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Kiteboarding is something that can either offer you the most adrenaline fueled thrill ride imaginable, or it can be a very relaxing and serene experience as you’re carried across the lake on your board by a giant kite catching the air currents.

Either way, you need to check out kiteboarding if you haven’t already! And what better way than by using one of the best of the best kites on the market today – the Ocean Rodeo Sports Prodigy Kite – which we review in detail here. Check out this clip…

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Ok, you’ve seen the video, straight from the source – Ocean Rodeo, kings of kite boarding, AKA kite surfing. Is this not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? Yeah, we agree, it definitely is.

The Ocean Rodeo Sports Prodigy Kite is designed to be an all new experience, as it is an upgrade from previous already-good models of surfing kites.

You will get a compact 3 strut design (it keeps the kite snappy in the air and light in the hands), ultra stable flight characteristics, a swept shape for simple water relaunch, and Adapti-V ultra short bridles, which maintain positive steering, even when heavily de-powered.

Improved Stability

Ocean Rodeo Sports Prodigy Kite Review

For those who haven’t tried this kite yet, this thing has superb stability that will provide you with some slack-line drift for more aggressive surfing.

The Prodigy is an easy option for kiters who don’t want to have to deal with any difficulties while surfing, regardless of your surfing style.

Four years ago, this kite was still a bit too expensive for most people to get their hands on, so it didn’t get the recognition it deserves. Today you can purchase it for under twelve hundred dollars, depending where you shop.

Design Excellence

Ocean Rodeo’s kites aren’t cheap, but then again, we talk about premium products, that are thoroughly well-constructed.

There is nothing left to chance about the design. This kite is something great and has one aim – being super easy to use for the beginner, right on up to the expert kite surfer. Now it’s updated with new graphics, and is available in several different cool color schemes.

Ocean Rodeo Sports Prodigy Kite review

The Prodigy is a near-perfectly designed kite built with FLITE technology, which makes it lighter and much faster, as it zips through the sky. If you happen to use the 2014 Prodigy, don’t worry – it still has great stability in the sky, but the latest model is noticeably better.

When hanging on to the Prodigy, you will have a forgiving feel throughout the turns, while also given incredible amounts of power, when trying to get some hang time. The hang time you can get here is just amazing!

Shorter Bridle

This latest version of the Prodigy has leading edge bridles that are shorter than on most kites; this design feature has been implemented to reduce the chance of losing any momentum, if your kite happens to hit any big waves.

The short bridle will not only prevent mishaps and deliver supremely direct steering in highly depowered conditions, it will also incorporate their direct-depower technology.

This direct-depower technology ensures that when you hit the eject system, the kite will completely roll over, and provide you with maximum possible depower.

ocean rodeo best surfing kite review

In case you are looking to dumb down the steering of the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy, there is a plethora of attachment points for your rear lines. This will give you the option to trim the kite the way you want it.

People that use this kite in strong winds are looking to have the rescue handles on the ends of the leading edge.

Most people think that this is super expensive for something like a kite, but if you are a surfer, or if you plan to learn how to surf, this kite will only improve your experience.

Great For Beginners

ocean rodeo surfing sports prodigy kite review

If you haven’t tested surfing with a kite, here are a few hints to tell you if it is good or bad. The longer you’re out there enjoying flying your ride, the better it gets. You and the kite effectively get totally in synch. Yes, simple as that.

On the other hand, if you feel like coming out of the water because you feel tired and the pain in your arms is excruciating, then you bought the wrong kite.

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is one of those kites that keep you trucking all day long, till sunset. It takes little physical and mental effort to fly.

This is because it has a nice rolling, turning motion, and stays rather central to the power zone, meaning it’s easy to keep a good board speed up.

best surf kite review ocean rodeo prodigy

So, despite not punching forward in the window like the Razor, upwind is very easily attained, because the power is constant as you navigate lulls and peaks in the wind, and all those bumps on the ocean.

Flightier kites are more affected by shifting winds, and that can cause the rider to drift downwind, as they have to work it for power again.

A kite that sits deeper, and provides more constant pull, gets round this problem, and since I often kite in gusty frontal winds, I like this aspect of the Prodigy.

Other Ways To Use The Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kite

best surf kite ocean rodeo

Okay, so we constantly pair flying the kite with surfing, but it’s solely because these kites (that are much more expensive than a regular kite you can see kids fly in the park) are primarily used for that.

Not that you can’t fly the Prodigy on the ground or in the snow, but I feel it is so much better if you are on a surf board while riding a wave.

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It may be fine for using on other terrains, but nothing beats the surf. You have something to hold onto while the wind blows, and takes you and the board on the tip of those huge waves. All those reefbreaks, points, and waves… they all “taste” better with the Ocean Rodeo in your hands.

While riding big waves, the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is a very dependable tow source. No matter what crazy moves you make in the water, even if the wind is onshore, the Prodigy will stay skyward.

If you want your kite to float like a balloon while you rush towards it, is nothing but a good thing.

Launching the kite, is probably what you want to know perfectly, before going in the water with your board.

Awesome Control

ocean rodeo prodigy review

The Prodigy has a big range of depower that you can go from fully overpowered to relaxed in an instant.

With the bar pulled ‘right in’, you will feel as if though you are being attached to a train; it will pull consistently and with strength. It’s up to you to ride with the bar further out, as it will become the light wave kite it was designed to be.

The Prodigy is suitable for very tight turns of the surfing board thanks to the compact turning radius in which the kite will operate.

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy’s steering is set to protect anyone who uses it. Well paced to match a surfboard’s natural sweeps and curves, Ocean Rodeo Prodigy will go easy as you go down the line. It’s well connected for a tight and compact smack of the lip.

ocean rodeo best surf kite review

The Prodigy is well balanced and will be always right there. You will know where your kite is, because modern kites, such as this one, are rooted in edge and release, which require no movement of the kite.

Now, if you wish to go bolder, and do jumping and other acrobatic tricks, the Prodigy will make you feel lighter than a feather.

Twin tips in windy lagoons while holding onto your Prodigy are completely possible, but only if you have some experience, otherwise don’t be cocky.

Make sure the winds are not extreme, and the sky is clear, or at least not too dark with clouds. Prodigy’s low end will let you experiment with the 9.5m.

The 12m hangtime is generous enough to land a board. You can get a satisfying kiteloop out of it; the kite keeps its composure if it’s not folded. Don’t be afraid and choke it a bit.

ocean rodeo surfing sports prodigy kite review

Experienced kiters and surfers say that the Prodigy is excellent for freestyle, and that you don’t need to worry whether it will work the way you want it to.

For those who want to go megalooping, or boost skyscraping jumps, this is the right thing.

Having this kite firmly in your hands, will make you feel secure and safe to do anything. For instance, if you want to kite-surf huge reef breaks, the Prodigy is literally the only kite that will help you do it.

Using the 12m in calm winds is perfect; but don’t try to use it for massive cross offshore surfs.

As a summary, this is a robust kite that handles perfectly under any condition. The Prodigy is a wonderful kite! It has high performance, but it is simple to fly, and available for a decent price. Fun with the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is guaranteed!

Feature Pick

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kitesurfing Kite (Gen 1, 14M, Red)

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