Olympus TG-4 Review


Coming in at #2 on our review list of best dive cameras available on the market is the Olympus TG-4, which is easily one of the better dive cameras.

While it does not appear to be as potent as it is from first look, don’t let looks deceive you! This is a high-quality device that has the embedded capabilities to completely transform your dive experience.

Feature Pick

Olympus Tg-4 16 Mp Waterproof Digital Camera With 3-Inch Lcd (Red)


Aesthetically, the camera is appealing in many ways. The exterior of the camera contains an entirely red face. The lens itself is of notable size, with a fairly large circumference in relation to the size of the rest of the camera.

The camera is very compact in shape, which serves to provide an additional benefit for divers who do not wish to be ‘bogged down’ with a bunch of extra equipment to carry, while out on their explorations.

In general, the camera appears to have a significant amount of technology imbued in it, and it has the look of a more advanced type of device. The gloss of the exterior surfaces on the camera serve to enhance this effect as well.


In this section, we will cover the wealth of features that make this dive camera one of the best that are available on the market today:

  • Compatible With Additional Accessories: The fact that this camera comes with a host of additional add-ons that can be purchased to enhance its overall functionality is a feature that we really enjoy on this device. An example of one of these additional add-ons is an LED light that can attach itself directly to the lens of the camera. This piece could serve to be instrumental in improving the capabilities of the device itself.
tg4 underwater camera
  • Ability to capture macro and super-macro images: This may be one of the most ridiculous features that one can find on a camera. This ability that the camera has to capture the most minute details, is a feature that individuals will undoubtedly find to be extremely useful in their operation of the device. Thus, not only will it provide great utility while they are attempting to see things underwater, but the detail will be immaculate – comparable to what you would expect to find in a National Geographic magazine….no kidding!
  • 16 Megapixel resolution. This feature on the camera allows for extraordinary clarity in detecting and rendering various objects. As mentioned before, anything in excess of 12 megapixels is of remarkable quality, so you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed with this device!
  • Quick Shutter Capability. The shutter speed is extremely fast at 1/2000. Basically, this means that when you hit the ‘snap’ button, the camera will take the image with remarkable speed. This is crucial because when you’re underwater and you’re running into different creatures, you want to make sure that you’re able to capture them quickly. Currents and the natural speed of the underwater creatures make a substantial difference.
olympus tg4 16mp digital camera
  • Multiple Shootings Modes. With the multiple shooting modes that are located on this camera, you can have near-infinite fun as you toggle between different options to alter the pictures that you take. This can take your scuba diving experience to an entirely new level. This is probably one of our favourite features on the device itself.
  • Lightweight. The device is extremely lightweight, so it will not prove burdensome whilst diving with it. This is not only convenient, but a major safety feature as well. You definitely do not want to be burdened by the weight of any object while you’re out there on the water. Your flexibility and responsiveness are two of the most important characteristics to retain while diving.
  • Enhanced Lens Technology. This is one of the properties on the camera that makes it one of the most valuable devices among dive cameras. The special lens on the camera ensures that you’ll be able to zoom in and out of focus without any problem. It is also crafted in such a way to prevent easy scratching or damage, so you can be assured that your Olympus TG-4 will last for a significant amount of time without needing any costly repairs. This is another one of our favorite features.


If you’re looking for a very powerful camera that will serve professional and beginner divers alike, then consider purchasing the Olympus TG-4. It is one of the best cameras out there on the market, and it is almost guaranteed not to disappoint. Thus, we had to give our stamp of approval!

About the author: Garth loves camping under the stars with his Arb III, scuba diving, snorkeling, and also tanning. His favourite snorkel spots include Alanya (Turkey), Koh Rong (Cambodia), and Maui (Hawaii, USA). He also loves to visit the cenotes in Mexico and he recommends everyone reads the book, “The Soul of an Octopus”, because, he says “they are sensitive, just like me”.