people at Onak understand that the contemporary canoes on the market today are almost perfect. 

They are light, easy to maneuver, and swift. But Onak knows that there is always room for a better product. 

That’s what being creative is all about. Onak is working on an idea to make the bow of the canoe more pointed with less openings.

onak the origami foldable canoe

Otto and his crew at Onak understand the importance of partnerships. 

At a recent Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen, Onak secured a new partner that will ensure upgrades in the aluminium they use. 

Onak is always making improvements, such as the buckle design and the softness of the seat. 

Maybe even some cushioning in the floor will be introduced. Things are looking promising.  They know the consumer will be happy.    

origami onak canoe

If you are ready for a real adventure, Onak has the canoe for you. Let the journey begin. 

Fold it up and stash it in your vehicle, or maybe wheel it onto public transit, and head for your favourite beach or waterway. 

Your new state of the art foldable and unfoldable polypropylene canoe is beautiful to look at, strong and flexible, and completely recyclable. 

Honeycomb air cells give it extra buoyancy so that it will stay afloat, even when this boat is filled with water. 

It is narrow, fast and stable – perfect for beginners too.



465 cm (183”) x 85 cm (33.5”).

200 kg (441 lbs) to 250 kg (551 lbs) capacity.

case on wheels:

40 cm (16″) x 120 cm (48″) x 25 cm (10″).

17 kg (27 lbs) weight.

For more information, check out their KickStarter Campaign here

Where can I buy one? Estimated price is 1295 euros with paddles.

If you can’t afford a Onak Canoe at the moment, check out this very popular inflatable kayak from an online retailer like Amazon or others.

It is less than $100. You can purchase an Onak foldable canoe when their prices come down. 

Thanks for reading!

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